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New Engineering Jobs in Long Beach, CA
Boeing To Add 300 New Engineering Jobs In Long Beach Area May 31, 2013 Boeing announced this morning that approximately 300 new engineering jobs are being added over the next six to nine months to ...
PatriciaPA 05/31/2013 5 2 - -
Whatever happened to EdScan?
I really want to know... After he was banned, did he ever ask for reinstatement? His diaries were.....well.. different from the typical diaries here. I have always wondered what happened to him ...
PatriciaPA 01/28/2013 74 7 - -
Frye Boots
I just discovered Frye boots; I think I am late to the party as I am sure a lot of you are well versed with the company, history, and their product line. For some reason, and yes I should have done ...
PatriciaPA 02/08/2012 48 10 - 273
Running Question
I know this might not be a diary; but I am a beginner runner and worked myself up from a slow walk to a 5K; now I am training for a 10K and I keep getting back pain in the middle of my back; and ...
PatriciaPA 09/07/2011 7 1 - 49
Wildlife Question
Do Coyotes kill their prey quickly? I adopted my neighbors cat, well sort of, as my husband would not allow me to let the cat stay inside my house, which I know contributed to her early death... My ...
PatriciaPA 08/12/2011 25 3 - 150
Anxiety - Do you also suffer?
My last diary was about Britney Spears - okay so check. cool. "community fluff" Not important. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES THAN MENTAL ILLNESS! Get it. I suffer from anxiety. My whole world is ...
PatriciaPA 07/23/2009 81 15 3 28
Britney Spears
I don't know why but I can't stand to see the pain this girl is exhibiting to the world. Can they force her to take medicine during this 5150? What are her rights here? Maybe I relate to her ...
PatriciaPA 02/01/2008 131 20 1 8
Where should I stay in San Francisco?
Hi - I have a small time to spend in San Francisco and I need advice on where to stay. I will be with my 7 year old son who has never been to the city. We can afford a nice hotel,(4 star) and ...
PatriciaPA 08/22/2007 80 5 4 -
A Real Estate question
I deleted my last diary because the comments I got were basically that I was only thinking about money and not the relationship. The thinking was was if the eldest sister wants the house (and she ...
PatriciaPA 12/03/2006 23 2 - -
My son started Kindergarten
PatriciaPA 04/21/2006 39 14 - 25
PatriciaPA 02/24/2006 77 11 4 26
Calling all European Kossacks - for help with genealogy.
PatriciaPA 05/23/2005 23 - - -
This diary BELONGS on the open thread!
PatriciaPA 04/07/2005 7 - - -
Powerlineblog and the vast left wing conspiracy
PatriciaPA 04/02/2005 6 3 - -
On the road with my new Republican friends
PatriciaPA 01/28/2005 12 2 - -
Rick Santorum takes a Stand on SS
PatriciaPA 12/21/2004 13 1 - -
I need your FEEDBACK to help Dean today!
PatriciaPA 12/09/2004 4 5 - -
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