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Ron Wyden says TPP deal is almost done. Call him. Now!
In a long article, Village internet outlet Politico sets the context: Senior lawmakers appeared to be close to ...
Laurence Lewis 04/16/2015 17 16 3 -
OR-Sen: CREDO Action Now Going After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive trade deal being ...
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2015 4 15 - -
OR-Sen: Labor Putting The Pressure On Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Good: Union leaders and rank-and-file ...
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2015 25 25 1 -
OR-Sen: Working Families Party Threatens Contest Against Ron Wyden (D) Over TPP
Shit just got real:
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 16 12 - -
OR-Sen: DFA Wants You To Call Wyden's (D) Office & Tell Him Not To Sell Us Out On The TPP
Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: Earlier this week, we learned that ...
poopdogcomedy 02/20/2015 5 7 - -
Oregon voter turnout was 69.5 percent, and Democrats won BIG
Oregon has mail-in voting, no serious efforts at voter disenfranchisement, and an engaged populace. Here's the big one : Out of the 2.2 million registered voters in Oregon, 69.5 ...
Laurence Lewis 02/20/2015 532 338 4 -
1/30/15 Koscadia Meet Up Photos
Clockwise from front, War4Sale (back ...
Sara R 02/01/2015 34 40 - -
Cedwyn Update
Hi folks, I am writing this at Dulles Airport, and I've just come from Cedwyn's parents house, which is where she's staying. Her parents are wonderful and they are giving her the best possible care ...
Jill Richardson 01/25/2015 165 529 6 -
Koscadia 1/31 meet up
WHEN: Saturday, 1/31, 1pm WHERE: Siri Thai , 5234 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR 97206 WHO: We hope you! Please let me know in the comments if you can come -- or send me a Kos Mail. Attending 1.
Sara R 01/20/2015 23 17 - -
She gives off light, joy, and makes magic happen. But Cedwyn is hurting. She needs you
On the first day of this new year, Sara R posted a diary informing us of some rotten, horrible, news. Our Cedwyn was very ill and the outlook was not looking promising. It still isn't. And I just ...
Onomastic 01/09/2015 282 357 2 -
Community Quilt for Cedwyn
PerfectStormer's quilt I have some very sad news. Our friend, Cedwyn, has an illness with a poor prognosis. She's been through a couple rounds of treatment and is now resting with family. ...
Sara R 01/01/2015 286 232 3 -
Koscadia Meet Up, Dec. 28, with special guests navajo and Ojibwa
Potluck! We are meeting betwixt holidays at my ...
Sara R 12/10/2014 21 30 - -
OR, IA & CO-Sen: Still Time To Make Calls To Help GOTV For Merkley (D), Braley (D) & Udall (D)
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2014 5 10 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Becomes The First U.S. Senator To Back Full Marijuana Legalization
Not surprised it's him but kudos:
poopdogcomedy 10/22/2014 10 29 - -
Open Carry Advocate Gets Robbed at Gunpoint - Robber Takes Gun
The only thing keeping this story from being a total gun-fail situation is the fact that man who was robbed is still alive. But the irony still makes it a failure nevertheless. A Gresham, Oregon ...
markthshark 10/08/2014 92 30 1 -
Things still looking good for Marijuana legalization in Oregon. Latest endorser: The New York Times
The endorsements just keep coming for Measure 91. When I last wrote a diary about our campaign in early September, I was able to report that we had won the support of the state's largest newspaper, ...
MikePhoenix 10/06/2014 28 15 - -
Wehby (R-Rove) AGAIN Plagiarizes Health Care Plan
Monica Wehby is the fast-sinking Republican Senate candidate from Oregon whom BuzzFeed caught last month plagiarizing her Health Plan from a Karl Rove mailer. Well, she scrubbed that plan from her ...
ericlewis0 10/03/2014 14 16 - -
Chick-fil-A makes another attempt to launch its first Oregon franchise
Chick-fil-A President and CEO Dan ...
