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Beau Willimon at Fordham
I saw Beau Willimon at Fordham University last evening - thanks to my colleague Beth Knobel (erstwhile CBS Moscow bureau chief) for arranging this. The hour was the best of this kind I've ever ...
PaulLev 04/01/2015 1 3 - -
British Invasion 50th Anniversary Concert in Tarrytown, NY: A Review
My wife and I caught the British Invasion 50th Anniversary Concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Main Street in Tarrytown, NY Saturday night - a few miles from home, attended with tickets she ...
PaulLev 03/04/2015 8 5 - -
Why I'm Not Too Upset about Sony Hack
Aaron Sorkin, among others, has been attacking the media for their reporting of the content of the Sony hacks - including, among other things, "an inappropriate and racially charged exchange" in ...
PaulLev 12/16/2014 22 4 - -
Media Coverage of Ferguson
brief discussion on Arise TV a few weeks ...
PaulLev 12/14/2014 4 1 - -
Lessons from Eric Garner
In the aftermath of the awful failure to indict Eric Garner's killer today in New York City - Staten Island, to be more precise - I can think of at least three important lessons we can get from this,
PaulLev 12/04/2014 4 - - -
Daniel Keyes, RIP
I was very saddened to hear about Daniel Keyes' passing yesterday. He was 86 years old. One of the most satisfying things I did as President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (...
PaulLev 06/17/2014 13 26 - -
Making First Amendment Violators Pay
Good news today for the First Amendment in New York City: the city has agreed to pay out $583,000 to fourteen people whose constitutional rights to peaceably assemble, guaranteed under the First ...
PaulLev 06/10/2014 1 4 - -
Amazon vs. Hachette: I Stand with Amazon
The dispute between Amazon and publisher Hachette has dominated book talk on and off the Web this past month, as indicated in this biased anti-Amazon piece in the New York Times.
PaulLev 06/09/2014 63 11 - -
Annual Grump about Eastern Standard Time
With my clocks just fallen back an hour, as per Eastern Standard time, I gotta say that I really can't stand Standard time.
PaulLev 11/03/2013 21 8 - -
Father and Son and Paul McCartney
Been a good day for the family. Son Simon's pathbreaking interview with Sir Paul McCartney was published in Rolling Stone . It contains such gems as McCartney reminiscing about "Being for the ...
PaulLev 07/26/2013 25 35 1 -
Justice in America: The View from the Jury
I finished serving on a jury a few days ago - I was foreperson of a jury in a fairly serious criminal trial - and I wanted to give you my impressions and thoughts while still fresh in my mind. This ...
PaulLev 05/25/2013 37 21 - -
Chris Matthews Fails in History of Mathematics
Just saw Chris Matthews on MSNBC completely mangle the difference between the Roman numeral system and the Arabic system, which replaced it and we now use.
PaulLev 03/07/2013 23 5 - -
Obama vs. Romney: Social vs. Mass Media
As the dust begins to settle on what just about everyone agrees was a weak performance by Barack Obama in his debate with Mitt Romney on Tuesday night, it's interesting to think about what the most ...
PaulLev 10/05/2012 9 2 - 66
Romney's "47%" Video and Social Media
As the video clip of Mitt Romney's "47%" remark does increasing damage to his campaign - latest polls show him trailing by 10% in Ohio, and by almost as big margins in other swing states - we have ...
PaulLev 09/27/2012 4 7 - 58
Social Media and Politics
interview about Pinterest, Foursquare, and social media and ...
PaulLev 08/11/2012 2 1 - 23
video: Why Bloomberg Is Doubly Wrong
I talk to Chuck Scarborough on NY Nightly News about the double unconstitutionality of Bloomberg's clearing of Zuccotti Park.
PaulLev 11/16/2011 1 1 - 23
Good Day Street Talk - on Fox-NY - discusses Occupy Wall Street
Tai Hernandez interviews Nicole Gelinas, Jed Morey, me, Basil Smikle, Thomas Borelli - we're on a panel - about Occupy Wall Street on Fox-NY's Good Day Street Talk yesterday morning (interview taped ...
PaulLev 10/23/2011 3 5 - 49
US Supreme Court Wisely Strikes Down California Ban on Video Games
Good news for video game enthusiasts and First Amendment advocates: the US Supreme Court today wisely struck down a California ...
PaulLev 06/27/2011 10 4 - 113
Olbermann back on Countdown - Now on Current TV
Great to see Keith Olbermann back on Countdown - on Current TV. Agree or not with his views and stylings, his return proves that a spineless, often brainless network - in this case, MSNBC - does ...
PaulLev 06/20/2011 3 3 - 75
Shameful and Wrong for NATO Strike to Kill Gaddafi Grandchildren
I just want to express my outrage that a NATO air strike killed three of Gaddafi's grandchildren in Lybia.
PaulLev 04/30/2011 147 19 - 414
China Goes Totalitarian about Time Travel
I've been fortunate about my books in China - at this point, seven have been translated into Chinese, and are available to students, ...
PaulLev 04/11/2011 12 8 - 131
On the Road to Another Unconstitutional War?
Korea, Vietnam, Iraq1, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq2 all have something in common: wars the US pursued without the Declaration of War explicitly required in our Constitution by both houses of Congress.
PaulLev 03/18/2011 26 9 1 112
Time to Say Goodbye to Nuclear Energy
I tend to be an outspoken optimist about technology. I love almost everything about the Internet, want faster trains and planes, and think genetic engineering could be the greatest boon to human ...
