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Drought-Tolerant Corn, the Latest Scam from Monsanto
There's a really easy way to understand the difference between sustainable and chemical agriculture. We can either let all of the life in the soil do the heavy lifting, or we can kill them all and ...
OrangeClouds115 03/22/2009 380 211 8 74
Congress Goes After Salmonella in PB & Corporate Culprits
Yesterday the House Energy & Commerce committee subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations held a ...
OrangeClouds115 03/20/2009 23 31 - 20
Mr. Monsanto In Charge of Food Safety? Seriously, Obama?
A recent issue of Agri-Pulse gave us some bad news. Obama's considering Michael Taylor to head his new Food Safety Working Group. For a president who came to power with grassroots support on a ...
OrangeClouds115 03/19/2009 200 426 12 135
Senator Harkin Loves Breast Milk
Last night I couldn't sleep. So I did what any sensible person would do. I watched an entire Senate hearing on Child Nutrition. As for the title of this piece, it's true. Senator Harkin is a ...
OrangeClouds115 03/18/2009 53 32 1 21
Factory Hog Farms Having a Bad Week
Factory hog farmers are having a terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad week for an awful lot of reasons. Already in the news was the earmark ...
OrangeClouds115 03/17/2009 89 72 1 23
Why Are Liberals Lying (And Believing Liars)?
I've got a thorn in my side. And I'm gonna be bad and call out another blogger. Scaredhuman. She's been part of a small group who has pushed a misinformation campaign - quite successfully - about ...
OrangeClouds115 03/16/2009 42 53 1 46
Mega Major Super Big News Day!
It's rare that zillions of major news happens all on the same day. Or same week. Well, not all on the topic of food, at least. Usually the news is more spread out - a little Karl Rove here, a little ...
OrangeClouds115 03/13/2009 193 412 13 39
Health Care Series - What You Don't Know About Healthcare That Will Make You Mad
THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Daily Kos Health Care Series. We're switching the time as of this week from 8pm EDT to 9pm EDT (6pm on the left coast!). So, what is there in ...
OrangeClouds115 03/12/2009 116 89 4 24
The Truth About HR 875 "The Bill That Will Kill All Farms and Eat Your Babies"
I've got a number of things on my radar but there's one very stupid thing that is causing a huge commotion for no good reason. It's HR 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act, a bill by Rosa DeLauro ...
OrangeClouds115 03/10/2009 55 53 1 44
So You're a Blogger and You Want to Write a Book...
A few years ago, I decided I wanted to write a book. Today, I have a book on Amazon for pre-order and it's only a few months away from coming out. I'm a bit overwhelmed that this is really happening.
OrangeClouds115 03/09/2009 55 50 8 92
Thank You, DC Rumors, and the Obama Admin's Revolving Door
I am writing for three reasons. This might be better as 2-3 diaries but I'm cramming them all into my one diary for the day. First of all: THANK YOU. I think I'm going to be OK til early June at ...
OrangeClouds115 03/08/2009 42 45 - 19
I'm Unemployed Too
Well, now I've joined the ranks of the unemployed. Great. I was working on a team with a psycho for a boss. She had already fired 2 others and she's only been there maybe 6 months. She was getting ...
OrangeClouds115 03/06/2009 558 365 13 32
Conservation $$ to Factory Farms? Outrage!!!! (ACTION)
The USDA runs several conservation programs. Most are pretty good and would be better if they were fully funded. But one of them sucks. It might have been good once but in 2002, the rules were ...
OrangeClouds115 03/05/2009 21 52 1 35
Netroots Nation: Food Panel Ideas???
Hi folks - We've got one month to submit panel ideas to the Netroots Nation folks. I plan to submit something, but not without the input of anyone who has opinions on the subject. I think about ...
OrangeClouds115 03/04/2009 77 26 1 21
GM Goats, Whales (Wrongly) Blamed for Fish Pop. Decline, and More
Here's the latest food and ag news: Biotechnology News : More of the same... the biotech industry is marketing itself as "
OrangeClouds115 03/02/2009 34 32 1 38
ACTION: Help Obama Win an Impossible Fight
Obama called for something in the State of the Union that numerous others have called for before - and all have failed. He said he wants to "
OrangeClouds115 02/28/2009 164 660 29 28
New USDA Mascot: Pinocchio
Oh shit. This is so funny I couldn't even make it up if I tried. The USDA has found itself a new mascot. Pinocchio. The most ...
