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I cry for the puffins, marine life & fishermen devastated by extreme north Atlantic warming
The northwestern Atlantic ocean is extraordinarily warm along the coasts of Canada and the U.S. from the U.S. mid Atlantic to ...
FishOutofWater 11/03/2014 68 194 8 -
Corrected: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Will Release about 200,000,000,000 Particles of Plastic
Arctic sea ice formation processes concentrate plastic particles into the ice. This figure shows the total number of microplastic pieces presented as values per cubic meter of ...
FishOutofWater 05/23/2014 102 162 2 -
Huge Wave in Pacific Ocean About to Hit West Coast Will Have Global Impacts
An enormous wave now centered at 500 feet deep along the equator south of Hawaii is silently moving below the surface towards the west coast of the Americas. This wave, called a Kelvin wave, took ...
FishOutofWater 03/28/2014 250 460 13 -
The Oceans are Dying: Oxygen is Depleting, Acidity Rising at Fastest Rate in 300,000,000 Years
Oxygen levels are dropping and ocean waters are acidifying at the fastest rate in at least 300 million years when the greatest marine extinction in earth's history took place according to The ...
FishOutofWater 10/04/2013 215 383 17 -
Oceans are Acidifying at the Fastest rate in 300,000,000 years. What Me Worry?
We may be slipping into one of the greatest mass extinctions in the history of the earth, but just how worried should we be?
FishOutofWater 09/01/2013 162 367 10 -
The Antarctic Half of the Global Thermohaline Circulation Is Faltering
The sudden cooling of Europe, triggered by collapse of the global thermohaline circulation in the north Atlantic and the slowing of the Gulf Stream has been popularized by the movies and the ...
FishOutofWater 04/10/2013 134 412 16 -
Why the East Coast Snow was (and might be) so Deep: Explained by One Figure
According to NOAA's GODAS system the heat content of the top 300 meters (about a thousand feet) of the North Atlantic ocean off the east coast from Cape Hatteras the Prince Edward Island is way ...
FishOutofWater 03/04/2013 69 133 2 -
Who is Slaughtering Dolphins off the Gulf Coast
If Dolphins didn't have enough to worry about with Climate Change and the Challenges the Deep Water Horizon created for them over the past couple of years, it seems there is now someone killing ...
Ellinorianne 11/28/2012 30 29 - -
Uniting Against Coal Exports in the Pacific Northwest
There's been a lot of buzz about coal exports lately , but if I was a betting woman, I'd say the smart money is on these coal industry pipe dreams never becoming a reality. That’s because local ...
Mary Anne Hitt 10/12/2012 9 35 - -
Whales Give Dolphins a Lift
I have loved this photo for a while now, captioned, reposted it, I adore dolphins and whales and have written about both quite a bit here. I believe that they need protection, from us. There are ...
Ellinorianne 04/03/2012 25 47 - 189
Bottom Water Production in Rapid Decline
The production rate of the coldest, densest ocean water on earth is in rapid decline. Production of Antarctic bottom water, which rests on the bottom of all of the world's oceans except the Arctic ...
FishOutofWater 03/26/2012 12 36 - 173
Ghost Octopus, "David Hasselhoff" Crabs & Bizarre Species Found in 8000 foot Deep Antarctic Waters
Eight thousand feet deep in the southern ocean between Antarctic and south America, a ghostly white octopus glides through a bizarre world of 700°F black smoking vents, mounds of white crabs that ...
FishOutofWater 01/04/2012 36 62 1 335
"Japan whaling fleet accused of using tsunami disaster funds"
It is another year and another early summer in the antarctic sea which means the Japanese whaling fleet is heading out again to meet its "scientific" quota of whales to slaughter, almost 1,000 of ...
Ellinorianne 12/11/2011 63 30 - 131
eSci: Mysterious Source of Earth's Oceans Found in a Strange Comet
The existence of earth's oceans has been a mystery challenging earth scientists for decades because the source of the water could not be identified. Extremely low levels of the element Neon and ...
