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Kevin Kennedy: Do you trust this man with your vote? Seriously???
When I saw the cover of this week's Isthmus yesterday, I was immediately intrigued. Right next to a big picture of Kevin Kennedy, General Counsel at the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, ...
Nomi Rene 11/04/2012 1 - - -
Human Error or Voter Suppression?
Back in July, I began writing about the registration and voting experiences of a handful of people, trying to emphasize that following up on registrations and voter history is just as important as ...
Nomi Rene 10/09/2012 3 11 - 49
Following Up on Voter Registrations
Throughout the summer, and particularly since the Walker recall election, I have been keeping an eye on the voter registration statuses and histories of several people. (See my posts, " 18? Check! ...
Nomi Rene 09/30/2012 2 4 - 41
Ask and ye shall receive...a copy of YOUR ballot.
Ever since the fiasco that was the Prosser/Kloppenburg Wisconsin Supreme Court election – and specifically because of the shenanigans of Kathy Nickolaus, Waukesha’s County Clerk – my friend ...
Nomi Rene 09/04/2012 30 11 - 151
Beware of Online Voter Registration Sites!
Over the weekend, I learned about an online voter registration code released by the DNC that can be used on virtually any website to allow people to register to vote. The site I visited to check it ...
Nomi Rene 09/03/2012 38 25 - 245
Wisconsin's Newest Battle Over Voter Registration: eDocs vs Paper
When I first heard about the Government Accountability Board’s unanimous decision to allow Wisconsin citizens to use electronic devices – namely, cell phones and laptops – to show state-...
Nomi Rene 09/03/2012 2 7 - 119
More Miscellaneous Legal Services for Walker? From Washington D.C.?
After taking a two-week hiatus, I dove back into research this weekend and - once again, by chance - ran across an eye-catching procurement on July 30, 2012, by Governor Walker's office for legal ...
Nomi Rene 08/28/2012 5 5 - 74
More Confirmed Voter Registrations...and a Kudo for the GAB
While it may not be of much interest to many, there are a few people who have been reading my posts that might be interested to know how voting went for the people whose voter registrations I've ...
Nomi Rene 08/15/2012 3 12 - 115
WI Government Accountability Board says: Access Denied!
I was just cruising through the Government Accountability Board's FAQ and came across the question: "Must election inspectors ask all voters for photo ID, even if the election inspectors know the ...
Nomi Rene 08/11/2012 36 15 - 217
Right-Wing Groups Send Mailers to Thwart WI Voter Registration
I’m all for voting and doing what I can to get others to vote, too. And, while I can sit here and say I don’t care who they vote for as long as they vote, I’d be straight-up lying. Of course,
Nomi Rene 08/10/2012 13 23 - 152
Online voter registration comes to WI! (But, shhh! Don’t tell anyone…)
Starting today, Wisconsin residents who want to register to vote – or to update their registration information – can get the process started online via the Voter Public Access site! A new link (...
Nomi Rene 08/06/2012 28 15 1 216
The August 14th Recall Elections the GAB Doesn't Care About
I am a frequent flyer on the Government Accountability Board ( GAB ) web site, visiting various sections and pages nearly every day as I strive to become an informed voter and Wisconsin citizen. To ...
Nomi Rene 08/06/2012 14 26 1 273
Do Our Votes Count? The GAB Responds
Following my last diary, Do Our Votes Count , I decided to follow up and the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to get more information about what will happen to people who registered to vote on ...
Nomi Rene 08/05/2012 3 9 1 87
Do Our Votes Really Count?
When I talk to people about my research into Wisconsin elections how our votes are recorded, many don’t understand why I’m bothering. To them, there’s nothing to research: we register, we vote,
Nomi Rene 07/29/2012 2 1 1 44
Wisconsin Recall results FINALLY posted...but are they right?
Oops. I have a correction to make. I made a boo-boo. In my post, “ Well That’s Odd…(or, Who Called the Wisconsin Recall Election, Revisited) ”, I stated the following: “Unlike every ...
Nomi Rene 07/24/2012 7 6 - 253
Wisconsin’s Keystone Kops Approach to Election Fraud
In my post entitled, “ 18? Check! State ID? Check! Vote? Check! Or, maybe not... ”, I was questioning why the votes of some newly registered and updated registered voters weren’t showing up on ...
Nomi Rene 07/23/2012 4 8 - 95
Connecting the SVRS Dots: From Accenture to TAPFIN
In the past few weeks, since I began writing about elections and politics and government, people have asked me, “Why?” Why am I doing all this research and writing about it? And my answer is ...
Nomi Rene 07/21/2012 3 7 - 69
18? Check! State ID? Check! Vote? Check! Or, maybe not...
Everyone who knows me knows that I have been pretty passionate about everything that's been happening in (um... to ) Wisconsin since January 2011, and part of that passion has been trying to engage ...
Nomi Rene 07/16/2012 27 9 1 139
$1.5 Million on Unspecified Legal Services? I thought we were broke?!?
I was poking around on the Contract Sunshine site today - the state's contracts database - to follow up on a lead from my last diary, and I decided to pull up a list of contracts procured by the ...
Nomi Rene 07/08/2012 14 17 - 202
What do Enron and Wisconsin elections have in common?
Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another? I'm (still) looking at Wisconsin election information and - because of the way the GAB uses the word "inherit" - I started looking into the Statewide ...
Nomi Rene 07/07/2012 7 6 1 151
Well That’s Odd…(or, Who Called the Wisconsin Recall Election, Revisited)
In my previous two posts about the June 5th gubernatorial recall election, I was pretty blatantly suspicious of the results and the election count process (e.g. the GAB referring to AP for results ...
Nomi Rene 07/06/2012 21 7 - 265
"Independence Day": MSNBC Uses Song but Doesn't Mention Domestic Violence
I was 1/2 listening to MSNBC Live on TV early this morning, and I noticed that when going into a commercial break they played part of "Independence Day", by Martina McBride . This is one of my ...
Nomi Rene 07/04/2012 21 16 - 153
GAB Certifies Recall Results...So where are they??? (Updated!)
When I got the call today telling me the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board had certified the recall results for all the elections except for the 21st district, I went immediately to the GAB ...
Nomi Rene 06/27/2012 7 6 - 143
Who Called the Wisconsin Recall Election?
Does anyone know who called the election first? Wikipedia quotes Politico , who sources AP - as do several other news resources I've checked. But, nothing is listed on the AP site but a bunch of ...
Nomi Rene 06/10/2012 77 7 - 356
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