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I've been posting this last week on Marcy Winograd's primary campaign against Jane Harman in CA-36. Big event today in my neighborhood.

Cindy Sheehan joined Marcy Winograd in Mar Vista this afternoon for an 'Out of Iraq' rally and precinct walk.
Cindy also endorsed Marcy in her primary race.

I was able to speak with her briefly, and have a few mp3 links.

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Jane, I know we've had our problems.  I remember our fight when you said you were the`best Republican in the Democratic Party'. (How your words still sting) But I forgave you, and let you into my Mar Vista home in 2000. Since then, I never hear from you.  Unreturned calls, letters, and you never come around my neighborhood.

Sorry Jane Harman, but I've finally moved on.

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Boy oh boy what a week.  And it's only Wednesday.  If you caught my very first diary on Saturday, you know I've volunteered for Marcy Winograd in her June 6th primary. I had planned on posting again over the weekend, but things are changing quickly.

Since Saturday I've seen a groundswell of 'grass roots' support for Jane Harman.  

I took a walk around my Mar Vista neighborhood today, and this is what I found.  


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Sat Apr 15, 2006 at 09:11 PM PDT

Jane Harman's a' shakin' and a' quakin'!

by Ozzie

Her name is Marcy Winograd.  The event was an afternoon meet and greet today in Mar Vista, my neighborhhod in CA-36. With a distinguished career in teaching, and a long, long record of grass roots activism and organization for progressive causes,  Marcy echoed the sentiments of a tremendous number of district residents (myself included) when she stated that she looked at Jane Harman's record and just couldn't take it anymore.  

And so she did something about it.  

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