OrangeClouds115 02/26/2009 15 21 - 85
GOP is Like an Abusive Husband; Has the US Successfully Escaped?
I woke up to read the headline " We know the GOP messed up, says Jindal. We'll make it up to you. " What's that ...
OrangeClouds115 02/25/2009 48 43 1 23
Hooray! Major Progressive Victory!
OMG everybody! We won! We did it! Obama announced today that he will nominate Kathleen A. Merrigan for Deputy Secretary of the USDA. She was among the Sustainable Dozen requested as high level USDA ...
OrangeClouds115 02/23/2009 241 858 24 85
Tom Vilsack: How COOL is He?
Greetings, from the Official Stalker of Tom Vilsack (me). At least, that's what I feel like I've turned into. I've been all over the web, looking for any information about our new Secretary of ...
OrangeClouds115 02/22/2009 23 47 2 30
Chicago Tribune Hires Jeff Gannon
OK, not really. But that's where their journalistic quality is going. The Chicago Tribune printed an identical op ed by the Center for Consumer Freedom:
OrangeClouds115 02/19/2009 92 65 1 39
Horizon's Illegal Tactics Endanger Your Organic Milk
I wrote earlier today about the dairy industry as a whole being in crisis . Which they are. Milk prices are at about 50% the cost ...
OrangeClouds115 02/18/2009 388 372 20 78
Mentally Handicapped Exploited, Live/Work in Appalling Conditions
Holy you-know-what. A meat processing plant in Iowa has been caught mistreating mentally handicapped employees. File that one under "Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse." ...
OrangeClouds115 02/13/2009 59 57 - 100
California Milk Industry Lies Like a Motherf*
I've got lots of news to share, starting with this: Happy cows may produce better milk, but most cows in California aren't happy cows. They are factory farmed cows, like these ones here:
OrangeClouds115 02/09/2009 151 69 1 34
Reality TV, the Stimulus, and George W. Flavored Ice Cream
I have a theory. The news has become reality TV. Here's why. On reality TV they often have thousands upon thousands of hours of footage. No real human being has a life that follows a narrative and ...
OrangeClouds115 02/07/2009 37 41 - 17
What We Can Learn From The 2007 Ag Census Released This Wk
I admit it. I'm a geek. In high school I was a "mathlete." So when the government published the 2007 Agriculture Census.... omg! Heaven!!! No longer do I have to wonder where our food is coming from ...
OrangeClouds115 02/05/2009 40 32 1 15
A Major Disappointment
I'll be honest. I'm frustrated. Why? Well Obama did the rounds with all of the reporters uttering words George W. Bush never did: I screwed up. USA Today's front page today was a sad-looking picture ...
OrangeClouds115 02/04/2009 42 62 1 35
ACTION: No One Else Should Die From Peanut Butter!
As you're probably aware, the peanut butter recall is raging on and at least 8 people are dead as a result.
OrangeClouds115 02/03/2009 28 55 - 23
WTF! Why Is Siding WITH Obama Called "Controversial"??
For those of you who read that liberal rag, The New York Times, you might have seen Nicholas Kristof's brilliant ...
OrangeClouds115 02/02/2009 35 61 - 32
7-yr-old: "It hurts so bad, I want to die"
That quote comes from Christopher Meunier , a victim of the current salmonella outbreak. LOTS of new information is out now,
OrangeClouds115 01/31/2009 423 495 14 156
The Myth Of "Republicans Are For Small Government" - Busted!
I get it. I totally get it. Maybe you got it decades ago, but, you see - my political awareness was entirely formed under Republican majority rule. In my life I have enjoyed exactly 10 days of ...
OrangeClouds115 01/30/2009 30 45 1 18
Peanut Butter: Half of Those Sick Are Kids Under 10
Consumers Union posted that half of the 501 people sickened by salmonella in peanut butter are ...
OrangeClouds115 01/29/2009 24 26 - 38
WaPo Speculates: Kossack for Obama Admin Appointment?
No joke here. Bill Marler is a respected blogger, lawyer... and Kossack! Here's what ...
