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North Coast Mushroom Farmers Cooperative - Facilitating fungus farming for a fruitful future
Thanks to all y'all progressive peeps who've clicked the link because, I think, you'll find these few moments of attention you've so kindly given well worth your while, if only to beguile five ...
Old Lefty 01/04/2013 18 11 1 -
Tx. Sen. Cruz; "We need to do to Politics what we've done to the Law"
Speaking at the Federalist Society in an event titled "Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court" Recently elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R - Club or Growth) gave me pause, to gag, when he waxed ...
Old Lefty 11/19/2012 32 9 - -
Let them eat wood
In this frenzied Political season, lets step aside for a moment into the small 'p' politics, and economics, of a modest proposal aimed at the roots of economic marginalization in the northwestern ...
Old Lefty 10/21/2012 15 8 - -
Mirror Mirror, looking at our would-be leaders from both sides now
The Smirk that sank a thousand dreams is BIG NEWS, and rightly so. So I says to myself, I sayssssssssss........ well lets let the learned say it, then we'll take a reeeeel close look at Mitt and ...
Old Lefty 09/14/2012 3 1 - 37
[The Tea Party GOP] stands athwart history, yelling Stop, or why folks vote Republican
To understand any man made disaster, look to it's roots, the improbable sequence of prevenatble errors leading inevitably to the event. The life and times of intellectual fountainhead, Founding ...
Old Lefty 09/02/2012 108 112 6 1017
Hurricane Phoenix née Isaac; Tampa disaster planing (OR NOT) & the RNC (Updated)
The projected path and other parameters of Hurricane Isaac are similar enough to this actual planning scenario to pique the interest of any weather hound I think. Fortunately, should worse come to ...
Old Lefty 08/24/2012 7 1 - 64
Mitt's principles, why his faith is relevant
I will defend to the bitter end anybody's right to believe in whatever Divine Order they choose to, or none at all if they choose, wether they would choose to defend my right or not. But when those ...
Old Lefty 08/14/2012 5 1 - 79
Who are we?
Are we D.E.V.O.? Are we feckless idealists, communist nihilists? Heck no, got yer feck right here, swingin', R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for what's in your heart, for bein' smart, that's where we start but we ...
Old Lefty 07/09/2012 5 3 - 60
Lost Coast redux; Sky battles, dressing for bear and Trail's (but not Tale's) End, Part 3 of 3
In the middle of the night, in the midst of the Trek the wind whipped at Old Lefty's rain fly like a lame dray horse on its last haul to the glue factory. Lilly huddled in her field expedient ...
Old Lefty 06/10/2012 24 23 1 132
Lost Coast redux; Part 2 of 3; the skin of the Earth is peeled like an orange by the Thumb of God
When last we left our Three Companions they were rising with a bleary dawn (again). The second night of six was over in a cold gray fog and Lilly's paws were better, having spent all of the the ...
Old Lefty 06/03/2012 45 44 1 397
Lost Coast redux; flotsam, jetsam, trash and treasures, an annotated geo-photo diary (Part 1 of 3)
Prologue: In which we meet the dramatis perasonae and the scene is set. Old Lefty, Captain Jack and Lilly Lightfoot have returned with glorious images, inglorious adventures and sore feet from six ...
Old Lefty 05/25/2012 50 34 6 224
Tsunami flotsam; trash or treasure on the Lost Coast - a Prequel - (Updated)
Three tectonic plates converge just a mile off the shoreline, thrusting bare slopes 2000 feet skyward from a narrow ribbon of beach exposed only at low tide wrapped around Punta Gorda. This is the ...
Old Lefty 05/05/2012 31 49 - 318
Chen Guangcheng - Speaking Truth to Power - (Updated)
Mitt Romney steps in it again; Consideration of the dramatic escape of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to the US Embassy, his voluntary release to Chinese Government custody and new request to ...
Old Lefty 04/30/2012 6 2 - 51
Bringing the War (OF Women) back Home
The results are in; Girls born in 2009 will have shorter lives than their mothers in hundreds of U.S. counties April 20, 2012 By William Heisel and Jill Oviatt in Health This research ...
Old Lefty 04/21/2012 8 6 - 77
Right blog Left blog, whats the difference?
The recent study ; A Tale of Two Blogospheres, Discursive Practices on the Left and Right', published in the journal American Behavioral Scientist makes an interesting if not altogether surprising ...
Old Lefty 04/20/2012 6 12 1 97
War OVER change alert
War OVER Women; About 848,000,000 results War ON Women; About 1,080,000,000 results....that's billion with a B I will stake my swagger cane on it, somewhere on K Street Brilliant Minds have been at ...
Old Lefty 04/06/2012 17 4 - 183
Keen Grasp of the Obvious; Modern Conservatism and the Behavioral Immune System
The Pedia article titled 'Behavioral immune system' is a brief and informative read. I qoute below from the 'Implications for human behavior' section (bolding mine); Within the psychological ...
Old Lefty 03/31/2012 3 4 1 57
Politics of "The Orgasmatron" and the War on Women
Apropos of a TeeVee show on the Science Channel, the content here on this fine website and the larger political context I would like to offer a modest proposal vis a vis the 'War on Women', a quid ...
Old Lefty 03/30/2012 4 4 - 93
Citizens United for the 28th Amendment
You know the story; Chief Justice John Roberts and the other Four Horsemen of the total corporate takeover of....well, you know. To get to the point, several organizations are moving toward ...
Old Lefty 07/16/2010 67 8 - 33
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