Laurence Lewis 10/03/2014 34 26 - -
Koscadia Meet Ups, October 8 and 12
Vice President Biden and Senator Merkley are going to be in Portland, OR for a free event, Wednesday, October 8 at 1pm, details and sign up here . Shall we make it a meet up? Also! On Sunday, ...
Sara R 10/01/2014 16 13 - -
Koscadia Meetup, 9/28/14, pictures and recap
From left to right: J Orygun, also ...
Sara R 09/28/2014 39 59 - -
Koscadia Meet Up, Sunday, Sept. 28
We will be meeting ...
Sara R 09/19/2014 19 17 - -
Oregon's Republican physician Senate candidate plagiarized Rove's healthcare plan
She might be a doctor, but that doesn't mean she has any ideas about health care. You would think a high-profile physician—a brain surgeon, no less—and high-profile Senate candidate would have ...
Joan McCarter 09/17/2014 47 39 - -
Monica Wehby thinks she can win in Oregon, if you ignore the polls and the plagiarism
Republican Monica Wehby Republicans initially held out some hope that physician Monica Wehby could give Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley a real race. There were just two problems: Oregon is a blue ...
Jeff Singer 09/17/2014 20 21 - -
After family of four drowns in Oregon lake, man gets $5,000 fine for posting warning signs
Henry Hagg Lake in Oregon is a beautiful recreational area just 25 miles southwest of Portland. It also has a tragic history of drownings. Just last month, a family of four, spanning three ...
Jen Hayden 09/09/2014 96 274 2 -
Oregon Political Geography: Putting some things together
Since my hard drive crashed and I'm still in the early stages of rebuilding my data, I decided it was time to take a look at some demographics and other data and to see if we can understand the ...
James Allen 09/09/2014 21 63 5 -
Does Monica Wehby really support abortion rights and marriage equality? Judge for yourself
Jon Perr 09/09/2014 6 11 1 -
Fight to Legalize Marijuana in OR Heats Up as Opposition Faces Criticism for Misusing Public Funds
Both ABC News and The Oregonian are reporting that Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-D wing of D) is calling for a federal investigation into whether taxpayer dollars are being improperly spent on marijuana ...
MikePhoenix 09/06/2014 16 35 1 -
OR Democratic Party Endorses Ballot Measure to Legalize Marijuana
This will be a short diary, but it is some really good news, which I'm sure people on this site are in need of. It's great when you can actually point to something specific and say "that's why I'm a ...
MikePhoenix 08/22/2014 4 13 1 -
Community Quilt for my sister, Ann
newpioneer's quilt, with lots of fireflies This is an unusual quilt diary because it is for one of us, the community quilters. We won't be making this quilt -- instead, Pam from Calif has kindly ...
Sara R 08/19/2014 244 108 2 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, Aug. 15, 2014: Stamp Stampede!
The Citizens United decision allowed a flood of corporate ...
Sara R 08/15/2014 48 33 - -
Oregon Voter Registration Trends
I wrote a post a while back covering this and thought I would write a new one about how voter registration has changed among Oregon's counties in recent history. Below I cover the changes since 2001 ...
James Allen 08/13/2014 36 69 3 -
WV & OR-Sen: Meet The Two Female GOP Candidates Who Really Don't Support Equal Pay
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R. WV) This is a ...
poopdogcomedy 08/13/2014 7 10 - -
OR-Sen: George Will & The Koch Brothers Just Can't Get Enough Of Monica Wehby (R)
So for whatever reason, the Koch Brothers are spending money in an effort to unseat Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR):
poopdogcomedy 08/07/2014 9 19 - -
Koscadia Meet Up, Sunday, August 24 - Stamp Stampede!
A Koscadia meet up at a food truck pod You are cordially invited to come to a meet up on Sunday, August 24, at 12:30pm. The venue is à la carts Food Pavilion on SE 50th, just below Division, in ...
