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Benghazi's BACK, Baby
Media Matters is reporting that Fox "News"(sic) is planning (what they label) a "documentary" on Benghazi(DRINK) based on the upcoming book written by Mitchell Zuckoff "13 hours". http://...
Noamjunior 08/28/2014 19 4 - -
No Justice No Peace Preach Freedom
Preach Freedom is a musician, songwriter, singer, producer and poet. He currently plays drums in the band Rusted Root, in addition to performing his own music in the band Preach Freedom and Connect.
Noamjunior 08/20/2014 1 1 - -
How long will it take Dave Brat to say something stupid enough for him to lose?(poll)
We’ve seen this movie before: Extreme Tea party candidate wins the nomination from a more established GOPer incumbent only to lose the general election after saying something so ignorant, stupid, ...
Noamjunior 06/11/2014 28 14 - -
The Irony of Nazi Comparisons made by the Right
The Indy Star reported this weekend that Indiana Treasurer and failed GOP senate candidate Richard Mourdock compared the current political state of the country with Nazi Germany, saying “The ...
Noamjunior 06/09/2014 20 10 - -
Questions for the right about Sgt. Bergdahl
In the right’s pathological attempt to find something, anything, to discredit the president due to the release of Bowe Bergdahl, GOPers have made some wildly inconsistent, nonsensical, and ...
Noamjunior 06/04/2014 64 9 - -
John Stewart's False Benghazi Narrative Ultimately More Harmful Than Helpful
John Stewart's recent skit on Fox "news' (sic) outrage on Benghazi, while rightly pointing out Fox's hypocritical false outrage, ultimately does it's viewers a disservice by promoting the false ...
Noamjunior 05/06/2014 29 8 - -
Drunk Dialing on the internet
Many things on my my mind as I type. The stories we tell and and the stories we believe... we are all mental constructs of what we want to believe. What I want to believe is that the noble path in ...
Noamjunior 04/15/2014 5 2 - -
Thoughts on Bridgegate
Friday Night and bridge gate is in full effect on MSNBC and Young Turks. Liked this- ...
Noamjunior 01/10/2014 3 5 - -
American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires: Protest Music 4 the 21st century
As a lifelong fan of Hip-hop music I remember the first time I heard Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back." One of the best Hip-hop albums of all time, Millions literally ...
Noamjunior 02/23/2011 20 8 - 92
To Click or not to Click?- Rightwing banner ads on Kos
Liberal Sestak voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi the banner ad at the top of DKOS proclaimed. Not exactly the most effective Sestak ad I’ve seen: but hey, voting with ...
Noamjunior 10/04/2010 38 7 - 56
Should New AP Poll Signal Massive Strategy Shift for Dems?
So the new AP poll shows that 2:1 Americans think the health care law didn’t go far enough (as opposed to too far). The support for GOP healthcare plan (no government interference or ...
Noamjunior 09/25/2010 39 29 - 53
O'Donnell Admires Sharia Law, Fox Strangely Silent
C. O'DONNELL: I'll tell you, I just came back from the Middle East, and it was refreshing. With all that is going on, it was refreshing not to be constantly bombarded with smut all the time. That ...
Noamjunior 09/17/2010 31 21 - 96
The Bush Tax cuts CAUSED the economic crisis
While democrats and republicans argue about the stimulus effect and deficit consequences of extending the Bush tax cuts to the uber- wealthy, it’s time progressive re-framed the argument to ...
Noamjunior 09/16/2010 149 21 2 83
Damn Jimmy Smits is HOT- and other sexy  stories on DKOS  (with poll)
Lots of great, sexy, stories today on DKOS, but let’s start with the most important. Jimmy Smits is HOT and his new show Outlaw looks fantastic. From what I can gather from the ads, in “...
Noamjunior 09/15/2010 61 5 - 65
D-KOS Growing Pains: Possible Solutions
As a new(er) member of D-Kos, I see some instances of what must be categorized as “growing pains”. Every week I read a rec-list diary leveling various complaints at other D-Kos diarists. ...
Noamjunior 04/12/2010 75 7 - 96
Note to Kos - Jokes should be funny
a bunch of witlessly captioned cat pics - not funny. Not even close. whoever did this nonsense should be bannished to posting comments on redstate for two months. More a sad commentary on the life ...
Noamjunior 04/01/2010 278 9 2 50
Fred Karger- American Hero Fighting for gay marriage equality
Fred Karger is a former GOP political operative who now is helping in the fight to bring equal rights for marriage to all Americans. Fred’s story, detailed in a recent Mother Jones article, is ...
Noamjunior 03/18/2010 8 1 - 24
Possible Palin Reality Shows: POLL what one would YOU watch
Possible Sarah Palin Reality Shows: POLL what Palin Reality show would YOU watch Grannyhelen in a great Diary has reported on Sarah Palin’s newest gambit – a reality show described ...
Noamjunior 03/04/2010 48 4 - 40
Poll - What is the worst aspect of the Right -Wing Media
The right wing media in the US has gotten me down lately- with their constatant hatred of the president, their spinning racism as legitimate criticism of obama. So I got thinking- what is the the ...
Noamjunior 02/23/2010 24 2 - 12
Shattering Popular CONservative Myths
Progressive media lately is doing a great Job Debunking CON myths 3 examples recently from maddow, olbermann and huffpo Rachel Maddow eviscerated Glen Beck for spreading the “snowstorms ...
Noamjunior 02/17/2010 13 5 1 83
Previously Unknown Context  for Fox News (sic) push for Iraq War (at least by me)
Some information I found in an AP article on the Yahoo business page really put into context, for me anyway, the Fox “News” (sic) effort to propagandize the US media market with the goal ...
Noamjunior 01/17/2010 9 13 - 41
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