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Microbes Smarter than Wall Street
A January paper published onilne in the Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Science (PNAS) is descibed by an article in Labmanager .com as Microbes Buy Low and Sell High. This offers more ...
OHdog 01/20/2014 7 1 - -
Obama will be Impeached
The Tea Party Republicans have been trying to find something, anything, that could be used to bring articles of Impeachment against President Obama. Now the salivation has started over the prospect ...
OHdog 08/31/2013 49 9 - -
Your Own NSA Reality Show
Are you one of the shrinking few who say that NSA's recording of everything you telecommunicate in some form doesn't bother you because you have nothing to hide? Even if that was by some miracle ...
OHdog 07/25/2013 2 2 - -
Fourth Amendment for the 4th
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable ...
OHdog 07/03/2013 7 3 - -
Whirlpool Kills US Manufacturing Plant
Core Systems LLC in Painesville Ohio is laying off 400 people and ceasing operations at that plant after Whirlpool dropped them as a major supplier without notice. The company which made molded ...
OHdog 02/23/2013 10 35 1 -
A Rock Hall Induction
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for 2012 was held in Cleveland last night (once every three years, otherwise in NYC). Two people were booed. One was Guns and Roses singer Axl Rose ...
OHdog 04/15/2012 78 30 2 490
Pink Slime is good for the Environment
I guess labeling anything Pink Slime insures its rejection, particularly when it's in food you eat. The media and social media viral storm over a product that has been part of our food for years has ...
OHdog 03/31/2012 42 3 - 144
Teen Sexual Health is worse in the South
March 21 The Center for Demographic Research at Auburn University at Montgomery published a study based on CDC and state health department statistics on teen sexual health in much of the Southern US.
OHdog 03/22/2012 4 7 1 68
Too Much Biodefense. Not enough Public Health
The largest association of microbiologists is the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) which has almost 40,000 members with about a third of those in other countries. Its upcoming 10th Annual ...
OHdog 02/13/2012 3 2 - 25
Obama's War on Christmas Trees
The Agriculture Department has listened to the requests of the Christmas Tree industry and is instituting a $00.15 fee on each tree sold or imported for those businesses selling or importing more ...
OHdog 11/09/2011 59 18 - 172
Displacing Trained Citizens with Foreign Trained Workers
There has been a long and contentious struggle to make sure that Corporations in America do not game immigration policy by filling jobs for skilled workers with immigrants at lower wages. Besides ...
OHdog 10/13/2011 14 3 1 48
A modest proposal on guns.
The RKBA group probably knows I am no fan of possession of hand guns by the general public although I'm not opposed to rifles and shotguns. But Mansfield Frazier's blog in the ...
OHdog 08/11/2011 25 2 1 101
Mapping oil from undersea release
An article in press from PNAS has a rather definitive model of where different fractions of hydrocarbons go after release from deep sea incidents like the Deep Water Horizon disaster.
OHdog 07/25/2011 6 6 1 57
Letter to the White House
Dear Mr. President,
OHdog 07/12/2011 3 2 - 35
After Lyme Disease Explained
A substantial number of Daily Kos diaries have been written on Lyme Disease. Many have discussed the debilitating aftermath to this infection whether or not it was correctly diagnosed in the first ...
OHdog 07/01/2011 62 19 1 244
New School of Tropical Medicine is bad news for Perry.
Why is it bad news for Gov. Perry when Science Magazine reports that the head of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Peter Hotez, is leaving George Washington University and moving the 20 plus person ...
OHdog 06/18/2011 39 164 3 1090
Obama and Wasserman-Schultz jump shark.
President Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz jumped the shark in over done Weiner bashing. Both called for Anthony Weiner's resignation because they claim he can no longer represent his ...
OHdog 06/13/2011 150 8 - 536
Wisconsin Republican Felonies?
As America looked on in shock and horror, Wisconsin Republican Senators steamrolled a bill stripping rights from tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens. They had been discussing this action and ...
OHdog 03/10/2011 6 16 - 128
Ohio's Kasich. Walker's best bud?
Cleveland's The Plain Dealer ran an interview with Governor Kasich today that provides yet more bogus reasons to throw Unions under the bus including promised state and local savings annually of ...
