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Posting History for North Central Florida Kossacks

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Rick Scott and the possibility of a Presidential Run ! Don't laugh.
I wrote a diary last week about how Scott in ...
Vetwife 05/27/2015 22 15 - -
Florida Senate offers Medicaid compromise, Rick Scott and the Kochs reject it
Florida's Senate President Andy Gardner ...
Joan McCarter 05/27/2015 31 49 1 -
Community Quilt for Gordon20024
CelticLassie's quilt. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts... It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer. Gordon20024 recently learned that he does. He is a person who is ...
Sara R 05/20/2015 70 71 - -
DKos Asheville: North Carolina Open Thread
Good day and welcome to DKos Asheville . This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread for Saturday, May 15th. We try to get together every weekend to share with everyone what we're all up to in ...
randallt 05/16/2015 13 21 1 -
As Florida's Senate race heats up, the Club For Growth prepares for war with Marco Rubio's buddy
Jeff Singer 05/09/2015 1 9 - -
DC trip 2015...Legislators, ambassadors, Cspan and Dr. Reid..Oh my !
Vetwife 05/06/2015 24 18 - -
90 for 90. Getting out the vote in Virginia
Dr. William Ferguson "Fergie" Reid, the first African American elected to the Virginia General Assembly since Reconstruction While much of the media is focusing on presidential hopefuls for 2016, ...
Denise Oliver Velez 04/19/2015 93 125 3 -
Rick Scott's Medicaid Debacle: "Like King Midas In Reverse"
Rick Scott has taken his years-long fight to keep people from getting access to health care to monumental levels of absurdity recently in Florida, and if it weren't for the fact that people are ...
Inkberries 04/19/2015 14 45 - -
Even FL GOP Had Enough: Jeb Bush's Group STILL Screwing Over Our Schools
To say Bush was a horrible governor would be an understatement. Because of him we have the Stand Your Ground law, which has put every minority in this state in a gun nut's crosshairs. He illegally ...
SemDem 04/18/2015 11 32 - -
EPIC Photo! Bakery Gives Awesome Response to its Anti-Gay Harassers
Recall that Cut the Cake, Inc. in Longwood, Florida was receiving death threats, harassing calls, fake orders, fake reviews and threats of vandalism from conservatives all over the nation because ...
Ismay 04/18/2015 42 281 1 -
I'm Glad Establishment Dems Decided Not to Back Alan Grayson!
#169 of My Stupid State series The Democratic establishment has aligned themselves with Mr. Patrick Murphy. Rep. Patrick Murphy was a former conservative republican, like Charlie Crist. The ...
SemDem 04/16/2015 170 212 2 -
FL-Sen: Alan Grayson (D) Moving Closer To Senate Run
Looks like there might be a real Democratic primary in the battle to take outgoing Senator Marco Rubio's (R. FL) seat:
poopdogcomedy 04/16/2015 6 5 - -
Twelve Senators Set to Join Republican Party to Sabotage Iran Deal
Sen. Bob Corker is confident that the final version of the Corker-Menendez bill will be passed with a veto-proof majority in the Senate, perhaps as early as this week. In order to obtain that veto-...
Mopshell 04/14/2015 276 303 5 -
Guns & Education Do Not Mix
Courtesy of Ecology Florida by Don Saunders If the Guns-on-Campus Bill passes it would inspire a modification of Victor Hugo’s famous aphorism: “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”
jtietz 04/13/2015 7 4 - -
FL-Sen: Patrick Murphy (D), "Raise Your Water Bottles & Bid Farewell To Marco Rubio (R)"
Received this e-mail today from Rep. Patrick Murphy's (D. FL) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 21 21 - -
Video of Florida Cop shooting in Feb..emerges..1 day after SC video
This is an ongoing problem. I am sickened over this kind of law enforcement. This is going to have to be stopped. Our media needs to be attending at least 911 calls.. Jim Crow is alive in 2015. ...
Vetwife 04/09/2015 61 118 1 -
HELP! My Local Bakery Getting Death Threats for Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake!
#162 of My Stupid State series Cut the Cake is a longstanding business in the Longwood community outside Orlando run by the ultra-polite Sharon Haller. Joshua Feuerstein is a disgusting bigot (...
