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A fix for King v. Burwell
I originally posted this idea as a comment on this diary . But I think the idea should be ...
OutOnALimb 05/27/2015 11
Faux Pause, appendix
This is just a short appendix to my post from yesterday , wherein I described fraud being perpetrated by the likes of Monckton and Watts in convincing low-information types that global warming (aka ...
OutOnALimb 05/23/2015 2
Monckton and Watts inadvertently reveal global warming "Pause" to be clumsy fraud
The idiot climate denialist website, run by the idiot climate denialist Anthony Watts , is fond of running graphs proclaiming NO GLOBAL WARMING FOR ‘XX’ YEARS ‘X’ ...
OutOnALimb 05/22/2015 69
"Mad Max" is too upbeat
I'm taking a short break from my discussions of various economic matters to talk about -- well, an economic matter. Submitted for your attention, an incredibly sobering article concerning the ...
OutOnALimb 05/18/2015 65
Okay, so someone explain why TPP is bad
Seriously. This is a simple question. It's an open thread for anyone to express any opinion on the topic ... though I would prefer if someone had some facts. I get that past trade treaties have had ...
OutOnALimb 05/14/2015 284

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