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Just to Be Clear: Bobby Jindal Isn't Running for President
Oh, certainly he has an exploratory committee . Who doesn't? Got one myself, somewhere around here. He's talking it over with his family and the Almighty . He's giving the idea quiet contemplation ...
Crashing Vor 05/23/2015 85
PPACA woes; Insurers can kill Obamacare
Horrible Insurance Provider: So, this is how Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will be demolished: I have CareSource health/dental/vision silver plan. I ...
jwcrawley 05/21/2015 28
I need a toaster with some bodies on it.
What do we haunt? the shell of our former selves When do we haunt it? *averts gaze* Always make one unobtainable goal so when you've completed your real goals this fucker will keep the infinite ...
jbou 05/20/2015 18
MD-Sen: Donna Edwards (D) Goes After The Medicare Cuts In The TPP
poopdogcomedy 05/20/2015 6
The Jack Boot's on the Other Foot
Bobby Jindal has put conservatives in a bind. In his desperation to break into the single digits among GOP primary candidates, he decided to ignore the state legislature's decision to table his ...
Crashing Vor 05/20/2015 24
These Guys 6: Little Brother
Well, another season of campaigning is upon us, and that can only mean... Another season of These Guys !
Crashing Vor 05/19/2015 8
Sharing Roads, Sharing Rules
It happened again last night. Guy blew off a red light at Claiborne and MLK. Last week it was Cleveland Ave. down by Tulane Hospital. Fellow thought a stop sign was patronizing advice he was beyond. ...
Crashing Vor 05/18/2015 16
Sunday Train: Benefits of the Maryland Red and Purple Lines
Just as national attention has been focused on the sections of Baltimore that have been largely locked out of the revival of economic activity in downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor, the new ...
BruceMcF 05/17/2015 18
Democrat Baron Hill dives into the Indiana Senate race
Jeff Singer 05/15/2015 5
If I had time machine, I would go back and kill time.
I just want a monster I can believe in. It takes a nation of minions to hold us back. I rarely get the chance to not know where I am. Marco Rubio sounds like the most boring swimming pool game ...
jbou 05/14/2015 79
My Gay Wedding Story
Three weeks ago my partner and I were married on our 38th anniversary. We planned to just go to the courthouse. The State of Florida was forced by the Appellate Court to allow same sex marriages ...
kay3295 05/14/2015 92
When White People Rioted in Baltimore
" The despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle queen of yore, Maryland! ...
BobboSphere 05/11/2015 63
Another Indiana Democrat will challenge a weakened Mike Pence
Newly-minted Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karen Tallian While John Gregg came unexpectedly close to beating Republican Gov. Mike Pence in 2012, plenty of ...
Jeff Singer 05/11/2015 5
Baltimore jail has refused to admit 2,600 people because they needed emergency medical care first
Before he was ever placed in the police van, Freddie Gray was in need of emergency medical treatment Baltimore Police have a major, systemic ...
Shaun King 05/11/2015 51
Prince releases song dedicated to Freddie Gray and Baltimore (Listen here)
Prince releases new protest song dedicated to Freddie Gray. Prince has released new protest song called "Baltimore", a dedication to Freddie Gray and the residents of Baltimore. The song calls for ...
Jen Hayden 05/11/2015 8
Meet the Republican Senate candidate that Indiana Democrats want to face
Jeff Singer 05/10/2015 3

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