Sara R 08/05/2014 43 26 1 -
Tilikum Crossing
A time lapse of the three year construction This is the first major bridge built in the United Stated that has no capacity for private vehicular traffic. Transit, bikes, and walking only. So of ...
Horace Boothroyd III 07/29/2014 23 29 - -
OR Right to Know Petition
The Oregon Right to Know campaign is preparing for the huge onslaught of out-of-state money from giant Biotech corporations in opposition to GMO labeling Ballot Measure 92. As a grassroots ...
occupystephanie 07/29/2014 28 15 - -
My Niece is Missing in the Pacific Northwest
Arthur Ruger 07/28/2014 86 595 4 -
OR-Gov: John Kitzhaber (D), "Recreational Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable In Oregon"
If you live in Oregon, you certainly have some very good reasons to go vote this year. Like this one:
poopdogcomedy 07/23/2014 29 33 - -
Michigan Science Center after party
I was on the first bus because I didn't expect to be out late. I think I got in at one a.m. though despite my efforts. The Michigan Science Center is yours to discover…from our five theaters – ...
Horace Boothroyd III 07/22/2014 7 21 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Fights Back To Stop The Hobby Lobby Filibuster
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): ...
poopdogcomedy 07/14/2014 9 20 - -
June 29 Portland, OR Meet Up - Change of Venue
Creston Park We're getting a few more people for Sunday's meet up than our little house can handle -- so I've reserved a picnic area in Creston Park , instead. The park is just south of ...
Sara R 06/26/2014 39 25 - -
OHSU Arming it's Police..WTF
Greg Moawad, the Director of the Oregon Health & Science University Police, and former Prosecutor has led the drive to arm his Police Officers. Far not, they will get an additional 130-hour ...
lynn47 06/25/2014 24 14 3 -
OR & CO-Sen: Sen. Patty Murray (D. WA) Helps Merkley (D) & Udall (D) Get Ready To Defeat The Kochs
Received this e-mail today from Senator Patty Murray (D. WA) in support of her colleague, Senators Mark Udall (D. CO) and Jeff Merkley's (D. OR) re-election campaigns:
poopdogcomedy 06/25/2014 4 10 - -
Jeff Merkley gets free shot at Independent nomination after Monica Wehby fails to qualify
Just passing on the good news. by Jeff Mapes / June 23, 2014 Sen. Jeff Merkley got a free path Monday to the cross-nomination of the Independent Party of Oregon after Republican ...
jqjacobs 06/23/2014 25 43 2 -
Please Help Us Win $25,000 from Wells Fargo
The Portland City Council has been under fire of late for some of the actions that it has taken or proposed to take. The last big mistake the Council made was proposing a “street fee” to fix ...
kaminpdx 06/21/2014 11 13 2 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Praises Obama's Executive Order On ENDA
Some very joyous news for a Monday:
poopdogcomedy 06/16/2014 4 9 - -
Oregon Republican Wehby's week gets weirder and weirder
Maybe she should keep her day job. The Monica Wehby campaign is having a weird week. The Oregon Republican candidate for Senate first had her own belated and ...
Joan McCarter 06/13/2014 54 52 - -
Oregon school shooter was carrying AR-15. School is in county where GOP routinely raffles AR-15s.
Connect these dots. TPM: Oregon police identified the shooter in a shooting incident at Reynolds High School in Portland, Oregon. Troutdale, Oregon Police Chief Scott Anderson identified him as ...
SantaFeMarie 06/11/2014 128 189 2 -
GOP Senate candidate cites harassment allegations as key qualification
Oregon GOP Senate nominee Monica Wehby Talk about trying to make lemonade out of ... well, something : The Republican nominee ...