OHdog 02/28/2011 5 8 - 45
War Criminals and Traitors interviews
Pelosi said impeachment was off the table and Patrick Fitzgerald lets Rove off the hook. There are no criminal trials for waterboarding, illegal wiretaps, or for war profiteering.
OHdog 11/05/2010 3 2 - 19
Alinsky the meme
The online right wing magazine "American Thinker" is to thinking like American cheese is to cheese. Close but not really living up to its name. Anyway today's ...
OHdog 02/17/2010 6 4 - 21
David Brooks hates Avatar in a new way.
It's no secret that the success of the movie Avatar is driving conservatives ape shit bonkers, as noted ...
OHdog 01/10/2010 77 16 - 91
 Republican Hypocrisy and Feingold and Nelson
Senate roll call: Vote on women's health By The Associated Press (AP) The 61-39 roll call Thursday by which the Senate adopted an amendment to safeguard coverage of mammograms and ...
OHdog 12/03/2009 8 - - 45
Breaking: Iran busted by Obama at G20
The US, France, UK present evidence that Iran is hiding a functional uranium enrichment facility. Apparently Germany and Russia are on board too. Iran is facing an ultimatum from the G20 nations.
OHdog 09/25/2009 175 13 - 63
Moyers on Bill Maher show has to be seen by Obama
If this has already been diaried please excuse my list reading ability. But Bill Moyers was interviewed by Bill Maher and if you didn't see it find a repeat and watch it even if you have to take ...
OHdog 08/28/2009 431 442 16 505
Christians not always followers of Jesus
The Cleveland Plain Dealer printed a column this Saturday from Rev. Ken Chalker, Minister of First Methodist Church of Cleveland. ...
OHdog 04/18/2009 29 26 1 94
Big City Corruption or Dirty DOJ?
The FBI and IRS raided the offices and homes of a Cuyahoga (home county of Cleveland, OH) County Commissioner and Auditor on Monday. It is a sad comment on how low Bush and Rove and Cheney and the ...
OHdog 07/30/2008 6 4 - 1
Help CNN name their new Right wing show
I am urging Daily Kos readers to suggest a name for a new show on CNN that promises to bury the former shadow of a reputable news organization even deeper in right wing muck. CNN has announced that ...
OHdog 01/13/2008 35 7 - 1
Bush, Rendition, and Deer in the Headlights
Rendition is the movie about CIA kidnapping of an innocent man because his cell phone is accidentally rung by a cell phone that might be one used by a terrorist. It hasn't been ...
OHdog 10/24/2007 3 3 - 3
A Thousand Roaches
It's the old saying that if you see one roach there's a thousand more nearby. Well three recent roach (Republican) sightings in NorthEast Ohio tell me that Ohio is not out of the Roach Motel zone yet.
OHdog 09/27/2007 1 1 - 1
Tin Foil Chapeau False Flag
I think my tailored Tin Foil Helmet is actually intensifying those CIA waves because I have solved the problem that invalidates most conspiracy theories. That's how to keep all of those involved in ...
OHdog 08/30/2007 13 1 - 3
No Medicare Payment for Hospital Infections
An article by Newhouse News Service describes new Medicare and Medicaid regulations that will stop payment to ...
OHdog 08/16/2007 34 29 - 14
MySpace: Murdochs Secret Weapon
The usual way the differences between MySpace and Facebook are framed is which one is cooler or how do advertisers target their desired targets. But Danah Boyd and her ...
OHdog 08/05/2007 8 2 1 -
No Sicko for Psychiatric
Michael Moore couldn't cover all that is wrong with the pay-for-play protection racket called Health Insurance but if he had included insurance coverage for psychiatric conditions it would have ...
OHdog 07/16/2007 16 11 - 1
Marital Sex Single Greatest HIV Risk
The same Journal that brought you Teens and Condoms also carried a paper from the Columbia University of Public Health ...
OHdog 05/08/2007 21 6 2 10
Rove Chooses Democratic Candidate
There are many news stories detailing how each state or electoral district is improving its voting infrastructure so there won't be any problems in the 2008 Presidential election. But how many are ...
OHdog 05/04/2007 22 5 - 6
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