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Jerry Brown, Neighbors & A Quilt.
Patch Adam 10/26/2010 10 18 - 111
Liveblog: Oregon Gov. Debate
Open to all for commentary, I thought you'd like a place to chat and watch the only televised debate for this election. The debate starts in 10 minutes, so get yourselves in gear. Former ...
Patch Adam 09/30/2010 40 17 - 84
Healthcare Reform Debate Liveblog - Runabout #9
The House is debating and voting today on the Senate bill and the Reconciliation bill. Proceedings begin at 1:00 EDT. I'm in favor of starting a pool on what the Republicans will offer up as a ...
Patch Adam 03/21/2010 338 5 - 29
BREAKING: New GM CEO Henderson Resigns.
GM is holding a presser to announce that CEO, Fritz Henderson - who succeeded ousted CEO, Rick Wagoner back in late March - is resigning after nine months on the job. *** Link ...
Patch Adam 12/01/2009 147 30 - 58
350 Climate Action: In Portland, Oregon - 350-ites Are Everywhere.
I signed up to write an entry that contributed to the day's activities. Similar to other great causes that call people to action like seeking cancer cures, equalizing justice systems and health ...
Patch Adam 10/24/2009 6 31 - 127
Obama on Baucus Bill, "... we're not there yet".
Just dropped by to start this liveblog since President Obama will be speaking about the passage of 14 - 9 by the Senate Finance Committee of the "Baucus Bill" for Health Insurance/Care/"Thing" Reform.
Patch Adam 10/13/2009 30 10 - 45
Yeah, I know Joe Wilson (R-SC) Apologized.
I've kept an eye on The Hill for the past few hours and this is breaking now:
Patch Adam 09/09/2009 18 3 - 18
Joe's Inn: A New Ballgame. (UPDATED: VP DEBUNKS HC MYTH!)
Patch Adam 08/31/2009 22 21 - 137
North Bend, Ore. -DeFazio Town Hall Statement: Echo This Man's Silence.
Seems that the Congressional Recess Town Hall meetings are getting everyone out to meet and greet. Even my mother attended one in our home town ...
Patch Adam 08/15/2009 13 19 - 24
Sixth Try: Shuttle Endeavour HAS Launched!
All, I know I write bigger things (Biden, Health etc.) but there are moments where you need to break from the constant craziness. This is a great time to write as a short reminder why everything ...
Patch Adam 07/15/2009 22 10 - 9
Maria, I'm sorry. But I have to ask...
There are so many more interesting, important and intense matters which deserve our collective attention with greater ...
Patch Adam 06/24/2009 28 9 - 35
*Insight: Obama Talked Iran MUCH Earlier Today.
I nearly missed this as I tend to save up the White House Presser Videos for the weekend. So, after coming out to give some brief remarks in the Rose Garden about The Senate's passing of the Family ...
Patch Adam 06/15/2009 8 13 1 1
Joe's Inn: The Return - MTP & Persian Outlook.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 06/14/2009 15 19 - 137
Zakaria's Point, Sober and Resounding.
Cross-posted from Blue ...
Patch Adam 03/10/2009 19 24 - 35
Consider: HHS Wyden & Czar Kitzhaber.
There's been a lot of discussion on the Plan B choices for Health and Human Services Secretary and National Health Czar. Besides dKos' many prognosticators, the discussion ...
Patch Adam 02/05/2009 19 2 - 1
Joe's Inn: 2 Doggie Doo.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/20/2008 49 32 - 37
Joe's Inn: Retorts.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/18/2008 33 32 1 22
Joe's Inn: Adventures of Bidenman!
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/17/2008 29 33 - 35
Woodburn, OR Bombing Update - Arrest Made.
I'm writing a quick follow-up diary after being shaken up by the events surrounding Friday's bombing in Woodburn, ...
Patch Adam 12/15/2008 31 22 - 42
Joe's Inn: Sunday Brunch - V.P.'s Role vs. Function.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/14/2008 15 19 - 45
Bombing in Woodburn, Oregon & My Tale of Working the Surgery.
Last evening, there was a bombing at a bank in the town of Woodburn, Oregon. I'm still trying to ...
Patch Adam 12/13/2008 47 66 1 50
Joe's Inn: Gatecrashers A-Go-Go
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/12/2008 22 36 1 26
Joe's Inn: He Never Wanted the State Dept. Position.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/10/2008 41 61 1 195
Joe's Inn: Get Over It.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/09/2008 104 232 5 23
Joe's Inn: Responding to Misimpressions.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/08/2008 37 26 - 80
Joe's Inn: Overcooked.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/05/2008 69 42 1 43
Joe's Inn: Smooth Speaking Wins All.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/02/2008 42 55 2 56
Joe's Inn: Overlooked & Not Forgotten
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 12/01/2008 44 45 2 26
Joe's Inn: Blunder Scale Goes to 100.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/22/2008 63 53 1 110
Joe's "Inn: ... Dog Years"
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/19/2008 28 42 2 67
Joe's Inn: No Sleep 'till Washington.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/18/2008 66 41 1 33
Morning "Joe" Reaction: One More Time, Again.
Seems Kula's still on vacation so I'll give you all a fast wrap up of Reaction points to enjoy this Sunday morning. After all, we know there's going to be plenty of ...
Patch Adam 11/16/2008 223 168 3 48
Morning "Joe" Reaction: Keep Your Promises.
I wanted to say thank you once more to this week's Guest Reactors . All of whom did a fantastic job. If you missed them, here's a list of their contributions: 1. ...
Patch Adam 11/15/2008 204 206 1 21
Joe's Inn: Meeting "Mr. Dangerous".
