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Is Jeb Bush smarter than a hippie?
I was fooling around with GIMP graphics software today and made these: Feel free to share... :) P.S. GIMP is ...
Oregon dude 05/20/2015 16 11 - -
Are the Obamacare horror stories on really true?
Has anybody looked into whether these semi-anonymous horror stories from are actually true? 1. “Our policy was canceled. The new comparable ...
Oregon dude 03/28/2015 58 10 - -
How to frame O'Reilly and the Falklands - don't minimize his biggest lie
The media is kind of missing the point focusing on the Buenos Aires riot so much. Here's how they should be framing this: Fact #1. Bill O'Reilly wrote in his 2001 book "I've reported on the ...
Oregon dude 02/24/2015 7 10 - -
Obama's Bulworth moment
Wow, Obama just gave a hell of a speech in Austin (video here ). Very different from his other ones I've seen. For one thing, he seems to be speaking without a teleprompter. Now I'm NOT pushing the ...
Oregon dude 07/11/2014 9 19 - -
There are three U.S. parties now (with maps)
There are three parties in the US now, simple as that. Nothing left to do but come up with a third color for the maps. Let's see, red and blue are taken, and there's already a green party, so that ...
Oregon dude 10/17/2013 43 33 - -
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