OrangeClouds115 01/27/2009 268 477 14 47
Hunger, the "Food Crisis," and the Stimulus
I've got a pile of emails in my box about the "world food crisis." I've got another pile about the stimulus package. And I've got a great quote from a friend,
OrangeClouds115 01/26/2009 126 60 1 20
Killer Peanut Butter... Why It Was Predicted but Not Prevented
I decided to do another peanut butter recall diary because the list of recalled products has grown SIGNIFICANTLY. I promise to continue covering this on my ...
OrangeClouds115 01/25/2009 183 268 6 97
More Flaming Bags of Poo Left by the Bush Admin
Obama's got a lot of cleaning up to do. (Fortunately, you can track his executive orders online .) Bush left him a bunch of ...
OrangeClouds115 01/22/2009 40 68 1 26
Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid... of Peanut Butter...
A fellow blogger recommended that I cross-post this here, so I will. I've been following the peanut butter recall due to salmonella over on my blog, La Vida ...
OrangeClouds115 01/21/2009 393 299 15 116
Sustainable Agriculture CODE BLUE - Your Help Needed ASAP!
We've already got Tom Vilsack as the head of the USDA, but the Vilsack USDA will also be incredibly influenced by the Deputy Secretary. And I have bad news about that that requires immediate action ...
OrangeClouds115 01/17/2009 117 210 5 60
The Real Dirt on Rick Berman
Rick Berman , a hired shill for the fast food, alcohol, and tobacco industries (among others), has something new to worry about:
OrangeClouds115 01/15/2009 17 37 1 23
One of the Biggest Issues You May Have Never Heard Of
One of my favorite Kossacks, Judith2007, wrote a diary that was largely ignored yesterday. But it should not have been. Judith is a sustainable farmer... to you Michael Pollan fans, Judith is "my" ...
OrangeClouds115 01/12/2009 500 604 22 59
Food News Roundup (...Oops, Did I Say Roundup?)
I love the word Roundup and I hate that Monsanto (who recently announced more than double profits ) took it.
OrangeClouds115 01/07/2009 32 68 4 165
2008 By The Numbers
I went back and looked at a bunch of numbers from 2008. Unfortunately, the economic numbers are pretty bleak (and still getting worse).
OrangeClouds115 01/05/2009 43 23 - 27
Mental Health in 2009
As many of you know, I lost my brother recently. One month and twelve days ago, to be more exact. Why, exactly, we don't know. In general, we do know. Mental illness. Specifically, an untreated ...
OrangeClouds115 01/01/2009 246 167 8 37
One Day Left to Save Family Farmers & Organics!
A few months ago (when nobody cared about anything except for the election), the USDA put out some proposed rules for organics. The rules mostly pertained to dairy but there were a few other ...
OrangeClouds115 12/22/2008 51 73 1 22
Tom "I Heart Monsanto" Vilsack, This One's For You
Last June I attended the big biotech annual convention, BIO 2008. I was anti-GMO on principle before I went in but it wasn't one of my bigger issues. During the many presentations I attended, I ...
OrangeClouds115 12/17/2008 666 552 38 128
My Interview with Michael Pollan and an AMAZING Grassroots Activist Named David [UPDATED]
As an Iowan, David Murphy doesn't take campaign promises lightly. Iowa alone may be responsible for Barack Obama's ultimate ascendancy to the White House by giving him a big win in their caucuses, ...
OrangeClouds115 12/16/2008 196 427 37 72
Solar Powered Cows (Action - Deadline Soon)
This will be a brief diary because I've left it to the last minute so it HAS TO be written, and yet - I have no time to write it. But here's the deal. The USDA proposed new organic rules that may ...
OrangeClouds115 12/12/2008 9 18 2 22
Teacherken's Got It Right!
Teacherken totally nailed it in his diary today. He spoke of ...
OrangeClouds115 12/11/2008 73 66 6 19
All that is left of my brother is his stuff. He came into this world with nothing, accumulated stuff for 23 years, and left with nothing. Now we have his stuff. Ironically, I had planned to give him ...
OrangeClouds115 12/07/2008 246 349 13 105
Why I've Been Crying "Wolff"
I'm happy to admit: I was wrong. I said (based on a Washington Post article) that Charles Stenholm was up for the Secretary of Agriculture job.
OrangeClouds115 12/06/2008 235 214 3 30
Obama's Ag Sec: FAR WORSE Than Previously Thought [UPDATE]
The Washington Post put out a short list for Obama's Secretary of Agriculture today. Emphasis on ...