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/13/2008 49 40 2 60
Joe's Inn: It's Only Wafer-Thin!
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/12/2008 37 36 - 35
Morning "Joe" Reaction: Nice Place You Have Here.
Kula ran away for the week on a well-deserved vacation. I've taken it upon myself to write today's Morning Reaction but I am no egocentric guy. So let's share the column ...
Patch Adam 11/11/2008 318 355 7 65
Joe's Inn: Taking Sunday Off
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/09/2008 34 41 - 42
Joe's Inn: Open Seat, Neighbor's Street & Home of the Veep.
The picture of then-Senator, ...
Patch Adam 11/08/2008 36 51 2 63
Joe's Inn: 'Return Day' and the Biden Transition.
The picture of then-Senator ...
Patch Adam 11/07/2008 58 80 9 51
Oregon - President & State Results (Liveblog)
This liveblog comes to you from the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) Election Night Party held at the Portland Convention Center It is part of dKos'...
Patch Adam 11/04/2008 12 1 - 44
Don't tempt the wrath from high atop the thing!
This diary is simply for the sake of writing that wonderful one-liner from West Wing as a headline and to announce the following: 1. Today I did my penultimate canvassing and phone banking efforts ...
Patch Adam 11/02/2008 35 7 - 25
Morning "Joe" Reaction: Camp McCain's "Incontinence"
Mr McCain's aides have been labelled "incontinent" for leaks last week that revealed falling morale in his inner circle and mutual recriminations about his lacklustre campaign.
Patch Adam 10/26/2008 283 604 18 47
Morning "Joe" Reaction: Thinking of others before yourself.
Kula's running a marathon this weekend. So I offered to fill in for your Morning Reaction needs both for today and tomorrow.
Patch Adam 10/25/2008 211 349 5 126
The Oregonian Newspaper Endroses "A New Hope"
Note: All quotation emphases are mine. My State's largest newspaper, and one with a penchant for leaning Republican at some of the most awkward of times,
Patch Adam 10/19/2008 14 18 1 -
Caption Our Debators!
We all need a little laugh today, what with the seriousness importance spectacle of tonight's debate looming. So I thought it would be nice to have some caption ...
Patch Adam 10/02/2008 22 1 1 -
Obsession = Distraction: Research, But Remain Calm.
Let's start this one off with the final message: Everyone, calm down please. I'm just as appalled as the next person after receiving a copy of ...
Patch Adam 09/28/2008 14 7 - 3
Seeing an Opening, Palin Makes Her Move.
While the media today focused around the bailout legislature in Washington, and President Bush's call for the leaders of the House, Senate and both Presidential Candidates to come to the White House,
Patch Adam 09/25/2008 5 7 1 -
Maybe We Want to See a Dogfight? - A Biden vs. Palin Ad?
We know the match up is about Obama and McCain for President. All these talking points I've been reading though about Palin as McCain's choice represents his judgment are right, but not being ...
Patch Adam 09/12/2008 6 - - -
My Postcard from 11 Sptember 2001
I was planning on writing about the history of this date, 11 September, when I held off to make a cup of tea first. While the water boiled I started to think back as to what I was doing on that day,
Patch Adam 09/10/2008 13 11 - 28
Look at Yourselves, Kossacks!
I just glanced over at the Rec board after getting a day's worth of sleep and what do I spy? Every, single Rec is related to Palin. Not ONE diary is about Senator Obama's ...
Patch Adam 08/29/2008 69 62 2 48
Ted Kennedy Will Be in Denver (One Way or Another)
Ever attentive to the trauma of brain cancer and injury, I took a moment to look for an update on Senator ...
Patch Adam 08/04/2008 8 11 1 8
New Mexico's Here, Wish You Were Great.
On vacation right now in New Mexico and visiting my wife's family in the southwest. It's my first visit here myself and I have to say it's pretty nice (certainly warmer than my home state of Oregon.)
Patch Adam 06/11/2008 37 2 - 1
Book Report: The Real McCain
The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him - and Why Independents Shouldn't . By Cliff Schecter Published by ...
Patch Adam 06/06/2008 6 18 2 32
Standing Before the Tank
19 years ago today, after millions of students and citizens converged at Tiananmen ...
Patch Adam 06/05/2008 15 17 2 152
KYTV - You Don't Watch It Anyway (Poll)
I would have missed a piece in yesterday's New York Times had I not been listening to the Front Page podcast today. While ...
Patch Adam 05/25/2008 17 4 - -
I'm Writing from Obama's Portland, Oregon Rally.
Written during the event today and posted late due to technical difficulties. Damn phone. In mid-August of 2004, I attended the Portland, Oregon rally held at Tom McCall ...
Patch Adam 05/18/2008 172 169 5 123
Not Just Another Tuesday.
So, here we are again. Constant phone-calling and wading through dozens of emails and paint-flecked blackberries on vibrate as the media, the campaigns, the critics and the supporters prepare for ...
Patch Adam 05/06/2008 5 4 - 2
Shameless Plug: Talent on Display
Last weekend, a host of Portland, Oregon's Lewis & Clark College students got together to perform as a "Barackapella" group. Among other great ...
Patch Adam 03/04/2008 10 7 1 1
Weak Shot on Obama: Clinton Can Do Much Better-Disclosure.
This is a weak ad . If this is the strongest Clinton can attack with, it's no wonder she's ...
Patch Adam 02/13/2008 21 1 - -
Susan Powder's screaming while I'm running out of cash.
Let's me put it out there from the start (so as to avoid any questions later on). I'm voting for Senator Obama, and I've been a decided voter since January of 2007. With that admission, though ...
Patch Adam 02/12/2008 4 2 - -
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