SemDem 04/04/2015 191 358 2 -
FL Legislator's "Revenge" Bill Goes After Children Allowing ALL Discrimination! (Take That Indiana!)
#161 of My Stupid State The Florida wingnuts just can't freaking stand not being in the spotlight. They couldn't give us ONE day for Indiana to take the heat off with their inane hate bill. We ...
SemDem 03/28/2015 80 191 3 -
Florida Has a Plan to Eliminate Public Education
This is surreal in almost mind boggling consequences. Pretty soon the only children attending public school will be the poorest of the poor and the teachers will be anyone willing to work for ...
Vetwife 03/28/2015 177 220 8 -
New PPP poll shows Florida's Senate race a tossup if Rubio runs for president
Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy On Monday, Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy announced that he would ...
Jeff Singer 03/26/2015 44 18 - -
Florida Senate mocks Rick Scott. "Atmospheric reemployment" Video. lol
We could see this coming. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Awkward: Watch as Florida lawmaker mocks Rick Scott official for refusing to say ‘climate change’ A smiling Florida state ...
floridagal 03/22/2015 5 12 - -
Video: FL Senators Try (and Fail) to Get Rick Scott's FDE Director to Say "Climate Change"
#159 of My Stupid State This was kind of mean. They know Bryan Koon, the director of the Florida Division of Emergency, will be canned if he says those words. It is the worst-kept secret in ...
SemDem 03/21/2015 36 61 - -
The phenomenon that can not be spoken in Florida continues as salt water intrusion moves inland
The densely populated megalopolis of South Florida is losing it's water wells as sea water intrudes into the Biscayne Aquifer. Salt water has already moved 6 miles inland in Broward County and is ...
Pakalolo 03/20/2015 172 337 9 -
Herald's Fred Grimm: Florida flunked the test, failed the kids.
The Miami Herald's Fred Grimm said it very well the last week. Fred Grimm: Florida flunked the tests and failed the kids Imagine a 10th grade kid coming into class on test day, already ...
floridagal 03/17/2015 8 54 - -
Civil Rights Icon Dr. Fergie Reid deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom !
Vetwife 03/15/2015 15 26 - -
Florida Medicaid fraud? and where is my 15 dollars?
I am not in a good mood. I am going to get that right out front and when I am not in a good mood, a problem in Florida can get a lot of attention from me and anyone I contact. I am not in a ...
Vetwife 03/09/2015 18 29 - -
Orlandoans: We Reject the I-4 Tolls
Crossposted on The Seminole Democrat The massive I-4 project is going to put toll roads on our Interstate. Our lucrative toll roads are already run by one of the most corrupt agencies in Florida ...
Ismay 03/05/2015 14 20 1 -
If SCOTUS Blows Up "Obamacare," The Impact In Florida Will Be Devastating For Everyone
Conservatives love to paint the Affordable Care Act subsidies as "free stuff," and if you're unlucky enough to get into a conversation with them over it, they're happy to dismiss you by laughably ...
Inkberries 03/05/2015 4 12 - -
Everglades To Be Killed This October by Florida's Own Koch Brothers
#154 of My Stupid State Most Floridians don't even know who they are. I wish I didn't. You probably haven't heard of them. But you are paying them. TIME magazine has called them the "First ...
SemDem 03/04/2015 108 376 12 -
We Are Blue...How Do You Do?
OK, so that isn't the most original title for a don't know which Blue we mean, do you? Even so, I hope it got your attention, at least enough to discover.... Are we sad blue? Are we ...
The Marti 03/03/2015 23 36 - -
If Over A Million More Floridians Lose Health Insurance, Rick Scott Says That's Not His Problem
Before the November election last year I wrote that the first four years of Rick Scott's arrogance and incompetence would pale in comparison to another four years under a two-term governor with ...
Inkberries 03/03/2015 7 9 - -
Attention Florida Activists.... We need some Territory Leaders
Vetwife 02/28/2015 40 19 - -
GOP Goes All In for Rick Scott for President; Ben Carson for FL Senator
The preposterous nature of the title is sparked from a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine. Rick Scott is the two-term governor of a state with the third most electoral votes in the ...
