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After finding the cruz of the case on page 144, I have been casually watching Suárez make England cry and reading the Exhibits behind today's ruling. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Luckily, it's tucked away in Exhibit C.


Which Republican funneled dark money the best?

25%8 votes
16%5 votes
29%9 votes
3%1 votes
25%8 votes

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So wow. I finally got the stomach up to read the clown car Texas GOP Party Platform. While a lot of attention has been given to the GOP's desire to return to an era where Gay Therapy was not a quack science, there is a more stunning and serious line item for Republicans to answer.

Eliminations of Property Taxes.

While I understand the GOP has gone full Talibaptist on the social issues, this desire to eliminate property taxes in the state of Texas is the most fiscally irresponsible talking point ever put down on paper.



Greg Abbot plans to fund local governments in Texas with

50%169 votes
24%82 votes
21%73 votes
3%12 votes

| 336 votes | Vote | Results

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Since I am not instantly becoming a fanboy of Hillary Clinton for 2016, I am being called all sorts of things. From far-right flag planter to delusional Leftie, so far I have ran the gambit and frankly do not care. I do not care to get involved in petty personal politics. I will leave that for HRC supporters.

It was this PUMA-level party purity that kept me out of supporting any Democrat during the primary. I know politics is a full contact sport, but I did not care to see this sort of "debate" for who would be on the ticket.

And here we are again, once again, a full two-years before the primary, HRC supporters are already almost as full-throated in their disapproval for anyone but HRC.

Since HRC does not have a record outside of the US Senate, let us take a look at a few votes on why I will never support her unless she can full justify these votes.

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Ha! This is the beauty of having closed-minded knuckleheads pen your state laws. Sooner or later their desire to be the Baptist Taliban will paint them into a corner.

Four LBGT Texans in Dallas figured out a pretty sad loophole that lead to delight for them.

Now I can't wait to see the GOP Baptist Taliban go nuclear when they find out about this.

The First, Legal Gay Marriage In Texas?
By Joel Thomas CBS 11 News | CBSDFW.COM
February 14, 2014 2:57 PM

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Judge Carl Ginsberg presided over two ceremonies its participants believe are the first, legal gay marriage in Texas.

Two couples said their “I-do’s” and all four people consider themselves female.  But one member of each couple has had their gender changed surgically from male to female.

“On all of my information, it still says male,” said Ashely Boucher. “So, legally I’m still male in the state of Texas. My presentation would suggest otherwise.  But my documentation says that I can marry Genevieve no questions asked.

“If you were born male and became female through being transgendered or having a gender reassignment surgery, they consider you to be biologically male,” said UTA political science professor Thomas Marshall.

Video at link of the two couples.

Game, set, match.
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Ah, I love when total yahoos turn to art, as you can see from my past diaries, I even took it upon myself to find meaning in Former-President George Walker Bush's pieces. Today we will discuss The Zimmerman Piece, or the Banksy of the Right, if you will.

Banksy is probably the best post-meta derivative artist on the face of the planet right now, but the shocking new piece by Zimmerman attempts to trump that title by showing a total abandonment of copyright law by using registered commercial art in a "new" piece with just a Photoshop filter on top.

First, the piece in question.

George Zimmerman original painting
George Zimmerman, 2013

Ever since the Hope posters featuring then Senator Barack Obama, nothing more has been abused in Photoshop than the effects applied to this flag.

This flag is, of course, stock image, going with Zimmerman's quest to resolve take the helm in our artistically banal culture ever effected by the commercialization of images.

So very, very brave to use known commercial art, apply a filter, throw some text on there and call it a painting. Some are called to mind the Situationists in the 1960s, who would bind books in sandpaper to destroy other books in an affront to very media of literature.

This piece is such an affront to the media of paintings, even digital paintings.

If he does complete the transaction on this piece, he will become the greatest banal derivative American artist since Warhol.

If I was the buyer, I'd check the "paint" to see if it is fresh, because I do believe Zimmerman is being fresh with us all.

Ever the showman that guy.