OrangeClouds115 12/04/2008 546 542 18 89
Major Badness in the Obama USDA
After all that's gone on this week, I thought my life couldn't get any more unbelievable. But it looks like it might. We fought to get Obama elected and we won by a landslide. We've got a mandate. ...
OrangeClouds115 12/02/2008 72 73 3 19
A Pained Cry for Help and a Penis in a Box
Losing a brother over thanksgiving has turned out to suck worse than I thought. I hope to god nobody suggests going around the table to say what we’re thankful for this year because my list is ...
OrangeClouds115 11/27/2008 644 653 10 55
Bad News, and a Diary
Hello. I've had some incredibly bad news in the past day, and, well, it's no secret but somehow it feels wrong to my family and my parents to broadcast it here. But you're my family, and I don't ...
OrangeClouds115 11/25/2008 363 451 11 32
A Thanksgiving Metaphor
Yesterday I popped into Whole Foods to get some cash (I use them like an ATM... pay $1.50 for tea, get cash, and it's cheaper than the fee I'd pay otherwise) and I left all disgusted. The place was ...
OrangeClouds115 11/24/2008 52 23 - 98
Americans are in Iran Now, Invited by Ahmadinejad, No Preconditions
UPDATE: This story was diaried here but did not get much attention. Apparently quite a few people in the comments are ...
OrangeClouds115 11/23/2008 309 135 4 78
A Hungry Thanksgiving for Many Americans
A new USDA report on hunger just came out - but unfortunately, they don't even show the full extent of the problem. The numbers are from 2007,
OrangeClouds115 11/22/2008 237 181 11 53
USDA Drops 2 Organic Standards Bombshells
This week has brought major news in organics. One item is definitely bad, the other is perhaps good in the future but not good yet. The major take-away message for consumers is: 1. Don't buy "...
OrangeClouds115 11/20/2008 30 62 7 27
I Lost My Virginity to a Conservative Republican...
This is a continuation of a series I started right after Netroots Nation, and then I put it on hold until after the election. During Netroots Nation, I experienced a lot of "firsts" in my life... ...
OrangeClouds115 11/19/2008 23 42 4 35
If You Buy Organics, You are "Dumb"... says House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson. So, tell me, WHY is his name ...
OrangeClouds115 11/15/2008 645 860 45 354
The Future of Food: An Obama USDA
I've been enjoying all kinds of speculation going around about who Obama will pick as his Secretary of Agriculture (the link will ...
OrangeClouds115 11/13/2008 98 57 2 46
Nuking the World's Poor
We might not be nuking anyone with a bomb these days, but we're nuking them all the same. We're just doing it quietly. Vandana Shiva, an Indian activist trained in nuclear physics, just published a ...
OrangeClouds115 11/08/2008 44 45 2 26
Will Obama Be Clinton 2? We Can't Afford to Roll Over to Big Business
I started looking into the backgrounds of Obama's transition team members. Lots of Clinton alums. Looks like Obama believes Hillary's idea that it takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush. I don'...
OrangeClouds115 11/05/2008 102 32 - 25
It's My Birthday, and It's the End of an Error
Today has a special significance for me. 28 years ago today, my mother was voting for Carter and she went into labor. With me! She was a month before her due date, so she didn't know it was me until ...
OrangeClouds115 11/04/2008 39 43 - 19
Millions Don't Have to Starve! Here's Why...
I just took a look at Stranded Wind's diary. I've got a few comments. First of all, I consider Stranded Wind a friend and I like him. Second of all, we disagree (and we both know it) about the ...
OrangeClouds115 11/03/2008 49 85 6 17
Letter to Undecided Voters
A friend I met at Netroots Nation asked me to post a letter to undecided voters. I ask that you please take a look and pass it along to any undecided voters you may know - particularly women. Thanks!
OrangeClouds115 10/30/2008 10 13 - -
I'm Inspired! The Senate's About to Get a Second Feingold!!!!
This diary is looooong overdue. How long? Well, I interviewed Jeff Merkley - Oregon's next Senator and America's next Russ Feingold - back at Netroots Nation. We talked a bit about his race in ...
OrangeClouds115 10/21/2008 27 52 - 29
Where To Put Your Support Between Now and Nov 4 if You Like Food
As everyone is well aware, the entire U.S. House and one third of the U.S. Senate is up for re-election this November. What effect will the election have on food? There are 3 major pieces of food-...