SemDem 02/27/2015 8 28 - -
A Redstater Asks
This diary came about because of a comment thread with The Marti and Mopshell in my KTK diary on Friday. The Marti expressed sympathy with the challenges we face in red states, together with a ...
BeninSC 02/27/2015 101 221 2 -
Rick Scott being sued by Tampa Bay Times and other News sources
Rick Scott is just teflon so far but thanks to the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, they are trying very hard to make his corruption stick somewhere. The 10 times Pultizer Prize winner, The ...
Vetwife 02/24/2015 26 98 - -
Elderly man with his hands up tasered by Florida Highway Patrol officer (VIDEO)
You have the right to be tasered. For reasons unknown, Florida police tasered an elderly man who was surrendering and hand his hands up. The scene was captured by ...
Jen Hayden 02/24/2015 187 158 2 -
With Friends Like These...We Need To Be Better Friends!
So. There you are, stuck in the backwater of a flaming red state, feeling like the only kid wearing sneakers to the prom. Lonely, ain't it? ...
The Marti 02/22/2015 162 313 4 -
Florida’s Public Health Care System Part II
“View from a Front Row Seat” No different from tens of millions of ...
Jays Jewels 02/22/2015 3 5 - -
Our Horrible DNC Chair Will Only Support Medical MJ If She Isn't "Criticized"!
Here's the f*&*ing problem we have as Democrats. We elect leaders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Her counterpart, Reince Preibus of the RNC, is a complete ass but at least he's a conservative. He ...
SemDem 02/21/2015 114 215 3 -
Gun Ranges, the Law and the NRA -- A Story of "Reckless" and "Negligent"
By Patrick Leary, a St. Petersburg Neighbor It is 2.5 weeks since I found out about Mr. Carannante's intent to fire his weapons at a small, makeshift target in his side yard less than 20 feet from ...
pajoly 02/18/2015 40 80 2 -
JEB's Second Major Screwup This Week: Publishes FL Residents Personal Data ONLINE
Before my rant, I must ask: Why do republicans insist on pushing this stupid family down our throats? Bill Clinton had to rescue our economy after Bush I ran it into the ground, and now after ...
SemDem 02/12/2015 24 31 - -
Gun Range Gone! - It's Time for the Law to Be Torn Down #frontyardgunrange.. a little help pls
Screen grab from my camera of the "gun range" being torn down and loaded up. Now it is time for the law to come down. Glorious day. The ill-conceived "gun range" has been torn down... in front of ...
pajoly 02/04/2015 103 302 3 -
Gun Range Update - NRA & FL Legislators Literally Made Residential Neighborhoods Shooting Galleries
2 of my kids and 2 of my neighbor's children at their backyard side fence looking at the "gun range" next door. The line of fire runs parallel to and 30' from the kid's bedroom. Beyond that pile of ...
pajoly 02/02/2015 133 220 1 -
Even GOP is calling for Scott investigation, but AG PamBo flatly refuses
#151 of My Stupid State Everyone is starting to pile on Rick Scott regarding "Baileygate". He's a sinking ship and rats want off. Quick recap: Gov. Rick Scott ousted Gerald Bailey, who was the ...
SemDem 02/01/2015 7 40 - -
Alan Grayson mulls a run for Marco Rubio's Senate seat
Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson is contemplating a Senate run Outspoken Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson represents a safe Orlando-area district, but it seems he has bigger things in mind. Scott Powers ...
Jeff Singer 01/26/2015 83 45 - -
Rick Scott has jumped the shark: Even republican officials are calling for investigation/Updated
How low do you have to go in Florida to get called out by republican elected officials? Has to be pretty low in a state that willingly reelected a governor with ...
VL Baker 01/23/2015 90 296 1 -
Pass the Popcorn... Rick Scott has trouble with his own including Bondi
Vetwife 01/22/2015 13 18 - -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R), "I'll Give Up My Senate Seat If I Run For President"
poopdogcomedy 01/21/2015 13 10 - -
Guns on campus? Yes Florida again !