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Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 11:22 AM PST

Thanksgiving Bonus

by Patience John

Herbert sat hat in hand, outside the New Boss's office. All the New Bosses had just arrived off the assembly line, the latest in AI technology. Now the corporations could have physical bodies and real-life yes men. The robots were now replacing people on the top of the labor pyramid, complete with corporate individual rights.

Herbert heard they could be hard to argue with, these New Bosses, especially if they needed you to sign their petitions.

Herbert feared a petition was in his near future.

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Norquist's Bathtub, Oil on Canvas
George Walker Bush, 2010

Any art critic knows that to speak of the art of W is to speak to timelessness itself. His pieces often stretch meta across the canvas of entire cultures, but Norquist's Bathtub has always been considered strictly an American reference.

Here W finds himself firmly trapped in the bathtub that Grover Norquist mandated be built. The rage of the neo-anarchist Tea Party, flat and dimensional-less, filling the bath for the POTUS, and the country's, eventual drowning.

Or course as POTUS that would be considered suicide, since Congress and the President are the government and making this one of W's darkest works.

Notice how the subject is forced into an askew point-of-view, wrapping traditional ideas of geometry and perspective, ultimately trapping the viewer in a corner characterized by irrational space and light. This zeitgeist political foreshadowing alone, and the unfolding of said prophecy, of the GOP, and W himself, snared in Norquist's Bathtub all speak to W's transgression, and transgressions, cross time.

The final question to this piece, and one left open by W himself, is who turns off the facet of Tea Party rage, that one dimensional chorus of No flooding our national bathtub. Since we do not see W's hands, maybe he attempting to be the responsible hand that turns off the spigot of incompetence and fury.

Because if not turned off, Grover will get his final delight, and our beloved nation will lie floating inanimate in the tub, strangled by the zealots spawned the GOP, by W himself.

Which is why he slowly awaits his fate in Norquist's Bathtub.


Does Norquist's Bathtub by George W Bush belong in the Smithsonian?

25%6 votes
29%7 votes
45%11 votes

| 24 votes | Vote | Results


There is a little slice of heaven, especially for the hunting and fishing-type, up in Wisconsin called the Penokee Hills. Unfortunately for said little slice of paradise, it appears to contain taconite, which is used for heavy industrial iron. Scott Walker was so excited to destroy this part of Wisconsin's heritage for his pay masters, he even had the law rewrote.

I was not aware that law would allow for corporations to use militias on public use lands to stop peaceful protesters and families on vacation from enjoying themselves. But of course, this is the new GOP of whom we are speaking.

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Miami, Fl. - For the last few weeks across Latin America, the newest fad is to hold a Chavez look-a-like contest. From Paraguay to Mexico, bars and jardins are catching on, but some were surprised at how well funded each event seemed to be. It was then revealed all the contests were sponsored by the Department of Tourism from none other than Venezuela.

"Total coincidence," stated Geraldo Vaquez, Sect. of Tourism, while thumbing through various headshots of Chavez winners from Peru. After tucking one into his coat pocket, he said, "We've been planning this for years as a way to spread our brand across Latin America and let them know we are open for business."

For a few lucky Chavez look-a-likes, one-way vacations to Venezuela prizes are being given away, along with free consultations to the finest plastic surgeons in Caracas.


While I certainly do not agree with the public release of candid private photos, the recent release of images from the Bush Family has brought to light the astounding work of George W Bush. While only two masterpieces have emerged so far, the glimpse it offers into the mind of one of America's most controversial presidents is borderline breath taking, as if one was being waterboarded with knowledge.

Without further ado, the Bathroom Era by George W Bush.

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Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 12:46 PM PST

Locusts of the Floor Clock

by Patience John

One two PUNCH four.

One two PUNCH four.

That completed the first part of the routine for Joe. Next came the small dripping that would be with him all afternoon.

Tick Tock of the floor clock.

Joe thought about grabbing earplugs to block it all out, but not today. Nope, today he would not leave his station even for that sweet relief. Today was Meeting day, the day the cuts came since the locusts arrived.

One two PUNCH four.

One two PUNCH four.

Tick Tock.

Swarmed out of New York they did, full of money and promises. Now there was talk of closing down, jobs moved and pensions lost. Joe tried not to think about it, or the moving trucks outside.

