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23k to see Barack in Hollywood FL
Amazing! What my wife and I saw here WAS America. People of every race, ethnicity, age; grandmas and toddlers, veterans and tie-dyed, LGBT for Obama shirts, the handicapped. The crowd waited in ...
NoSeriously 11/04/2012 12 29 - -
Broward County, long lines for early voting!
This morning, 90 minute wait to vote per Broward County gov website. By the time wife and I voted at 1pm, the wait was still almost 45 minutes. Palpable excitement, and large "Souls to the Polls" ...
NoSeriously 10/28/2012 8 11 - -
Will Dems have an "October surprise"?
Just thinking out loud here, but could Obama stand in front of a podium an announce the capture of Consulate attackers? It would add gravitas to his reputation of seeking out those responsible for ...
NoSeriously 10/25/2012 17 1 - -
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