Vetwife 01/20/2015 58 19 - -
Rick Scott doesn't like the FDLE doing their job so he fired the Commissioner
I guess we should start with the FDLE. That's the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In some states, that would be called the state police. The Tampa Bay Times has the story. Times/Herald ...
Just Bob 01/14/2015 56 158 3 -
FL-Sen: Rubio (R), "Hillary Clinton As President Would Be A Death Blow To The American People"
poopdogcomedy 01/13/2015 29 16 - -
Meet the new conservative rising star: Florida freshman "Democratic" Rep. Gwen Graham
Gwen Graham (D) won her seat in one of our rare, balanced districts of the red Northern section of Florida. Although District 2 has 16% more Democratic voters in the district than GOP, it normally ...
SemDem 01/11/2015 23 20 - -
This One Picture Will REALLY Piss Off Florida Winguts
First gay couple in Florida to legally wed. A Sheriff's deputy (in uniform) to a former Marine. On this blessed day, allow me to be the first to say: In your fat FACE Pam Bondi!
SemDem 01/10/2015 216 414 10 -
Trying to prove he could be president, Marco Rubio demonstrates how unqualified he is
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and would-be president has a new book out, since that's the thing that presidential candidates ...
Joan McCarter 01/09/2015 115 117 - -
Rubio peddles piecemeal approach to immigration
Sen. Marcio Rubio is once again trying to establish himself as a GOP heavyweight with a new book in which he reportedly attempts ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/07/2015 23 18 - -
Remembering the Rosewood Massacre
Remains of Sarah Carrier's house in Rosewood, Florida, claimed to have been taken January 4, 1923 but probably taken in the days ...
Denise Oliver Velez 01/04/2015 245 255 5 -
A Kossack Vet needs our thoughts and prayers !
Vetwife 01/04/2015 86 148 2 -
GOP Consultants Mock Florida Public With Christmas Card
Data Targeting is the mega-shady, right-wing outfit that drew our extraordinarily gerrymandered legislative and congressional boundaries for the Fl GOP in direct violation of our state constitution.
SemDem 12/27/2014 31 114 1 -
Tallahassee Regime Defies Same Sex Marriage Ruling: Threatens Jailing Clerks!
#148 of My Stupid State People who love to wrap themselves in the Constitution sure don't mind using it as toilet paper. Two weeks ago, a good day was had in Florida. A Federal judge ruled that ...
SemDem 12/20/2014 73 159 1 -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) On Cuba Deal, 'Obama's The Worst Negotiator Since Jimmy Carter'
Already getting outrage from this Presidential wannabe clown:
poopdogcomedy 12/17/2014 43 12 - -
How Democrats can fix their midterm turnout problem: By moving elections to presidential years
Charlie ...
David Nir 11/13/2014 111 31 1 -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) & Paul Ryan (R. WI) To Introduce Alternative To Obamacare
Oh this ought to be good:
poopdogcomedy 11/12/2014 23 20 - -
How about some good news, Florida? 10 things to make you smile:
This "wave" election was more like low-tide: the lowest voter turnout in our history. We do this dance every two years. However, you don't have to wait until 2016 to smile.... 1. Even in a red ...
SemDem 11/08/2014 44 40 - -
FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) To Announce Presidential Decision In The Upcoming Weeks
Here's something to look forward to: Sen. ...
poopdogcomedy 11/07/2014 23 5 - -
Publix: Where Suffering Is A Pleasure
Crossposted to SemDem The Jenkins family, who own Publix, spent hundreds of thousands against Amendment 2, which would give life-saving treatment to suffering and dying patients. Publix is one ...
SemDem 11/06/2014 8 9 - -
My VERY Stupid State. Rick Scott Wins.
REALLY Florida ? He didn't even fool you once, you knew he was a criminal. And then he got elected. He cut funding for everything and gave to his cronies, he ruthlessly cut disabled children's ...
SemDem 11/04/2014 75 65 - -
Florida Crist campaign files emergency motion to extend voting hours due to systemic failures
WTSP Ft. Lauderdale, Florida -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist filed an emergency motion with the Circuit Court for the 17th Judicial Circuit to extend voting hours in Broward ...
