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Posting History for Pagan and Wiccan Kossacks

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Today's Tarot - The High Priestess
Today's Tarot is a bit different because I'm refreshing myself from Kraig's ...
YatPundit 03/31/2011 8 17 3 122
Fired for being Wiccan
Every once in while I read a news story that reports on an event that is so outrageous as to boil my blood. Such ...
LWelsch 03/30/2011 26 12 - 240
Mixing Religion and Politics - a Wiccan Perspective
Many firmly believe that religion and politics are a bad combination. It's never stopped the Moral ...
YatPundit 03/30/2011 134 19 1 294
"Feel so Near...." - pagan music 911
It's universal, transcends culture and language and class and for me, at least, is a lifesaver. For the past six months, I've felt little but anger and grief. I've tried to pray, to meditate, to ...
KibbutzAmiad 03/28/2011 26 14 2 109
A Witch Hunt .......... a REAL Witch Hunt
My sister dabbles in Wicca. Actually she may be pretty well into it now, I suspect I'm kind of out of the loop. And she really doesn't talk about it. One thing I'm sure of ... Wiccans don't fit ...
Detroit Mark 03/28/2011 265 267 3 1607
Thoughts on "Solitary Wicca"
I've been a practitioner of "solitary witchcraft" for over twenty years. Like many, that path included a ...
YatPundit 03/26/2011 38 26 - 131
Magickal Diaries and Books of Shadows
One of the common threads that run through many earth-based religions and magickal ...
YatPundit 03/25/2011 36 37 - 221
Groundwork for a successful community
Elemental Pentacle (artist unknown-if you know, comment so I can attribute it) I want get ...
YatPundit 03/24/2011 10 5 1 66
Re-Connecting with Ceremonial Magick
I haven't done any serious work with Ceremonial Magick since the storm. I lost most of my working tools ...
YatPundit 03/23/2011 79 37 5 367
Tarot Tuesday - Temperance (Robin Wood)
I like to draw a card for meditation and reflection daily, and went back to my Robin Wood deck today.
YatPundit 03/22/2011 12 11 3 75
Pagans/Wiccans: Welcome and Well Met!
Ostara Pentacle ...
YatPundit 03/21/2011 59 29 6 191
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