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Does Thad Cochran's Dem-Fueled Primary Victory Signal the Rise of Red Dog Republicans?
You Hustled It, You Bought It - Is This the Dawn of a New Political Alliance in Red States Mississippi's Thad Cochran survived his Senate primary runoff by a hair last night, in large part due to ...
Partisan Hack 06/25/2014 21 4 - -
Comcast/TWC Merger to Trigger More Media Ownership Consolidation
The "ownership society" is great. Until it's not. OK, first off: if you haven't already signed and shared the Stop Comcast petition at,
Partisan Hack 02/18/2014 16 2 - -
The Wisdom of the Sock Puppets: FOX News' PR Armies of Social Media Liars
The far right's view of public opinion. A new book "Murdoch's World" by David Folkenflik documents the extreme degrees to which FOX News' PR hacks would generate false social media posts in the ...
Partisan Hack 10/21/2013 4 6 1 -
Is The Extremism of the Right a Sign of Collapsing Funding?
When you're looking at crumbs, you get desperate. There's one thing to remember about all of the Tea Party nonsense in the past few weeks - heck, the past two decades: nothing raises political ...
Partisan Hack 10/19/2013 9 24 1 -
Appomattox Redux: Will the Tea Party Lessons Stick?
The site of Confederate General ...
Partisan Hack 10/17/2013 57 27 - -
For the Tea Party, Destroying the United States is the Endgame
This could be your next flag soon unless you act. Seriously. Historian Bruce Bartlett wrote an interesting post in The New York Times' ...
Partisan Hack 10/15/2013 209 250 10 -
Edward Snowden: Freedom Lover or Just Another Self-Serving Spy?
Be very afraid of this man. Or not. I am not a big fan of the lionization of Edward Snowden on Kos and in other commentary circles. Yes, there is knee-jerk reaction from mainstream media outlets on ...
Partisan Hack 06/24/2013 76 6 1 -
The Real Shade of America's Politics [MAP]
What is the real color of Blue State/Red State America? We've seen some interesting maps recently of the U.S.'s voting patterns in this year's election adjusted for statewide population density, ...
Partisan Hack 11/16/2012 6 1 1 -
The Secession "Movement" - a Tea Party Rebranding?
It's no surprise that the most heavily supported petitions being posted to the White House's We the People web site are coming from the "red states." though there are smatterings from all states and ...
Partisan Hack 11/14/2012 12 1 - -
The Jig is Up: Red State White Voters Are Waiting for Us in 2014
In the wake of this year's election results we're seeing all too familiar phenomena: Republican surprise that rigged voting didn't carry key states, lagging provisional and absentee ballot counting ...
Partisan Hack 11/09/2012 42 26 2 -
BREAKING: Federal Judge Denies Blocking Ohio "Experimental" Vote Counting Software
U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost this afternoon struck down Ohio's Green Party chairman Robert J. Fitrakis suit against the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and Omaha, Nebraska- based Election ...
Partisan Hack 11/06/2012 81 36 - -
Is Rape God's Will?
I have been following the commentary on Indiana's U.S. Senate Republican candidate Richard Mourdock's remarks about pregnancies resulting from rape being God's will. His remarks are both shocking ...
Partisan Hack 10/24/2012 35 - - -
Wisconsin NBC/WSJ/Marist 10/18 Poll Data: Mostly Good News
I've been going through the more detailed data available online for the just-released poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal on the Presidential race in Wisconsin, and it looks like reasonably ...
Partisan Hack 10/18/2012 23 5 - -
Obama +4 in NewsMax/Zogby Florida Tracking Poll
Hopeful numbers from two NewsMax/Zogby Florida tracking polls, one with only pre-2nd-debate sample and one which includes Wednesday sample. 47-43 Obama/Romney amongst likely voters in the latest ...
Partisan Hack 10/18/2012 50 13 - -
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