VL Baker 11/04/2014 28 53 1 -
You have the power to be Mr. Smith for a day
There was an American hero in these United States and his name was James Stewart. James Stewart was an actor, yes but he was also a retired military man who was promoted to General before his death.
Vetwife 11/03/2014 15 12 - -
Would Florida Please Flush
You don't get many opportunities to flush this many turds in one go FrontPageMag editor and increasingly unhinged anti-Obama yeller David Horowitz is hosting his annual “Restoration Weekend” ...
LaFeminista 11/03/2014 12 25 - -
Crist +7 over Scott in Florida
November 3, 2014 Charlie Crist has opened up a 7 point lead over Rick Scott in the Florida Governors race according to the latest polling from Zogby Oct 28-31. Crist's leads by: +13 among Women +15 ...
skymed 11/03/2014 31 16 - -
Last Minute Q-Poll: Charlie Crist 42%, Rick Scott 41%
The Florida governor’s race goes down to the wire, with Democrat Charlie Crist at 42 percent of likely voters to Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Scott’s 41 percent, according to a Quinnipiac ...
saintpetersblog 11/03/2014 11 16 - -
Rick Scott Has Charlie Crist Right Where He Wants Him -- And Vice Versa
After reading the spin memos from Rick Scottworld's Tim Saler and Charlie Crist adviser Steve Schale , it's clear that Scott has Crist right where he wants him -- and vice versa. Right now, the GOP ...
saintpetersblog 11/03/2014 3 5 - -
FL, IL & MI-Gov: PPP's Final Poll Shows Toss Ups In FL, IL & MI
Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer (D. MI) PPP's final poll on the Governor races in Florida, Illinois and Michigan. First Florida:
poopdogcomedy 11/02/2014 34 33 3 -
Message to Rick Scott and the Koch Brothers: 10 Reasons FL Hispanics Are Not This Stupid
Early Voting TODAY in Florida!! Go NOW before polls close today! From the article Americans for Prosperity Builds Political Machine Andres Malave walks the street of a west Miami neighborhood. ...
SemDem 11/02/2014 7 23 1 -
Rick Scott taps Blind trust..Miami Herald Questions it?
Look folks, not to pity party but truth straight up. If I can help GOTV with 2 hospital visits and a doctor visit just this past Thursday, along with abcessed tooth and severe bronchitis, yet ...
Vetwife 11/02/2014 8 26 - -
Final Q-Poll of Fla: Charlie Crist 43%, Rick Scott 40%
A jump in support from independent likely voters in the Florida governor’s race leaves Democrat Charlie Crist with 43 percent, inches ahead of Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Scott with 40 percent, ...
saintpetersblog 10/30/2014 27 36 2 -
FL-Gov: Rick Scott (R) & Charlie Crist (D) Lawyer Up For Possible Recount
poopdogcomedy 10/29/2014 5 9 - -
Rick Scott trying to hide his fight against marriage equality; local media outing his hypocrisy
Finally. Florida media is throwing aside its balanced approach on our nationally important, tied race for governor. This past Friday Scott and his AG Pam Bondi tried to hide their appalling fight ...
VL Baker 10/28/2014 11 24 1 -
Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: The GOP airs a desperate spot against Charlie Crist
Leading Off : • FL-...
Jeff Singer 10/27/2014 13 17 2 -
North Carolina Weekend Numbers are Great!
The numbers for the weekend of early voting are in and, to quote Tony the Tiger, Threeeere Great! Using the numbers from which is a project of the Civitas Institute: 48.4 % of ...
NCJim 10/27/2014 36 32 1 -
When she's not delaying executions for fun and profit, Florida AG continues fight to discriminate
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi ...
Laura Clawson 10/27/2014 37 33 - -
Jeb considering 2016 run wants Rick Scott as Florida governor to 'deliver' Florida as he did for GWB
George P. Bush son of Jeb Bush says his dad is likely to enter the 2016 presidential race. So Jeb is getting his ducks in order including support for Rick Scott as governor of Florida. Jeb Bush ...
VL Baker 10/26/2014 16 24 1 -
Rick Scott sends white supporters to harass black voters
Nice, Rick : What began Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale as an early voting rally for Charlie Crist turned into a shouting match, featuring the former governor’s supporters squaring off ...