OrangeClouds115 10/20/2008 15 26 - -
How to Throw a Great Pizza Party
Cross-posted on my blog, La Vida Locavore First, you need a great location for your party. I recommend a beautiful organic farm, ...
OrangeClouds115 10/19/2008 32 33 - 26
How 108 Homeless Ohioans Voted This Week
A few weeks ago I wrote a diary about Ohio's "Golden Week" - the ONE week in which Ohioans can REGISTER AND VOTE all at once. With our help, the Golden Week campaign raised almost $90,000 in a ...
OrangeClouds115 10/03/2008 7 44 - 28
Time: Obama, A-; McCain, B-
Time gave out grades for the 2 candidates. Overall, Obama wins. But here's how they did by category:
OrangeClouds115 09/27/2008 37 27 - 14
Action Guide: How to Phonebank For Obama
I've been phonebanking for Obama from the comfort of my own home. It's really easy. I logged onto , clicked "
OrangeClouds115 09/26/2008 59 69 6 98
Un ACTION DIARY Muy Grande... Take Action While Naked!
Lo siento, pero estoy llamando voters que no habla ingles para Barack Obama hoy. No puedo hablar espanol, pero... what else am I supposed to do when Obama's call lists give me numbers for people who ...
OrangeClouds115 09/23/2008 25 44 1 163
Ohio Golden Week Voter Drive UPDATE - We have $10k!!!
I just got an email that looks to me like it might be the ticket to a Democrat in the White House. So, if you want to make sure that Sarah Palin can continue to work on her foreign policy experience ...
OrangeClouds115 09/15/2008 179 482 15 198
ACTION: Help Organics Now!
Hi guys, remember the farm bill? Wait, don't fall asleep. I swear, I won't talk about it! It's over. Done. Finito. We finished the 2007 2008 farm bill last spring when Congress overrode Bush'...
OrangeClouds115 09/12/2008 35 45 2 28
FEMA-Style Pet Food Safety Regulations
X-posted on my blog I've started writing for Alternet on occasion and I had the privilege of interviewing one of my heroes, Marion Nestle, about her new ...
OrangeClouds115 09/11/2008 29 51 1 164
The Convention You Missed Last Week
In between the 2 conventions you followed and perhaps attended, 60,000 Americans headed to San Francisco for a different convention: Slow Food Nation. Actually, convention isn't the right word. ...
OrangeClouds115 09/07/2008 45 47 1 58
On Second Thoughts, Palin is Totally Qualified
Yep, you read that right. Palin IS qualified to be VP. Even president. Why, you ask? Let me explain...
OrangeClouds115 09/03/2008 10 20 1 9
I LOVE Sarah Palin!
And why do I love her? She's Dan Quayle meets Harriet Miers! We don't even have to pick on her. As Clammyc said to me yesterday, we CAN use her to go after McWar's judgment. And I agree with that. ...
OrangeClouds115 08/30/2008 112 53 2 35
Cows Eat M&Ms And Alabama Charges Fat People Extra - WTF!
Two outrageous stories... first off, we're feeding junk food to our junk food. Second, after people eat the junk food and get fat, the state of Alabama wants them to pay exta on their health ...
OrangeClouds115 08/24/2008 155 44 1 45
"The Difference Between Me and Candidate X"
The other day I heard a recording of the Saddleback Church thing, and I heard Obama pull out perhaps one of the most common phrases in political debates: "And this is a fundamental difference ...
OrangeClouds115 08/19/2008 13 17 - 19
Netroots Platform: Food & Agriculture
You might have heard about the effort to create a Netroots Platform recently. I (along with several others) participated in creating a plank for food & ...
OrangeClouds115 08/14/2008 31 40 - 48
Big News! Lots of It!
This has been a big news week for me... and not just because Obama decided to beat up on McCain FINALLY and Paris Hilton did something useful for a change. Here are the big, huge, screaming ...
OrangeClouds115 08/07/2008 237 646 18 37
DemoCATS Want Possum for Congress!!! (a pootie diary)
Jerry Northington, who blogs here as Possum, is running for Congress in Delaware (as you may know). I had a chance to speak with him the other day and I was incredibly impressed. But you don't have ...
OrangeClouds115 08/05/2008 32 44 1 50
Mmm... Sewage Sludge In Your Organic Food
Do you know how close you came to actually having sewage sludge allowed for organics? Or how 280,000 people who thought this sounded as disgusting as you do got the government to keep sewage sludge ...
