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NOM Threatening Starbucks in the Middle East over Marriage Equality in the USA
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is frosted that Starbucks was a prominent supporter of the marriage equality referendum in Washington state. NOM is so irritated, in fact, that it's ...
NorCalSF 11/11/2012 17 16 - -
John Sununu-who-who?
Wasn't there a guy a few weeks ago with a lot of "U"s in his last name who said something silly about Colin Powell's endorsement of the President? Can't really quite remember his name. Oh well. ...
NorCalSF 11/08/2012 16 7 - -
Sad days for Scalia, Thomas & Kennedy
Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy now have to wait at least four more years before they can retire. I hope they have to wait at least 12 more years, although in all honesty Kennedy ...
NorCalSF 11/07/2012 17 12 - -
Romney Team Conceding NV?
Re-tweet from Lis Smith, OFA Director of Rapid Response: Lis Smith ‏@Lis_Smith #contractingthemap RT @tobyharnden Senior Romney aides privately conceding that Obama will win Nevada. UPDATE: New ...
NorCalSF 11/04/2012 64 28 - -
What's the power situation in Cleveland?
I read the other day that there is concern that several precincts in the area won't have power on Election Day. That is obviously a concern for Team Blue.
NorCalSF 11/04/2012 9 1 - -
Voted in Houston - Some Observations
I'm currently living in Houston on a work assignment even though San Francisco is my home. Yesterday was the last day of early voting in Texas, and I went to my precinct on West Gray Street in ...
NorCalSF 11/03/2012 7 7 - -
Best Right Wing Sites ...
... to watch on Election Night? I will presume that the President is on his way to re-election. So there is always more than a bit of schadenfreude in reading the right wingers' instant reactions ...
NorCalSF 11/01/2012 17 1 - -
538 / RCP / PEC Converging
The results of Nate Silver's 538 model, Real Clear Politics' average tracker, and Sam Wang's model are starting to converge. As of 6 am ET on November 1st, the numbers are: 538: Obama 300 EV, ...
NorCalSF 11/01/2012 31 15 - -
Christie Praises Obama, Again
Well look who is praising Obama again this morning. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just said on CBS Morning News: "I can't thank the president enough for that," Christie said, referring to the ...
NorCalSF 10/30/2012 87 88 1 -
Is Nate Silver the new Matt Drudge?
I'm thinking about influence here. I recall in 2004 that pretty much everyone in the chattering class lived and died by Matt Drudge's swirling siren. But not so much anymore. Actually, it seems ...
NorCalSF 10/28/2012 60 2 - -
Silver: Ohio is Not a Toss-Up (Right Now)
Nate Silver looks at the polls from Ohio over the past ten days and finds that the President has a +2.4 lead over Romney. He concludes: There are no precedents in the database for a candidate ...
NorCalSF 10/27/2012 210 217 1 -
Joe Klein's Brutual Romney Take Down
Joe Klein of Time Magazine has written a devastating article about Romney's terrible, shameful and hollow campaign. More below the fold.
NorCalSF 09/13/2012 6 19 - 352
What is your Paul Ryan marathon time?
Go to this link to find out! http://www.paulryanmarathoncalculator....
NorCalSF 09/09/2012 14 2 - 87
Orly Taitz's Questionable "Evidence"
Orly Taitz needs no introduction. The so-called "Birther Queen" has sent a letter to Hawaiian state officials and filed additional court papers alleging that President Obama is committing Social ...
NorCalSF 05/07/2011 9 6 1 188
Sex Ed and Sarah: More than Abstinence Only?
Palin was for full sex education in the schools and the promotion and use of contraception. The question is whether she is now against both.
NorCalSF 09/07/2008 - - 1 3
Palin is a Coward
Palin stands up and gives a speech at the RNC that she neither wrote nor had to bother defending. So what does she do instead? High tails it to Alaska today after genuflecting at the feet of James ...
NorCalSF 09/06/2008 33 8 1 2
Alaska Republicans Lukewarm to Palin
Let's wander up to our Northernmost state for a look at what Republicans in Alaska are saying about their Governor's selection to be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee in 2008. The reactions ...
NorCalSF 08/30/2008 13 9 - 6
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