FishOutofWater 11/25/2011 29 61 - 223
Earthship COPernica I
boatsie 11/25/2011 11 17 2 157
Watch: Whales, dolphins and sharks caught in Tuna net
Greenpeace released a video yesterday showing how dolphins whales and sharks are being caught in tuna nets as by catch. The footage is shocking to say the least and should be a warning to those who ...
Ellinorianne 11/17/2011 8 16 - 76
eSci: Fukushima, A River Runs Through It
A river of groundwater, 450 tons per day, is running through Fukushima Daiichi Units 1-4 according to calculations made by Asahi Shinbun. The water is interacting with water contaminated by the ...
FishOutofWater 10/20/2011 31 36 1 191
eSci: Half of Canada's Ice Shelves Lost in the Past 6 Years
Canada's Ice shelves are collapsing at a shocking rate. Since the summer of 2005 half of Canada's ice shelves have shattered into icebergs and flowed into the Arctic ocean. These thick ice shelves, ...
FishOutofWater 09/29/2011 19 60 1 162
eSci: Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Volume & Area Hit, Methane Found in Ice Free Area
The terminal collapse of summer Arctic sea ice accelerated this summer despite unfavorable weather for much of the summer. Much warmer than normal water temperatures entering the Arctic combined ...
FishOutofWater 09/08/2011 116 173 6 585
BP Macondo Spill Continues 8-30-2011 New Video of Large oil Slicks
The BP oil disaster ...
FishOutofWater 09/02/2011 19 46 - 156
eSci: Inhofe Joins Inquisition of Polar Bear Scientist
Polar bear researcher Dr. Charles Monnett continues to be silenced and suspended from his job of managing Arctic biology research for the Department of Interior as the DOI's Inspector General ...
FishOutofWater 08/11/2011 15 38 1 125
eSci: Cryocide
FishOutofWater 07/21/2011 32 69 2 247
eSci: Epic Arctic Meltdown
The beach like boundary with open water at 89° north shows the thinness of the ice. Polar sea ice melt ponds are common in July but open water is not.
FishOutofWater 07/07/2011 68 259 6 956
Japanese Continue Scientific Research Whaling in Northwest Pacific Ocean
If you are like me, you were elated, but guardedly so, when the Japanese ended their annual Antarctic ...
Ellinorianne 06/11/2011 14 18 - 63
You thought the BP Oil Spill was bad?
A year ago today we were horrified to hear of the massive oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico which we now know ...
VL Baker 04/20/2011 47 97 2 634
Exploratory oil drilling rig explosion & fire in the Gulf of Mexico
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd ...
Magnifico 04/19/2011 15 47 1 292
E-Mails Reveal BP's Attempts to Control Independent Gulf Research
BP e-mails , FOIA'd by Greenpeace and published by the Guardian, reveal attempts by BP to control ...
FishOutofWater 04/15/2011 37 93 - 280
Radioactive Water is Flowing Directly into the Ocean at Fukushima
Extremely radioactive water , measured at (edit at 9pm in bold) *over* 1000 millisieverts per hour in air above the water, ...
FishOutofWater 04/02/2011 218 269 5 1746
Massive Cetacean Mortality in Gulf since BP Blowout, now Turtles are Dying too
An unusual mortality event has been declared by NOAA for cetaceans in the northern Gulf of Mexico. ...
FishOutofWater 03/30/2011 147 331 9 1284
" Investigation Of Dolphin Deaths In Gulf Kept Confidential By U.S. Government"
Remember that scene at the end of of Raiders of the Lost Ark ? It's an often used joke in cases like this, where does this stuff go, either evidence of extraordinary events or things that ...
Ellinorianne 03/26/2011 43 49 1 198
More Dead Dolphins and No Testing Done Yet
More dolphins are washing up on the shore in the gulf states and the Federal Government has yet to begin doing testing of the tissue samples that have been collected over the last two months.
Ellinorianne 03/18/2011 25 90 2 305
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