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All-time low for the right: Shouting the n-word outside of an elementary school Obama was visiting
Today, President Barack Obama flew into Dobbins Airforce Base near Atlanta to speak at the College Heights Early Learning Center in the relatively sleepy suburb of Decatur, GA. The school is ...
PaidDNCShill 02/14/2013 101 29 1 -
Taxes Are "Theft" Exactly Like Paying The Check At the Restaurant Is "Theft"
One of the talking points from the extreme right wing echo machine that I keep hearing is that they "don't see a problem with the rich keeping more of their money. It is, after all, theirs." Usually ...
PaidDNCShill 12/03/2012 23 11 - -
You know who else killed millions of his own people? Mitt Romney.
I was reading another on-line forum, and an ignorant asshole redneck bible-thumping birther teabagger was arguing that Obama is one of the worst American President of all-time. Naturally, badly ...
PaidDNCShill 10/25/2012 15 1 - -
The Feds Should Seize Rush Limbaugh's Entire Net Worth As Proceeds from Treason
The Federal Authorities are empowered to initiate forfeiture proceedings if someone is suspected of financially gaining as a result of committing a federal offense. Civil asset forfeiture does not ...
PaidDNCShill 10/15/2012 28 6 - -
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