Joe wondered if this is how cattle feel, when they finally realize they are at a slaughterhouse. Then Joe thought about the slaughterhouse that was replaced by his factory, and where those jobs and cows had gone. And where his would go if the Meeting meets The Prophecy currently on the workshop floor.

One two PUNCH four.

One two PUNCH four.

Tick Tock.

Joe wondered if these same locust ate the crops that killed the cow that killed the slaughterhouse that killed the jobs. It was during the time that Joe was speculating exactly where he fit into that chain that he noticed the line had stopped.

The ticking of the clock had brought about Meeting time.


The Meeting had been rather dull, just the usually line about tightening the belt and see you Monday.

Joe figured those were lies as he watched the convoy of trucks leaving the general location of the factory. Upon on his porch, he watched the locusts pick apart the last of his long labors.

Then he began to wonder if there ever was a slaughter house for the locust.  

Or at least some kind of pesticide to keep them in check.

At least that.


Just a quick diary to show how savvy President Obama is, versus Romney, who probably doesn't even know what Reddit is.

The best part of Reddit is that world gets to hang out and each comment is weighed democratically on its merit. This has made for quite an amusing thread. It is also amazing that President Obama, or at least his team, has the pulse on the youth culture enough to know exactly when and where to reach the most of them.

So if you are looking for a diversion when waiting for polls, I highly suggest Our President, the OPs of OPs, delivering on Reddit:

Here are some of my favorites:

[–]PresidentObama[S] 4488 points 2 hours ago

I want to thank you all again for the reception you gave me in August for my AMA. Good questions. Definitely not bad.

I'm checking in because polls will start closing in this election in just a few hours, and I need you to vote.

Millions of Americans have stepped up in support of this campaign over the last 19 months, and today we decide what the next four years look like -- but only if we show up.

I ask that you go out there and cast your vote, whatever your political persuasion.

You can confirm your polling location here:

If you’ve voted already, don't stop there -- spread the word to your friends, roommates, and neighbors. Think of it as upvoting.

[–]ExplodingPenguin 2778 points 2 hours ago

I'm British so obviously can't vote. Although if Romney wins rest assured we'll send redcoats.

[–]ryeisenberg 227 points 2 hours ago

I drove 370 miles from PA back to NJ after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy just to make sure I could vote for you in the election today because the e-mail ballot didn't work for me. Best of luck tonight!

[–]wilderthanmild 31 points 2 hours ago

Hey, the guy I voted for! P.S. I voted using a provisional ballot in Ohio. Sorry for all the recounts we'll probably have.

[–]ceedge 1341 points 1 hour ago

Upvoting the President on Reddit because I can't vote for him in Canada.

[–]zeco 424 points 1 hour ago

Same here, in Germany.

Now I can say that I voted for Barack Obama on Nov. 6th!

[–]Athiri 87 points 47 minutes ago

Being in the UK I voted for him 8 minutes into November 7th, but likewise!

[–]vinster271 1146 points 2 hours ago

Good Guy Barack. Follows up on election night.

[–]albinobluesheep 819 points 1 hour ago

OP, Our President , delivered.

[–]ch33psh33p 240 points 2 hours ago

First time voter, but you have my support Mr. President!

[–]Lavarekira 69 points 2 hours ago

First time voter here too! I made sure that I made a wise decision by choosing a fellow Redditor!

[–]too-many-things 190 points 1 hour ago

Dear America,

I am sorry to swear in the presence of your esteemed leader, but, please, don't fuck this up. Seriously, just don't fuck it up.

Your pal, Australia.

[–]DigitallyGeeking 230 points 1 hour ago

Dear Australia,

Please continue to keep your scary insects away from us.

Your pal, America

[–]hongkongianhomy 140 points 2 hours ago

Mr. President, I have prayed to Reddit gods Flying Spaghetti Monster, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Ron Paul that you prevail tonight. Only our upvotes can bring this fateful night to its rightful, left-leaning, close.

[–]Watershipdown82 49 points 2 hours ago

I'm in Ireland, watching the election with a roomful of Germans. We're all rooting for you, Mr. President. The whole world is watching.

The whole world is watching, and the revolution was not televised.

It was on Reddit.

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