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Klan to raise funds for Darren Wilson
The Ku Klux Klan has come out and is trying to raise money for the officer in Missouri that shot a black child in cold blood and will undoubtedly require the best legal defense money can buy. ...
Patriot4peace 08/15/2014 11 5 - -
Brownback dissed by Kansas voters
A while ago, I wrote about Sam Brownback rolling the dice on putting the Tea Party agenda in action, and I was pretty sure it would be a disaster for him, and the state of Kansas. Well, today ...
Patriot4peace 08/12/2014 10 20 - -
Kansas Governor Rolls the Dice
In 2007, the current Governor of Kansas was a Senator with presidential aspirations. Mike Huckabee ended those aspirations in Iowa by being more of an anti-choice dick than even Sam Brownback, who ...
Patriot4peace 02/18/2013 8 12 - -
To the Signatories of the Secession Petitions
Meteor Blades reported recently that the Texas crybabies now number over 115,000 signatures on the White House petition to secede from the union. That is more than 3 times the next leading ...
Patriot4peace 11/19/2012 40 5 - -
Here's two cents on the 2012 election
Republicans lost this year and they're whining and crying about how horrible it is to have to live in an America presided over by a closet Muslim foreign born Socialist that spends money like a ...
Patriot4peace 11/10/2012 3 2 - -
Alan Grayson disappointed me today
I hope he wins, I really do. I donated to his campaign a few times, and I get a LOT of emails from politicians that think sending me an email is going to elicit another donation. I live in Maryland.
Patriot4peace 09/19/2012 338 161 1 2258
Pizza and Blood
OK, we've all seen the video of Scott hugging the President at his small business that he didn't build himself; a self identified Republican that voted for Obama, and promises to do so again. It ...
Patriot4peace 09/10/2012 5 13 - 68
Traditional Marriage IAW the Bible
King James Version Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Wives must be subordinate to their husbands, ...
Patriot4peace 08/01/2012 11 7 - 91
Nugent still trying to be relevant
Ted calls the SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts a "Turncoat".
Patriot4peace 07/06/2012 18 2 - 88
Dear Fellow Conservative? Junk Mail from Gov Walker
Got a letter from "Governor Scott Walker", who apparently wants to personally befriend me, and enlist me in the effort help "tackle the Union Bullies". Two pages of claptrap, a donation form ("I've ...
Patriot4peace 03/13/2012 18 22 - 168
Living Sober
My last drink was a beer; OK, a dozen of them, out with friends on a night I won't forget. That last beer was about 4 beers after what should have been my last beer for the night. I got home OK, but ...
Patriot4peace 01/26/2012 212 154 2 983
Left or Right Radicalism - Let's Compare
I've been thinking lately of the current state of affairs; the sudden rise of Tea Baggers, the vitriolic descriptions of children in Norway as "Hitler youth", and of course - the new and improved ...
Patriot4peace 07/26/2011 20 3 - 46
Speed and Red Light Cameras
Big Brother is Watching I got another one, this time in DC where the charge is $125.00 and they will double it if you ignore the invoice. It was on New York Ave somewhere, if anyone cares. I don't ...
Patriot4peace 04/24/2011 60 5 - 137
I still love my late wife
It's been a while since I wrote a diary. I felt it some kind of tribute to have my last diary a distillation of her eulogy. It had over a thousand comments and I still go back and read them ...
Patriot4peace 02/06/2010 31 21 1 48
My Wife, Dona - R.I.P.
I told her in the summer of 2005, when she first suspected that something was very wrong; that if it was, God forbid, cancer - we would deal with it, and we would deal with it together. Her ...
Patriot4peace 10/27/2008 698 1422 35 213
4 years ago
Back when I was in a rage over the pending re-election of George W. Bush, thinking that there is no way the country is going to let it happen again, actually living in what I considered to be a ...
Patriot4peace 05/25/2008 5 2 - 1
Venting about Ford-o-Sauruses
I’m taking a break from the “Hillary Lied” diaries to bitch and vent about a recent pet peeve I’ve acquired. I decided to reach out and vent to all of you, my online family, ...
Patriot4peace 03/27/2008 15 3 - -
Breaking Snark!! Hillary Remembers More Fiction
The junior Senator from New York has followed in the footsteps of her husband’s Vice President and laid claim to some of the 20th Century’s greatest achievements, some of these ...
Patriot4peace 03/26/2008 8 1 - 1
Why McCain is Running on Empty
Also over at Docudharma No, it's not because he is a former P.O.W. and conservatives like that in a candidate, and it's not ...
Patriot4peace 02/07/2008 9 2 - 10
WaPo Opinions Page Today
I used to think the traditional print media was a neutral bystander reporting the news, not an active participant in attempting to shape the future. We all know that manipulation of the "news" is ...
Patriot4peace 02/04/2008 11 3 1 1
Dkos in WaPo (about Mittmentum)
I'm not going to write a full fledged diary on this, and perhaps it's been done, but I did a quick search and didn't see ...
