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An exceptional definition of American exceptionalism.
As someone who spends a lot of time on the roads of West Texas, I often turn to right wing talk radio to get my hate on in order to stay awake for the long drive. I find it invigorating. The other ...
PanhandlePastor 12/16/2014 6 6 - -
D-Day and the Right Wing Obama Myth
I'm sure that many of us have received emails from our angry friends on the other side of the aisle about the disrespect President Obama has shown the troops who prevailed at Normandy 70 years ago. ...
PanhandlePastor 06/06/2014 14 18 - -
Other things that are legal in Texas
The recent spate of idiots openly carrying assault rifles in public places made me think of other things that are legal for us to do, yet we don't. I think I remember reading somewhere that, “ All ...
PanhandlePastor 05/27/2014 15 8 - -
Rush Limbaugh's Tenuous Grasp on History
On Friday morning a couple of days ago, Rush was giving a brief history lesson on the collapse of great empires, and when he got to Germany, he noted that it was "divided into East Germany and West ...
PanhandlePastor 04/06/2014 12 7 - -
Dave Brubeck and Horst Jankowski
When I was in Berlin, Germany in the early 90's, I had the rare pleasure of seeing Dave Brubeck in a live one-on-one 'duel' with German jazz pianist Horst Jankowski, composer of a lot of 80's easy-...
PanhandlePastor 12/05/2012 5 10 1 -
David Webb v. Gabby Douglas: Talking the talk v. walking the walk
Tea Party hack and Radio talker David Webb made a fool of himself on Fox News a couple of days ago.
PanhandlePastor 08/06/2012 11 14 - 144
Dr. Strangelove, or How the GOP Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Mitt.
Ripples of alarm are making their way through members of the Republican base now that Gov. Mitt Romney has become the presumptive GOP nominee for president. But I would like to encourage the base ...
PanhandlePastor 04/22/2012 25 43 3 368
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