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Michelle Obama and Monsanto?? Not so fast...
Really? Something isn't right... I was scrolling Facebook at lunch, and came across the picture shown here with the news link. Obviously, several liberal leaning friends picked up on it and ran ...
Patrick is Lucky 07/25/2014 8 15 - -
TN County School Board Demands Removal of GLBT Safe Space Sign. Help Support The Students!
This has been hard for me to write. I have switched emotions from anger, to sadness, to indignation, to disappointment…and I finally settled on driven. The ignorance and lack of desire to see ...
Patrick is Lucky 09/10/2013 8 18 - -
I'm tired of people going Giuliani
We all know what it means when someone goes Godwin in a discussion. Unfortunately, it has happened a lot here as of late...especially with the NSA and Syria discussions. We are pretty good at ...
Patrick is Lucky 09/09/2013 6 3 - -
Downton Abbey "Poses A Threat To The Left"
I have to be honest...I have not watched Downton Abbey. I have heard great things about it...until now. Apparently it is going to be our undoing. At least according to Fox & Friends.
Patrick is Lucky 01/22/2013 57 4 - -
Rep Jim Cooper (DINO TN-05) Responds To My Email...and I'm more angry!
When I learned about the idiotic vote Rep. Jim Cooper took, I immediately sent this email because I was so angry. Well, he sent me a response. You can read it below the fold. Needless to say...I ...
Patrick is Lucky 01/17/2013 9 16 - -
My email to Rep. Jim Cooper (DINO, TN-5)
I am EXTREMELY ANGRY about my Rep voting against Sandy funding...Especially since he is the ONLY Democrat to do so. Below the fold is my email to him. Forgive the brevity, but I am currently in a ...
Patrick is Lucky 01/15/2013 23 13 - -
Thanksgiving vs Black Friday
(This is a re-post from last year, but it applies again this year.) Ok. Soap box time ...
Patrick is Lucky 11/22/2012 2 3 - -
Snapshots from Nashville...I early voted today!
I early voted today here in Antioch, which is in Davidson County and considered part of Metro Nashville. This is the second day of early voting, but the first that lasts until 7. The crowd at my ...
Patrick is Lucky 10/18/2012 6 17 - -
Short diary...Gay TN Romney Supporter's Reaction to Ryan Pick
I was talking to a good friend this morning. His new BF is anti-Obama. I haven't been able to dig out just why, but I plan on having a conversation when we can. (I won't get into why we should ...
Patrick is Lucky 08/11/2012 29 18 - 330
KFC responds to Chick-Fil-A Controversy (Humor)
KFC's Colonel Sanders wants us to know that, unlike Chick-Fil-A, he loves the gays. For video statement, flip below the fold.
Patrick is Lucky 08/03/2012 5 6 - 138
And The Drag Queens Say, "Chow Down At Chik-Fil-A"
I don't necessarily agree that we should, but it is always good to have another point of view. For the video, please look below the curly-Q's.
Patrick is Lucky 07/26/2012 18 7 - 200
Indigo Kalliope: Poems from the Left - Learning to Be Me
Join us every Monday night for drinks at the Daily Kos community political poetry club Your own poetry is always welcome in the comments Bongos, berets & ...
Patrick is Lucky 05/21/2012 10 5 1 79
TN Don't Say Gay Bill Dead
I finally can share the news now that the Tennessee legislative session is finished." "Don't Say Gay" is dead.
Patrick is Lucky 05/02/2012 13 26 - 121
Indigo Kalliope: Thursday Variations - God's Sitcom
Join us every Thursday for another short story from a Kossack with a tale to tell, fact or fiction. One which will both inform and entertain. And join us on Mondays at 5pm Pacific for poetry from ...
Patrick is Lucky 04/26/2012 15 6 - 97
Southern Action: Call For Southern Heroes and Heroines
As some of you are aware, a new group was formed recently for Southern Kossacks of all stripes from many states. We were very pleased at the positive feedback received about the group. It is good ...
Patrick is Lucky 04/01/2012 7 11 - 62
In response...Introducing Southern Action
The past couple of days have been interesting. To be honest, I was a little shocked at what stirred up the hornet's nest and the bee hive at the same time. I had heard rumors that there were ...
Patrick is Lucky 03/16/2012 31 24 - 194
This World Is Shrinking: The Redefinition of Community
Sunday morning, my phone began vibrating about 4:30 AM. I kept trying to sleep, but the phone was so insistent. No break, just continual notifications. My Facebook App had gone batty...Surely ...
Patrick is Lucky 02/28/2012 12 12 - 101
Help me!! They have started already (with poll)!!!
Here in Nashville, Tennessee, they have started. I just saw a Romney Super PAC Ad hammering Santorum. Once they start, they won't stop until November. Sigh.
Patrick is Lucky 02/22/2012 4 3 - 69
I Found a Family: A Thank You Diary
I have been working on this diary for months. I started it in December when I received an email. "You are now a trusted user on DailyKos." Those words filled me to overflow with warm fuzzies. It ...
Patrick is Lucky 02/19/2012 37 39 1 293
Help needed: computer died
I hate to do this, but I need help. My computer has completely big the dust. After several days of freezing randomly, it now will not turn on at all. Any recommendations as to where I can get a ...
Patrick is Lucky 02/12/2012 59 7 1 329
TN Proposal Against Living Wage
This year has been interesting in Tennessee. First, we saw the state legislature pass a law overturning the GLBT non-discrimination ordinance in Nashville. This also prevented all other cities in ...
Patrick is Lucky 12/13/2011 11 16 - 83
Not Even Candles: a Response to Another Teen Suicide
Heartbreaking. We often say this when we hear news of another gay teenager committing suicide. We often experience regret and remorse for not being there, thinking there was something we could have ...
Patrick is Lucky 12/12/2011 10 16 - 125
The Hypocrisy...It burns!!!
Excuse if this is duplicated elsewhere...but just saw it today. I've gotten used to the right-ish ads that pop up on this site. In fact, I find it quite amusing how they are wasting their money. ...
Patrick is Lucky 11/26/2011 12 10 1 122
Thanksgiving vs Black Friday
OK...Soap box time again...
Patrick is Lucky 11/25/2011 3 3 - 36
Nashville Dinner Theater accused of HIV bias abruptly closes
Just an update on the dinner theater listed in the below article.
Patrick is Lucky 07/20/2011 5 4 - 179
"Everybody...has something important to say."
I've been sitting on the sidelines far too long. OK...I haven't really been sitting on the sidelines. I've been sitting in the bleachers watching the game. Alright, alright...To be honest, I've ...
Patrick is Lucky 04/22/2011 4 1 - 62
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