SemDem 10/25/2014 187 367 3 -
Florida Democrats Continue To Chip Away At GOP's Early Vote Lead
As the first full weekend of early voting approaches, Democratic voters have been steadily chipping away at the traditional GOP early vote and absentee ballot lead, according to Democratic advisor ...
saintpetersblog 10/25/2014 16 38 3 -
Florida's gay couples could start planning their weddings after midnight tonight
Florida's AG Pam Bondi has until midnight tonight 10/24 to respond to a request by the ACLU that a federal judge lift his stay on same-sex marriage in ...
VL Baker 10/24/2014 11 17 - -
Daily Kos Elections Early Voting Report: Florida and North Carolina Democrats seeing what they need
Democrat Charlie ...
Taniel 10/24/2014 56 50 - -
Rick Scott skips depo today in California to attend Fundraiser..Contempt anyone?
WHAT? Deposition? I am Rick Scott ! I don't do depositions. Rick Scott does not think laws apply to him but he fumes over fans in debate rules? Rick Scott is supposed to be in ...
Vetwife 10/24/2014 47 133 1 -
So many Skeletons in Rick Scott's little time
Vetwife 10/23/2014 9 17 - -
Giuliani on Rick Scott: 'This is not a guy who should be governor, it is as simple as that'
Rudy Giuliani was on the campaign trail for Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday, and besides whining about Charlie Crist not endorsing him in the 2008 Florida primary, one presumes Rudy would have had ...
Armando 10/22/2014 68 208 1 -
Charlie Crist 43%, Rick Scott 40%, According to St. Leo Univ. Poll
The Florida governor’s election between former Gov. Charlie Crist and incumbent Gov. Rick Scott is statistically tied, a ccording to a new poll from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute. ...
saintpetersblog 10/22/2014 5 9 1 -
Rick Scott doesn't believe in climate change
From Tuesday night's Florida governor debate : [CNN's JAKE] TAPPER: Governor Scott, I want to move on to one other job, that scientists in the state are very concerned about—people who live near ...
Armando 10/22/2014 43 69 1 -
Rick Scott's Death Penalty... Just Another Annoying Law That Interferes With His Politicking
Scott delayed an execution for, POLITICAL PURPOSES, prolonging the suffering of another human being who knew he was about to be put to death... It can't get much worse than that in a democracy. I ...
thinkingblue 10/22/2014 1 2 - -
Rick Scott: 'How would I know' what the minimum wage should be
Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL)
Laura Clawson 10/22/2014 67 42 2 -
Rick Scott won't say if he knew execution delay was for a political fundraiser
Florida Gov. Rick Scott may have had a death row inmate'...
Laura Clawson 10/22/2014 60 39 2 -
Florida's Psychosis: Do You NOT Remember the Day When Rick Scott Showed He Was a Monster?
So... did we all forget this happened? Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered deep cuts Thursday to programs that serve tens of thousands of residents with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other ...
SemDem 10/21/2014 72 282 5 -
I Want a Future ...Ad by my 9 year old
We know climate change is real. We know Rick Scott is destroying the environment. We know my 9 year old has a passion for and started Love Our Land Awareness. This is her Anti Scott Ad . She said ...
Vetwife 10/20/2014 24 35 1 -
Rasmussen Poll: Rick Scott 47%, Charlie Crist 47%
“Fangate” jokes aside, Florida’s gubernatorial race remains a dead heat in the home stretch. A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of likely Florida Voters finds current ...
saintpetersblog 10/20/2014 18 7 - -
Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: The Florida GOP tries to embrace Fangate, and it does not go well
Leading Off : • FL-...
Jeff Singer 10/20/2014 20 23 - -
Daily Kos Elections Early Voting Report: Democrats showing some red state strength
Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) needs strong Democratic turnout to win, and she may be getting ...
Taniel 10/20/2014 28 30 - -
Important: Vote Al Krulick (NPA) NOT THE DEMOCRAT Against John Mica (FL-7)
I sometimes wonder why we have a party in this state. It is no wonder that John Mica thought he could (and did) go from being a moderate to full-on teabagger since 2010. Wes Neuman, the Democrat ...
SemDem 10/19/2014 8 9 1 -
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