Jed Lewison 06/10/2014 116 33 1 1
ME, OR & IA-Sen: Michael Douglas Fundraises For Bellows (D), Merkley (D) & Braley (D)
Received this e-mail today from actor Michael Douglas: This November’s elections are just a few months away, and there is a very real chance that Republicans may ...
poopdogcomedy 06/09/2014 5 10 - -
OR-Sen: Watch Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Rock The House For Jeff Merkley (D)
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley's (D. OR) re-election campaign: Wow. I'm still beaming about the huge crowd of grassroots supporters that ...
poopdogcomedy 06/08/2014 10 15 1 -
You Can Help 50yr old Blind Guy Get A Job and Help My Community
There was a time earlier this year when I was writing fairly frequently. I have not been absent because I was tired of the pie fights or not interested. No I have been busy with a lot of volunteer ...
kaminpdx 06/08/2014 3 11 - -
Koscadia Meet Up, Sunday, June 29
Bleeding hearts, native to Portland, OR Ojibwa is coming to Portland and we are having a meet up with him at Catnip Manor (home of the Reed sisters) on Sunday, June 29 at 1pm. As per usual, this ...
Sara R 06/04/2014 13 17 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Calls On Congress To Pass The Emergency Loan Refinancing Act
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): I was the first person in my family to ...
poopdogcomedy 06/04/2014 5 8 1 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley's (D) First Ad Highlights How Much Of A Fighter He Is For The Middle Class
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley's (D. OR) campaign: You already know a lot about Jeff Merkley. You know he’s the Senator ...
poopdogcomedy 06/02/2014 6 17 - -
Monica Wehby, Oregon Republican Perfect Example of White Privilege
As an Oregonian I occasionally view the campaign ads from Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby. She's challenging Senator Jeff Merkley, Democrat yet I cannot understand who Monica Wehby actually ...
Mr Mustard 06/02/2014 23 17 1 -
OR-Gov & Sen: PPP Gives Kitzhaber (D) & Merkley (D) Double Digit Leads
Gov. John Kitzhaber (D. OR) Some very good news today out of Oregon. First the U.S. Senate race:
poopdogcomedy 05/29/2014 9 13 - -
Oregon GOP Senate candidate Wehby faking it as pro-choice friendly
Aside from reports of her stalking her ex-husband ...
Jon Perr 05/27/2014 9 10 - -
Oregon On Fire for March Against Monsanto!
This is the headline on our local paper after the wheat contamination was disclosed. It was the same day we had a Monsanto Global Plant Breeder come speak at OSU. This is the sign I carried to greet ...
occupystephanie 05/23/2014 12 19 - -
Immediate boil water notice for Portland, Oregon
Boil your water before consuming. Water samples taken at three locations test positive over three-day period for bacteria. The State of Oregon Health Authority’s Drinking Water Program has ...
Horace Boothroyd III 05/23/2014 14 24 - -
OR-Sen: 2013 Police Report, Ex-Boyfriend Of Monica Wehby (R) Accused Her Of Stalking
This race is now starting to get nuts:
poopdogcomedy 05/16/2014 10 14 - -
Oregon GOP Senate frontrunner accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend
With less than week to go before the Oregon Republican Senate primary, pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby has a healthy 14 point lead over her GOP opponent, Jason Conger. For Republicans hoping ...
Jon Perr 05/16/2014 4 13 - -
Portland OR still resists police accountability
PORTLAND OR continues to resist bringing its rogue police force under open accountability. At the end of March a Federal judge told the City and legal representatives of the police union he ...
Pifactory 05/14/2014 22 48 1 -
Wyden, Udall question if Justice misled Supreme Court on surveillance
Sen. Mark ...
Joan McCarter 05/14/2014 27 53 2 2
OR-Sen: Monica Wehby (R) Performed Surgeries Now Scrutinized In Portland Criminal Case
Figured I'd publish something for the late night crowd. So I like writing about Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) but I didn't think I would actually write about his re-election race. Leave it to the ...
poopdogcomedy 05/09/2014 13 31 1 -
Koscadia Meet Up, May 4, Photos
Ten of us met at Good Food Here! , a food truck pod in the SE of Portland Koscadia had a meet up this past Sunday, in spite of gray skies. We met, ate, conversed, ...