Patriot4peace 01/15/2008 22 10 - 3
Crocodile tears
While the Decider is out of the country, we’ve been focused on national politics, and bitching at each other over which of our candidates is most pure, most electable, most liberal, most ...
Patriot4peace 01/13/2008 5 2 1 -
Can we talk about Retribution?
What is the best way to get the couch potatoes invested in the process of electing a president? In the popularity contest that is the electoral process, how does a presidential candidate create a ...
Patriot4peace 01/06/2008 10 4 - -
A Card Playing Organization Stifles Dissent
William Fulbright said: In a Democracy, dissent is an act of faith” Myself, I would replace faith with patriotism , but I’m no Fulbright ...
Patriot4peace 12/07/2007 13 5 - 6
Email from my dear wingnut mother
She has recently admitted (from Texas GASP) that she is no longer in favor of the president's foreign policy, but still sees him (who shall not be named) as a "good guy" that was unfortunately given ...
Patriot4peace 12/01/2007 100 25 4 10
What a Dick
There is no better way to display the hypocrisy of this administration than to point out that the Vice President of the United States of America has tried to hide his misdeeds from the Oversight ...
Patriot4peace 06/26/2007 2 - - -
I Drive (with a poll (as if that matters))
When I say that I drive, I mean – I attempt to share the road with SUV drivers, who, by and large, suck. The bigger the SUV, the more they demonstrate that they can't friggin' drive with the ...
Patriot4peace 06/20/2007 88 7 1 -
This just in: Bush thinks everyone loves him.
Sometimes I am amazed at the brazen audacity of this man, and sometimes I stare at the paper in wide eyed wonder and just shake my head knowing this asshole is the leader of the free world. Even ...
Patriot4peace 05/28/2007 35 14 - -
Media stays on G.O.P. talking points
In this morning’s news I expected to be uplifted, proud, and pleased that the appropriations bill to fund the troops with a nasty little pill for President Bush to swallow embedded within like ...
Patriot4peace 04/26/2007 18 3 - -
Veto our *&^%$ Bill, George
I want to see Bush veto the Emergency Spending Bill. That’s right, you heard me. I want a “Go ahead, make my day” moment when he pulls the pen and demonstrates categorically that ...
Patriot4peace 04/19/2007 7 5 - -
Jalal Sharafi said the CIA Tortured Him
The name in the title doesn't mean much to most Americans, but a google search shows the guy is the second secretary of Iran's Embassy in Iraq. Why should we know his name? I'm glad you asked:
Patriot4peace 04/07/2007 11 5 - -
What are you driving?
I laugh at S.U.V.’s But sometimes I wish I had a rocket launcher attached to my Mini Cooper so that I could blow them to smithereens, reducing them to debris on the road in front of me. I&
Patriot4peace 02/12/2007 150 13 - 13
Bill O'Lielly replaced as Keynote Speaker
I did a quick search on "O'Reilly" and didn't get any results, please let me know if this has been diaried and I'll be happy to remove. Apparently, many emails and "inquiries" have been received by ...
Patriot4peace 02/10/2007 101 124 1 17
On Quagmires and ChickenHawks
The decider is not going to decide any time soon the fate of the remaining members of the military struggling with this quagmire in Iraq. It seems, to me at least, that he will drag his feet, ...
Patriot4peace 01/05/2007 2 2 - -
Saddam Sentenced to Hang within 30 days
I resisted the use of "BREAKING" because this will no doubt be diaried to death today. [ here's the story ...
Patriot4peace 12/26/2006 73 15 - 2
WaPo - "Worst President Ever?"
There is plenty of speculation out there, and I could list all the sources in the liberal blogosphere that would agree that this title fits Mr. Bush without doubt. Rarely have we seen this kind of ...
Patriot4peace 12/03/2006 10 3 - -
Do Republicans Approve of a Lying President?
Patriot4peace 10/10/2006 31 8 - -
I. did. not. have. sex. with. that. little. boy.
Patriot4peace 10/04/2006 7 2 - 9
Republicans have found their scapegoat
Patriot4peace 10/02/2006 32 4 - -
Bouncing Baby Bushy
Patriot4peace 09/19/2006 26 8 - -
It's gotta be a right wing cult
Patriot4peace 09/13/2006 9 3 - -
To Print, or not to Print?
Patriot4peace 07/10/2006 1 5 - -
How Propaganda sold a War in Iraq
Patriot4peace 07/09/2006 11 7 - 23
Newly defined "Victory" in Iraq
Patriot4peace 06/30/2006 1 1 - -
Work Place Privacy Rights (Warning: 2500 words long)
Patriot4peace 06/21/2006 3 7 - 1
Who is the traitor now?
Patriot4peace 05/24/2006 1 3 - -
Baltimore Police fight crime by arresting lost tourists
Patriot4peace 05/19/2006 79 9 - 18
Rove Blames Iraq War for Low Bush Numbers
Patriot4peace 05/15/2006 32 9 2 7
Biblical Based Marriage Ammendment?
Patriot4peace 04/25/2006 44 26 4 -
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