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CNN: Brown and Boxer +9 in CA, Alexi +1 in IL
Time/CNN released several state polls today, conducted by Opinion Research. In California, Jerry Brown (CA-Gov) and Barbara Boxe r (CA-Sen) share identical 52-43 ...
Partially Impartial 09/29/2010 42 30 - 122
Gallup: World Regains Confidence in US Leadership
Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly last year, President Obama said : We ...
Partially Impartial 02/09/2010 26 32 2 42
John McCain: Tax Cuts for the Rich are Unpatriotic
John McCain has jumped all over Joe Biden's remarks saying the rich paying taxes is a form of patriotism. Of course, John McCain said the same thing as Biden in 2003, back when he had some ...
Partially Impartial 09/18/2008 39 24 - 19
McCain's Health Plan: More Uninsured, Higher Costs, Fewer Benefits
Health Affairs released a comprehensive study of the short and long term effects of John McCain's health care ...
Partially Impartial 09/16/2008 23 22 1 -
Obama and Bill Clinton to Meet
There have been a lot of stories out there lately, including one in the conservative Telegraph that was detailed in several recommended diaries here, stating that Bill Clinton is bitter and angry ...
Partially Impartial 06/30/2008 63 13 1 22
Poll: Nomination Should Hinge on Popular Vote, Not Pledged Delegates
Many people here claim that the Superdelegates are morally bound to vote for the candidate who has the most pledged delegates. If they don't, the argument goes, they're thwarting the will of the ...
Partially Impartial 03/09/2008 203 5 - 6
Survey USA: 50 State General Election Maps
Both Democrats beat McCain Obama: 278-260 Clinton 276-262 Survey USA ...
Partially Impartial 03/06/2008 73 16 2 9
SUSA: Clinton up 17 in Ohio; Obama up 10 in NC
Survey USA released new primary polls today in Ohio ...
Partially Impartial 02/12/2008 254 23 - 42
Best Pollster of 2008: Survey USA Examines (and wins)
Survey USA is not only a great polling firm; they're also great about openly ...
Partially Impartial 02/06/2008 9 8 - 107
UPDATE 4: Projections Based on CNN Exit Polls
Here are the projections for the states that closed polls at -8 PM- 9 PM or earlier. I looked at the gender splits overall for each state, and percentage of votes each candidate ...
Partially Impartial 02/05/2008 123 35 1 16
Universal Health Care: Why Obama is Wrong
Just as in most policy areas, Clinton and Obama's health plans are much more similar than they are different. But there is a real difference, and that difference will affect people's lives. That ...
Partially Impartial 02/02/2008 889 235 12 262
Denver Post Endorses Clinton
The Denver Post is one of the two largest newspapers in Colorado, along with it's business partner, The Rocky Mountain News. Colorado is a Super Tuesday state, and the ...
Partially Impartial 02/01/2008 34 17 - 23
Challenging CW: Is Racial Backlash Against Clinton a Reality?
This is the second part of a two part series looking at pieces of conventional wisdom that have dominated the narrative of the Democratic Primary. As a reality based community, we are not simply ...
Partially Impartial 01/25/2008 51 14 1 43
Challenging the CW: Who's a Mapchanger, Obama or Clinton? (with visuals)
This is the first part of a two diary series that will look at two pieces of conventional wisdom about the Democratic Primary that have been oft repeated: 1) Barack Obama is mapchanger. He can ...
Partially Impartial 01/24/2008 70 13 - 25
Survey USA: Clinton with 27 point lead in NY Primary
In a new poll, Survey USA gives Clinton a 56% to 29% lead over Obama in New York, with Edwards ...
Partially Impartial 01/11/2008 55 7 - 6
Obama's Camp Swings and Misses on Health Care. Again.
AFSCME endorsed Senator Clinton ...
Partially Impartial 12/22/2007 79 19 1 37
Updated: Clinton up 12 in NH; slips in CA, Implicit Associations
Two new polls out this morning: a CNN poll from New Hampshire and a Field Poll from California. There's also an interesting study from the University of Washington studying the differences between ...
Partially Impartial 12/19/2007 90 10 - 3
The Audacity of Lost Hope
Yes, this is another Bob Kerrey diary. Sort of. At first glance, Kerrey's remarks seem to be just another example of an ugly pattern. Given the forwarding of the Muslim smear e-mails by Clinton ...
Partially Impartial 12/17/2007 103 18 - 46
Liberal Blogs Win: House Dems Pull War Funding Compromise
"When the White House continues to stick it in our eye, I say to hell with it." --House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.) While ...
Partially Impartial 12/11/2007 44 37 - 9
Maya Angelou for Hillary: New Radio Ad in South Carolina
The Clinton campaign has started running a 60 second radio ad in South Carolina featuring Maya Angelou titled "My Girl." Angelou is not just a brilliant writer, she also worked closely with both ...
Partially Impartial 12/10/2007 144 25 1 116
New Polls: Clinton leads Big Purples
There are three states more crucial to presidential elections these days than any others. Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are the 4th, 6th, and 7th most populous states, and they've also been ...
Partially Impartial 12/05/2007 100 20 1 11
Watch for Yucca Mountain Tonight: Potential Fireworks
There may be several sets of fireworks in tonight's debate , but I think the brightest display will be over a local environmental issue with ...
Partially Impartial 11/15/2007 133 26 - 27
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