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Hybrids and their CO2
Last month, after a car wreck that totaled my beloved 2000 Honda Civic, I visited my first live auction to bid on a car that I hoped would make up for my loss. I went to the auction with the hope of ...
NomadTraveler23 10/30/2007 37 4 - 31
My problem with Sheryl Crow, Al Gore, Hypocrisy, and Global Warming...
In the last couple of years, the attempt to define and stop global warming has covered the attention of the media and many notable figures that seem to be leading the charge on what is sometimes ...
NomadTraveler23 05/13/2007 271 3 1 12
troll writings about the extension of troops...from a soldier
For all intents and purposes I’m a troll on DKos. The same diaries that I write here I post on other blogs, more conservative blogs just for the sake of gaining a different perspective from ...
NomadTraveler23 04/21/2007 52 38 - 156
Dirty Tactics: the GOP, the NCAA, and Karl Rove...ugh...
Many conspiracy theories exist about government and particularly about the Bush administration. Most of these theories are pure garbage, rhetoric aimed at filling your mind with disgust for the ...
NomadTraveler23 04/01/2007 5 3 - 9
Losing the information front
NomadTraveler23 09/05/2006 3 4 1 -
Method of Leaving Iraq...advice sought
NomadTraveler23 08/31/2006 24 4 - -
In the defense of logic...
NomadTraveler23 08/29/2006 20 4 - -
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