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Manipulation and Twisting DBAD Rule
One of the first things I learned here from others was to back up opinions in comments with links. My motivation for writing this is not to call out any one person but to provide an example of how ...
Oke 09/06/2013 235 24 - -
IA-GOP County Co-Chair Leaves Party
The co-chairman of the Polk County Republican Party has resigned and changed his party registration to independent, saying the GOP has become too conservative and is condoning “hateful” rhetoric.
Oke 08/20/2013 11 18 - -
Breaking: Upcoming Interview With Whistleblower
Dr. Edward Flowden, fellow of the American Urology Association and the International Continence Society, today provided Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN with a treasure trove of documents detailing insidious ...
Oke 07/22/2013 37 9 - -
Updated: Unf******believable: Talk Left Defends GZ
Following a link I saw in a Tweet tonight I was led to an unbelievable POS at Talk Left. TL is supposedly "The Online Magazine with Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news" ...
Oke 07/20/2013 552 177 3 -
The Uncounted Victims
Every person who witnessed the bombing, survived it, and especially those who were first responders, either professionally or voluntary, are all victims of a heinous act of terror. Today, two days ...
Oke 04/17/2013 23 50 - -
Obama Is There For Our Children
Over at Smartypants this morning I found this excellent piece, "How the Obama administration is taking on the achievement gap," it took me back in time to the struggles my children went through in ...
Oke 04/15/2013 10 34 - -
I Won't Be There, but Thankfully I'm Here
The first part of October I got another respiratory infection, it seemed to have gone away and I was off at my usual pace very soon after finishing a round of antibiotics. A very enjoyable visit ...
Oke 12/05/2012 54 82 2 -
Why Aren't You Sleeping?
If I was good at graphics I'd have a bunch of sheep jumping a fence for you to count, but I'm not that speedy, at least not tonight. After many years of working night shift I'm a night owl. My ...
Oke 07/12/2012 73 13 - 272
He Came Home
Several months ago I wrote a diary for NFTT , "Where's My Daddy?" There was a lot of love and support both in comments and emails, so I wanted to let this great community know where her daddy is...
Oke 07/08/2012 53 116 - 358
A Woman's Worth, In Case You Missed The Memo.
After a run of busy days that took me away from here, with the exception of a quick peek from my phone along the way, I happened upon one of the most vile, misogynistic, slanderous, POS, diary that I'
Oke 04/24/2012 94 144 1 817
Peace and Love vs Bitterness and Obsession: Peace Wins
This diary is intended to somewhat inform, but mainly to send a message. The inform part addresses the fact that no matter how anonymous we may feel we are it is an illusion. Given enough time, ...
Oke 04/07/2012 17 15 - 97
Living Proof
The last few weeks I have been absent for a variety of reasons, the main one being health issues. I have a serious issue with my thyroid. Nothing that can't be treated successfully, in fact I'm damn ...
Oke 03/07/2012 37 38 - 203
BK, Sistahspeak, and Me - A Personal Story
For ages I didn't go into Black Kos, I am White. I felt I didn't belong there. Sistahspeak? I wasn't going to insult those people of color by going in there and trying to be something I’m not, ...
Oke 09/11/2011 117 210 6 1091
Peace and Parachutes
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Ralph Waldo Emerson Really? Yeah.........
Oke 08/20/2011 13 7 - 80
Ojibwa's Gift - The Spiritual Experience of Glacier National Park
Ojibwa posted a photo diary, Glacier National Park: Spiritual Water (Photo ...
Oke 07/17/2011 15 58 4 183
Updated With Important Request: The Hood Comes Off
Update: Racism in all its forms is an important issue, and I don't want it minimized. While this diary sits at the top of the Rec list it saddens me that I see another NFTT diary sliding ...
Oke 05/27/2011 362 298 1 3174
Float On By - It's All Good Now
My soul quaked a slice to my spirit I suffered. The ghosts I had fought were let lose freed by an evil heart with only the goal of destruction. It was a black heart that threw open ...
Oke 03/19/2011 1 9 - 72
Charlie Sheen Does Matter
Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm a grateful, recovering addict today. Last night I just couldn't turn off Lawrence O'Donnell. Once I realized it what was about Charlie Sheen I couldn't turn away from what was ...
Oke 03/02/2011 153 138 2 1134
From 'Out of My Mind' - One Day At A Time
Joe Walsh kept popping into my mind this evening. His tune, "Life's Been Good To Me" It has. There have been moments, long ones, days, ...
Oke 02/27/2011 14 11 - 68
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