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What is Sustainable Landscaping?
Let us step back for a while from the fiscal cliff follies and the debt ceiling debacles, and the supine stupidity of inaction from the elites at the highest levels of power and look at something ...
NoMoreLies 01/20/2013 127 167 22 -
Circling the Drain, Part II
But where is part one? Like the Star Wars movies, we will get into part I, the background later on...however I digress. Its time to add my story to the heap of troubles that the right-wing economic ...
NoMoreLies 08/24/2012 2 1 - 38
Scott Walker's assault on the environment: An affront to Wisconsin's Heritage
Scott Walker's myriad attacks on middle and working class Wisconsinites, unions, educators, voters rights, and government employees have been discussed at length, and are reason enough to recall him.
NoMoreLies 01/09/2012 33 51 5 307
Blood for Oil, a tale on a personal scale
Normally, I wouldn’t spill guts on a personal level, and I would rather be discussing sustainable landscaping, ecological restoration, or restoring our nation to a sustainable transportation ...
NoMoreLies 12/31/2011 6 11 - 111
Retooling GM's Janesville Plant for Rail...How the Blogosphere Scooped the Establishment
Your humble diarist posted a diary on June 4, 2008, nearly 9 months ...
NoMoreLies 02/27/2009 40 51 - 39
Wisconsin hates trains, and it's killing our local economy
Cross posted at Sustainable Walworth Last Saturday, my wife had an epiphany. She has discovered the fact that I have been railing about (...
NoMoreLies 07/02/2008 51 26 - 72
Closing GM's Janesville WI Plant - Why should we care?
Cross posted at Sustainable Walworth As we all know, GM has announced that Janesville's manufacturing plant will be closed in 2010, thanks ...
NoMoreLies 06/04/2008 22 17 1 79
Landscaping as if Water Mattered
Cross posted at Sustainable Walworth On this Earth Day, it's time to take another look at how our landscape choices are impacting ...
NoMoreLies 04/22/2008 253 415 54 74
No More Grover Norquists -Tax Policy: Breaking the Bush Budget Box III
As tax time approaches, it is time to take a progressive whack at the tax code. It seems like us liberals and progressives treat taxes like some sort of third rail, ceding debate to the cheap labor ...
NoMoreLies 04/02/2007 15 9 1 16
Our Landscaping Choices support ExxonMobil
cross posted at [ Conceptual Guerilla] Now that I have your attention, suffice it to say that our default landscape choices, turf grass and non-native trees and ...
NoMoreLies 03/09/2007 40 22 2 37
Breaking the Bush Budget Box 1 – The Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation Act
In my [ previous diary] I outlined the reasons why Bush’s budget is a weapon of mass destruction for Middle America, the American environment,
NoMoreLies 03/02/2007 5 - 1 11
Breaking the Box of the Bush Budget
Breaking the Box of the Bush Budget: Why we should not Compromise with a Weapon of Mass(es) Destruction. Cross-posted at Conceptual ...
NoMoreLies 02/26/2007 6 10 1 154
A Republican Celebration of Dependence
NoMoreLies 09/01/2006 1 - - 10
My other car gets 100 miles to the gallon
NoMoreLies 08/24/2006 68 63 1 183
The Oiligarchy - How it has come to be (I)
NoMoreLies 05/12/2006 5 8 1 8
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