Sara R 05/07/2014 31 44 - -
Gov. Kitzhaber to the rescue again.
How many states have governors who literally save lives? "Gov. John Kitzhaber performs CPR on woman lying unconscious on Portland street"
jqjacobs 05/06/2014 14 12 - -
More please: OR Willamette Week challenges the GOP Candidate on Climate Change
And the GOP Candidate, calling it a Myth , challenges Willamette Week's authority to ask him such "childish questions" -- before leaving/being kicked out of this interview, with one of Oregon's ...
jamess 05/05/2014 13 23 1 -
Portland Meet-up this PM is on
Our weather today is like the Congress - stalled, making things less than perfect. Our afternoon high will be as warm as 62, as cold as 57, with gusts of wind mixed with a soupçon of rain. I plan ...
llbear 05/04/2014 25 16 - -
OR-Sen: Merkley (D) Reignites The Call For More Filibuster Reform After GOP Blocks Minimum Wage Hike
Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): You know the saying: “When the ...
poopdogcomedy 05/01/2014 7 8 1 -
OR-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Coming To Oregon To Campaign For Jeff Merkley (D)
If you live in Oregon, clear your calendar, because Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) is getting a big visit from one of his closest allies in the U.S. Senate:
poopdogcomedy 04/29/2014 2 6 1 -
State's Rights in another context- Blumenauer's advocacy for cannabis sanity
“Our marijuana laws don’t work and cost the government billions,” he said. “Federal drug law says that marijuana is more dangerous than meth or cocaine, and that is false. Blumenauer said it�
Horace Boothroyd III 04/26/2014 63 32 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) To Push Bill To Increase Social Security COLAs
Something to look forward to:
poopdogcomedy 04/25/2014 12 18 - -
Spring haz sprung & so haz I - can u Koscadia?
Spring haz sprung and so haz I Time to reconnect with Koscadian Kossacks Before I forget why.
llbear 04/23/2014 34 21 - -
Portland right to marry vigil liveblog
The efforts of Basic Rights Oregon and their sister group Oregon United for Marriage are facing a new dawn tomorrow. The court case regarding the legal validity of the ban on LGB marriage in Oregon ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/22/2014 5 10 - -
Vigils the night before Oregon marriage equality case Tuesday night
Tuesday night the eve of what we hope to be a court decision to allow LGB families the right to access the civil privileges of marriage will be held in cities throughout the state. Please note ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/21/2014 8 14 - -
Please help save Dorothy, the transgendered chicken
Dorothy Lamour, a White Faced Black Spanish hen of 3yrs. who is becoming a rooster My sister and I live in SE Portland where backyard flocks are popular. We love our hens and the eggs they lay -- ...
Sara R 04/18/2014 109 104 3 -
Can Portland Get Any Weirder?
I certainly hope so. Oregon enjoys an international reputation for progressive values which it no longer deserves. Yet that could be radically changing with ...
occupystephanie 04/18/2014 23 32 - -
A Call for a Moratorium on Common Core
Portland Public School board member Steve Buel presented a resolution citing concerns with the implementation of Common Core $tate $tandards at Wednesday night's meeting. He called for a three-year ...
annie em 04/18/2014 8 7 - -
Vigils scheduled for 4-22 to support Oregons right to marry legal case
The rightwingers were able to convince voters in Oregon to prevent LGBT families from having any of the advantages marraige provides. This writing of discrimination rightfully has had a legal ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/29/2014 7 7 - -
The Oregonian adopts a familiar format for their reporters
"The Oregonian" is a newspaper here in Portland, Oregon. They are changing the job description of the reporters. They are introducing online requirements for their reporters. Not really news, I'm ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/25/2014 25 13 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Calls On The SEC To Issue New Campaign Finance Rules
Received this e-mail from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) today:
poopdogcomedy 03/21/2014 4 9 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Calls on Supreme Court to Protect Women’s Health Care
Damn straight:
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2014 2 9 - -
ACA Signups: Updates from OR, MA, MD, VT, PA, NM...and my first real interview!
