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The Twin Pillars of Foreign Policy
Below is the text of an essay I wrote in 1999 while I was working in the State Department, commenting on the events and policies around me. It was ignored, and I didn't really promote it, because I ...
Noziglia 04/29/2014 4 1 - -
Give Diplomats the Respect They Deserve
This is in reaction to the tragic events in Benghazi, and the comments on it. I say this, full disclosure, as a retired career member of the U.S. Foreign Service (diplomatic) Corps. It is standard ...
Noziglia 09/12/2012 18 7 - 25
Our Message
I know that Democrats and Liberals (or, as we have been taught by those who will deny the value of the term Liberal, Progressives) are not big on a unified message. Nevertheless, there are some ...
Noziglia 10/16/2011 6 1 - 23
The Stock Market
We can understand what happened to the stock market over the last couple of days with a few simple facts. These facts are not brought up by commentators because a) they are not dramatic, and b) ...
Noziglia 08/10/2011 10 3 - 51
There are those who believe that people can be divided into clear, simple categories, and those who do not. I am one of the latter, and having begun by doing what I do not believe in, will now do ...
Noziglia 07/05/2011 3 3 - 37
I Give Up
I realize that my impact on the politics of this country is nil. I realize that my influence on the debates we are engaged in, even within the navel-gazing context of those who read the entries on ...
Noziglia 10/19/2010 36 3 - 32
Rand Paul: Objectivist
A bit of needed perspective on the Rand Paul statements about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The man is seriously dangerous.
Noziglia 05/21/2010 53 15 - 41
The Real Scandal in Intelligence
There has been some reporting recently that the name of the Underwear Bomber was missed in the database search because it was misspelled. That is not possible. Arabic names are meant to be written ...
Noziglia 01/10/2010 14 9 1 11
The Myth of Data Mining
There has been some coverage in the news lately about the NSA/Bush Administration efforts to “wiretap” Americans. I write to clear up some of the mythology surrounding this subject.
Noziglia 01/27/2009 35 69 7 224
The Roots of Neoconservatism -- Not
This is a draft of an essay I'm writing based on reading one of the founding books cited in histories of the neoconservative movement, The Road to Serfdom , by Friederich Hayek. The thesis ...
Noziglia 03/09/2008 2 4 1 -
History Lesson
Just finished Jacob Heilbrunn’s book, They Knew They Were Right, a history of neoconservatism, and here is a quick reaction. These guys were full of shit.
Noziglia 02/10/2008 5 1 - -
A small suggestion for the netroots: We need to start campaigning now to get the candidates of both parties to pledge that they will hold a real debate during the fall campaign next year, not just ...
Noziglia 11/29/2007 1 - - -
New Zealand Politics
When I lived in New Zealand, I had a very interesting history lesson from a member of its Parliament that has resonance with American politics today, indeed all politics everywhere. The year was ...
Noziglia 11/17/2007 15 13 - 155
Political Briefings for Ambassadors
I read in the WaPo today (Tuesday, July 24) about the White House Political Office conducting briefings ...
Noziglia 07/24/2007 3 1 - -
Heads Up
It isn't on-line yet, or even out officially, but I'm reading the Washington Post Magazine cover story for tomorrow, because its delivered a day early. It's tomorrow, and the link to the ...
Noziglia 07/21/2007 3 2 - -
Absolute Nonsense
Yesterday, on Hardball , a viewer sent in the first question, and Christopher Hitchens blew the non-answer. The question was whether his lack of religious belief meant that he did not ...
Noziglia 06/29/2007 31 3 - -
Official English
Well, here goes another diary posting on a general, philosophical point. I’m not connected enough with the world to come up with specific facts. But this is something that is important, and we ...
Noziglia 06/16/2007 31 12 1 1
Cheney taking over
The following block quote is the latest posting in a blog that I participate in called The Washington Note . It is run by Steven Clemons, Director of ...
Noziglia 05/24/2007 17 5 1 7
Nothing New Here
Since I am so effectively cut off from contact with the real world, I can't offer the tidbits of current information based on contact with actual people, or reporting on events. What I feel I must ...
Noziglia 05/15/2007 - - - -
What War?
This is beginning to sound old, even to me. None of this bullshit matters. The Liebermann bullshit, the Gulianni bullshit. The Clinton bullshit. It doesn't matter. It's all empty posturing, so ...
Noziglia 04/26/2007 3 - - -
In a discussion in another forum about questions to pose to the new appointee as Ambassodor to the United Nations, Zamel Khalilzad, I suggested the following list. In fact, these questions would be ...
Noziglia 03/13/2007 - 1 - -
What Not to Do
Reading some of the books that came out last year -- a year too late -- about the woeful mishandling of the Iraq occupation, one is left with the sad impression that the BushCo cabal were not the ...
Noziglia 01/18/2007 2 2 - -
Reason vs. Magic
More and more, it strikes me that in many of the debates, news reports, entertainment plots, and general information that surrounds us, there is an assumption that is closely akin to the idea that ...
Noziglia 01/12/2007 9 11 1 -
Real Economics
This is just a short diary posting to keep my hand in and my name active. It is a follow-on to my earlier diary “The Myth of Sacrifice,” in which I called for a better understanding of ...
Noziglia 01/05/2007 3 5 1 -
The thing about impeachment is
That the Republicans have – as they have with every other part of government that they touch – rendered it illegitimate.
Noziglia 12/10/2006 18 6 - -
The Myth of Sacrifice
Corporate spokespersons – of whom the main ones are Republicans, traditional conservatives, and network and print journalists – describe many of the aims of the classical liberal agenda ...
Noziglia 12/05/2006 21 20 3 10
I Want to Be a Subversive
While I have enjoyed much of the information gained in DailyKos, and the interaction with others, there has been a small feeling of something lacking. The problem is that the reaction to both what ...
Noziglia 12/04/2006 13 - - -
The following is an essay I wrote just to get it out of my system in December, 2004: What is the meaning of sovereignty? What is its role in international relations? This is a particularly ...
Noziglia 11/29/2006 - 1 - -
Why did they do it?
At an event at the New America Foundation, a member of the audience asked the question (I paraphrase from memory), “Why does Al-Qaida hate America so? Why did they fly those planes?” ...
Noziglia 11/28/2006 4 2 - -
Plato vs. Socrates
Noziglia 11/17/2006 10 7 1 23
Wizard's Twelfth Rule
Noziglia 11/14/2006 20 5 1 143
The Evil of Essentialism
Noziglia 11/10/2006 12 1 1 1
What does a Liberal believe?
Noziglia 11/08/2006 13 - - 2
Bush Has Failed
Noziglia 11/06/2006 2 1 - -
Vote for Moral Values
Noziglia 11/04/2006 1 4 - -
Neither Left nor Right
Noziglia 11/03/2006 3 - - -
Unspoken Pillars of American Foreign Policy
Noziglia 11/02/2006 3 3 - -
The So-Called War on Terrorism
Noziglia 11/01/2006 16 - - 1
Noziglia 10/30/2006 - - 1 -
Iraq: Bush's Failure
Noziglia 10/27/2006 - - - -
Iraq: Democracy Not So Much
Noziglia 10/26/2006 2 3 - -
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