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From Campaign Trail: Jobs Are Job One (or should be, anyway) for Washington
Today was a big day for our campaign for an open congressional seat here in Northern California. The state redistricting commission made it official, approving "final certified" maps that mean the ...
Norman Solomon 08/15/2011 10 7 1 35
Positions, Please
Call me old-fashioned, but I believe when people run for office they should be clear and direct about where they stand on key issues. That's why, as a candidate for an open seat in Congress (now ...
Norman Solomon 07/27/2011 30 17 - 179
And, uh, what about FISCAL stimulus?
I'm glad that Ben Bernanke said today that the Federal Reserve may take some stimulus measures. Late, but at least he's talking about it. Along Pennsylvania Avenue, though, the silence is ...
Norman Solomon 07/13/2011 5 5 - 38
One of the Reasons I'm Running for Congress
I put out a news release today about the current threat to Social Security. ...
Norman Solomon 07/12/2011 11 25 - 82
From campaign trail ... Key issue: nuclear power
I'm finding it's a real challenge to write while "on the campaign trail"; so many people to talk with, so little time. Earlier this month, I filed with the FEC to run for Congress here in the North ...
Norman Solomon 04/28/2011 33 18 - 90
Grim morning -- but onward!
I'd say the world looks pretty grim this morning. But first, a few personal words of thanks to all who've welcomed me to DailyKos. I'm very glad to become part of this extended online community.
Norman Solomon 11/03/2010 5 8 - 17
Daily Kos GOTV: Worth Fighting For, Worth Voting For
Idealism may be in some disrepute these days, but I never met any cynicism that could hold a candle to the courage of humanistic convictions. More than a week after visiting the ...
Norman Solomon 10/31/2010 37 58 3 213
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