Cross-posted at ACA Signups Hell of a day so far: More evidence that I won't get any sleep in April either... Short version: Oregon, Massachusetts and now Maryland all *may* extend their QHP ...
Brainwrap 03/19/2014 37 152 2 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) & CREDO Action Call On Obama To Sign Executive Order On ENDA
Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) and CREDO Action are teaming up put the pressure on President Obama to sign an executive order passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2014 5 8 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D), "It’s time to give seniors a modest raise"
In case you didn't hear the good news:
poopdogcomedy 03/14/2014 5 19 1 -
Oregon senator joins the call for increasing Social Security benefits
Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) is on board with the idea of increasing Social Security benefits. In an era when the political conversation has been dominated by destructive ideas such as a Grand ...
Laurence Lewis 03/14/2014 130 141 3 -
Help Oregon Win GMO Labeling!
The State of Oregon is currently in an excellent position to become the first state in the country to pass a GMO Right-to-Know Labeling initiative by popular referendum WITHOUT a trigger clause. We ...
delillo2000 03/12/2014 8 17 - -
I hear a LOT of people want Sara R and winglion to attend NN14
This is good. So do I. However, I ran into winglion where she works today (I buy my cat food and other pet supplies there more often than not), and she says it is up in the air whether they go or ...
loggersbrat 03/01/2014 2 19 - -
Oregon Government Read My Kos Diary and Entered it into Evidence Against My Buddy
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a diary about how the Oregon Engineering Board had proposed a $1000 fine against a fellow who helped me analyze the potential noise impacts from a power plant near a ...
6412093 02/28/2014 229 277 2 -
Wheeler: Senate Testimony Confirms Illegal Domestic Wiretap Program Authorization Never Cancelled
Marcy Wheeler, over at (and soon to be appearing over at [ The / / Intercept] ), has published one hell of a "small" post on her blog over the ...
bobswern 02/26/2014 44 138 2 -
Will faculty at Oregon's largest university go on strike?
2014 is apparently the Year of the Strike in the Oregon public education system. In early February, the teachers in the Medford Public School District began a two week strike that just ended on ...
emsquared 02/26/2014 50 60 4 -
I contacted Ron Wyden on TPP
I called my senator, Ron Wyden, who also happens to be head of the Senate Finance Committee to express my concerns on TPP, which are the same as the concerns of many on this site. The following is ...
MikePhoenix 02/20/2014 9 16 - -
Angry Protestors Denounce Portland's War on Homeless; Mayor Cuts and Runs
A mob of angry protestors demanded yesterday that Portland stop criminalizing the homeless. The mayor, instead of addressing their concerns, cut and run and fled to South Africa. Though Mayor ...
Eternal Hope 02/13/2014 5 18 1 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) & Team Up To End The War In Afghanistan
poopdogcomedy 02/11/2014 7 18 - -
Sen. Ron Wyden's (OR) DC office in lockdown for suspicious package
A package was recieved at Senator Ron Wyden's DC office today, and was opened by staffers to reveal a suspicious substance. The DC police are on the scene investigating, and Capitol police are ...
mamabigdog 02/10/2014 3 4 - -
Senate reformers press intelligence chiefs on surveillance
Joan McCarter 01/30/2014 26 34 1 -
Mozart: How MCAS groomed his death A case study of a corrupt government animal control agency
From the moment MCAS picked up Mozart for quarantine on November 29, 2013, the MCAS senior staff had no intention of releasing him back to his owner of 6 years or to any rescue that applied. MCAS ...
Caripito 01/27/2014 14 6 - -
Costumes of Comic Con Portland 2014
Horace Boothroyd III 01/26/2014 29 44 - -
Comic Con 2014 Portland costumes
Horace Boothroyd III 01/25/2014 23 26 - -
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