OrangeClouds115 08/03/2008 70 65 1 50
Help Me Thank a Grassroots/Netroots Hero
A lot of amazing things came out of Netroots Nation this year, but for me one of the best outcomes was a friendship with someone who devoted his entire life to the progressive movement: Ronnie ...
OrangeClouds115 07/31/2008 24 56 3 234
Am I The Crazy One or Are They?
I'm the last person on the planet that you'd call mainstream. OK, I have some "mainstream" qualities about me... I have a business degree and a white collar job, and I very occasionally go to ...
OrangeClouds115 07/28/2008 79 73 1 30
Post Convention Stress Disorder
I called in sick from work yesterday. I had PCSD. Post Convention Stress Disorder. After walking on air for an entire week, I'm back at home. There's cat puke and diarrhea on the floor. When I walk ...
OrangeClouds115 07/25/2008 42 48 2 27
The Scotty... Er, I Mean Senate Show (With All the Taste but Half the Calories)
Yesterday Chris Dodd held a hearing (part 2 of 2) on childhood obesity in the Senate. I was so happy with his first hearing that I gave him ten bucks. There will not be any ten bucks for this second ...
OrangeClouds115 07/24/2008 15 27 - 37
I Lost My Virginity to Al Gore at Netroots Nation
This is the second diary in my "I lost my virginity at NN" series. First of all - git yer minds outta that gutter. It's not what you think. I had several "firsts" at NN that felt like losses of ...
OrangeClouds115 07/22/2008 48 66 1 28
I Lost My Virginity at NN at My Kegger (That the Cops Busted)
No, not THAT way. I can assure you, I'm as much of a virgin as Madonna, but at the convention I had a LOT of first time experiences that FELT like losses of virginity. This diary is the first of a ...
OrangeClouds115 07/21/2008 180 264 5 36
Party in Austin: Updated Details
If you're in Austin and you planned to join us to celebrate Austin's local food, please read this. Our room is much smaller than anticipated, so we're going to rearrange our plans a bit. We're ...
OrangeClouds115 07/17/2008 6 12 - -
Netroots Nation: Underage Naked Chicks (and Pooties)
I arrived in Austin Monday night and I've been staying with one of our panelists, Judith McGeary. When I woke up yesterday, I was greeted by this little guy:
OrangeClouds115 07/16/2008 76 51 1 91
Poor Children Are Awfully Useful (If You're a Multinational Corporation)
Cross-posted on La Vida Locavore This week, the House held a hearing on the rising cost of food and its impact on child nutrition programs. Rep. Miller (D-
OrangeClouds115 07/11/2008 35 34 1 27
An Idiot I Met - And So Much More
This past weekend, I was walking home wearing an Obama shirt. Walking because gas costs a million dollars now and I'm trying to do as little as possible to contribute to Exxon's bottom line. As I ...
OrangeClouds115 07/09/2008 97 62 - 31
How To Say Bull Testicles in Texan
... and Other Things You'll Need to Know About Food in Austin This past year, I was lucky enough to spend six months working in Texas. That's right, I said lucky. Believe it or not, I ...
OrangeClouds115 07/06/2008 59 34 - 45
Livin' La Vida Loca(vore)
Locavore was the 200 7 word of the year (thanks for the correction, A Siegel). And I, for one, am livin' la vida locavore to the best of my overly-lazy ability. What does it mean to be a ...
OrangeClouds115 07/04/2008 41 41 2 43
Did I Mention I'm a Republican?
I'm against the illegal occupation of Iraq, I gave money to Kucinich, and I voted for Edwards in the primaries. Did I mention that I'm a Republican? I said so, so it must be true. Want more proof? I ...
OrangeClouds115 07/02/2008 391 451 12 141
High Fructose Corn Syrup is Good For You!
Did you know that high fructose corn syrup is good for you? Oh yes! So says the Corn Refiners' Association , which is launching an 18-mo $20-$30 million national ad ...
OrangeClouds115 06/29/2008 553 447 23 71
The Sexiest Diary I've Ever Written
The topic of this diary isn't sexy, but it's important. And sex sells. So I decided to sex it up a bit with pics of the sexiest liberals I could find. Starting with, of course, Scott Kleeb and ...
OrangeClouds115 06/23/2008 253 291 12 40
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