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Senior “State Department Officials Pass Through Revolving Door, Lobby for Passage of TPP”
If you were to read some of the audience’s comments in [ THIS ...
bobswern 05/27/2015 11
Gaius Publius: “Hillary, TPP, the World of Money, and the Center for American Progress”
[ Diarist's Note: Gaius Publius has provided written authorization to the diarist to republish their work in its entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos community. On a related topic, and of ...
bobswern 05/26/2015 204
Breaking: Repubs, Dems, Lobbyists Win 60 Votes, Fast Track Advance
Just saw Senate voting on Motion to Advance on CSpan, Durbin a no, but next two brought vote to 60. Not sure how many are Dems, vote is continuing. Damn. How does this continue to happen, and ...
divineorder 05/22/2015 20
DFA: Help Stop Swiftboating of Elizabeth Warren
Progressive ideas have been getting a metric fck ton of increased media coverage due in a large part to the efforts of PCCC, DFA, and Dkos to get the word out on the courageous work of Senator ...
divineorder 05/22/2015 12
Don Quijones: “The Global Trade Corporatocracy Slams into Local Resistance”
[Diarist's Note: Wolf Street Publisher Wolf Richter has provided written, blanket authorization to the diarist to reproduce his blog's posts in their entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos ...
bobswern 05/17/2015 22
Warren Kicks @SS in California -- w RunWarrenRun Bonus Photo
Just in for me, this 2016 sh*t just got more interesting. Democrats convene --Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times-- "Run Warren Run" merchandise being sold before the first panels at the Democratic ...
divineorder 05/16/2015 25
PBO. Pls "Stop Sneak Attack on Medicare" via TPP Fail
My wife just read a startling email from DFA about medicare cuts. Stunned, I went to read it myself. Thought I would put up a diary but stopped when could not find a source for this very serious ...
divineorder 05/16/2015 70
The Raiders Of Your Lost Retirement: Saudi Solar, Carbon Bubble, TPP
Its almost embarrassing to say how much we have enjoyed these past 10 years of retirement because so many do not and will not have the wherewithal to do what we have done because of the 'theft,' if ...
divineorder 05/15/2015 27
Taibbi: “The Democratic Party Would Triangulate Its Own Mother”
As Gaius Publius noted in [ his post here this past Sunday evening]… �
bobswern 05/15/2015 372

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