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Alan Simpson: "Social Security is insolvent" - Must see video
I've been researching material to use in a video I'm doing on Grand Bargain II. In my internet travels, I stumbled upon this video that was posted on YouTube by a Social Security watchdog group ...
Oilwellian 12/09/2012 32 27 2 -
Mitt Sanity-Concerns of Mitt's Mental Well Being Expressed by Family
The web has been buzzing quite a bit lately about Ann and Josh Romney's recent visit on The View. Since that time, there has been a great deal of discussion about this issue that keeps coming up, by ...
Oilwellian 10/20/2012 37 24 - -
Puppets of the Plutocrats
I was so disgusted after hearing the Koch/Walker phone prank, I just had to do a video about it. Not only was it an eye-opener for many to hear Walker respond to Koch as though he was answering to ...
Oilwellian 03/26/2011 5 3 - 42
CNN Joins the Tea Party?
I just completed and published a new video, CNN Joins the Tea Party? While America was focused on the push to pass health care reform, CNN pulled a fast one. They hired Erick Erickson, the ...
Oilwellian 03/28/2010 274 501 4 83
Billionaires For Wealthcare
In the midst of our gnashing and gnawing over health care reform, and feeling a great deal of anxiety at the same time, a brilliant piece of activism surfaces on the YouTube that will bring a smile ...
Oilwellian 08/18/2009 14 20 2 40
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