PaulLev 03/15/2011 105 15 - 277
McLuhan on Social Media in the Middle East
Video of my February 23, 2011 lecture at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY: "North Africa Shows the Medium is Still the Message: McLuhan at 100"
PaulLev 03/03/2011 5 2 - 53
Another Good Day for the First Amendment
Another good inning for the First Amendment and freedom of expression today, as the the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New ...
PaulLev 07/13/2010 21 9 - 28
Dylan Ratigan Mistakes Theodore Roosevelt for Harry Truman
Harry Truman famously said about Republicans - when he was urged to "Give 'em hell, Harry" - "I never give them hell. I just tell ...
PaulLev 07/06/2010 99 6 1 31
Obama's First Oval Office Address: The Limits of Talk
I thought the high point of President Obama's first address to the nation from the Oval Office was his invocation of American success in producing planes and tanks in World War II, and our success ...
PaulLev 06/15/2010 30 3 - 24
New Threat to First Amendment with Cyberspace Act
Senator Joe Lieberman is at it again - the "it" being a disregard for the First Amendment and the freedoms it protects - this time being ...
PaulLev 06/12/2010 13 6 - 28
Calling out Chris Matthews for his Attacks on Steven Chu
I was half listening to Chris Matthews on Hardball last night, but heard yet another snipe from Matthews' about Energy Secretary's Steven Chu's Nobel Prize. This must have been the 6th or 7th time ...
PaulLev 06/08/2010 62 30 - 103
Obama on College Seminars and Kicking Asses: A Response
President Obama's interview by Matt Lauer on tomorrow's Today show - or at least an excerpt from it - is receiving a lot of attention.
PaulLev 06/07/2010 11 5 - 18
Concern about Kagan's First Amendment Position
President Obama has for the second time nominated someone to the US Supreme Court whose views on the First Amendment and its role in our society give cause for concern.
PaulLev 05/11/2010 117 8 - 19
Why Arizona Immigration Law is Unconstitutional
There has been a lot of discussion of the unconstitutionality of the new Arizona Immigration Law, which would allow police to stop any person they may find "suspicious" - or have "reasonable ...
PaulLev 04/29/2010 72 5 1 101
Armstrong, Lovell, and Cernan Right to Criticize Obama on Space
I heard Dylan Ratigan and Arianna Huffington blithely say, on Ratigan's show on MSNBC this afternoon, that they supported Obama's cutback of some of the space program, including the Orion, ...
PaulLev 04/15/2010 52 5 - 168
Why the Supreme Court's Allowing Direct Corporate Spending on Elections is Correct
Good for the US Supreme Court for overturning the 20-year ban on direct corporate spending on elections. Last time I checked, the First Amendment - "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the ...
PaulLev 01/24/2010 83 1 - 10
Deceitful Bloggers Should be Denounced, Not Fined
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced yesterday that, starting December 1, 2009, bloggers could be held liable - to the tune of up to $11,000 in fines - for not disclosing that they were paid ...
PaulLev 10/06/2009 43 6 - 62
Sen. Franken vs. Judge Sotomayor on the Internet & the 1st Amendment
Kudos to Senator Al Franken for bringing up the importance of the Internet and First Amendment today in his questions to Judge Sotomayor in her Senate confirmation hearings. Franken asked Sotomayor ...
PaulLev 07/15/2009 36 30 1 95
Sotomayor vs. the 1st Amendment: An Interview with Avery & Lauren Doninger
My blog posts here on Daily Kos and elsewhere about Sonia Sotomayor's Appellate Court ruling on the Doninger case, and why its implications for the First Amendment raise concerns about her elevation ...
PaulLev 06/30/2009 6 1 - 25
Star Trek: Reborn, Reset, Resplendent
Star Trek, since its birth in our popular culture in 1966 on NBC television, has led a remarkable life. Canceled after three seasons due to an insufficiently large audience - of which my wife (then ...
PaulLev 05/08/2009 53 20 1 31
Sotomayor's Bad 1st Amendment Ruling Should Disqualify Her from High Court
According to Sam Stein in the Huffington Post, Sonia Sotomayor is "the odds-on favorite" to be chosen ...
PaulLev 05/02/2009 171 24 1 21
Why Are Republicans So Mean?
I often wonder, why are Republicans so mean? Yesterday, Barack Obama signed the S-chip bill into law, extending health care to millions of children. Previous Congresses had passed the legislation, ...
PaulLev 02/05/2009 63 9 - 96
NY Times Admits to Publishing Phony Letter about Caroline Kennedy
The New York Times just apologized for publishing a letter purported to be from Bertrand Delano�, Mayor of Paris, ...
PaulLev 12/22/2008 35 26 - 22
Golden Opportunity Missed with Blag's Bleepin' Golden
Here's what may seem like a minor issue, regarding the Rod Blagojevich outrage, Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference about it yesterday, and the media's reporting of it. Fitzgerald told us that he ...
PaulLev 12/10/2008 5 1 - 2
MSNBC Runs Canned "Doc-Bloc" While Mumbai Burns
I was just looking for a few minutes at MSNBC. You know what they were reporting? Nothing, really. From 6-8PM, and who knows how much longer today, MSNBC had on its canned "Caught on Camera," with ...
PaulLev 11/28/2008 82 24 1 25
Give Auto Companies the Loans - with Strings
I don't like rewarding the dumb and greedy policies of the big auto companies - for example, churning out huge numbers of gas-guzzling SUVs, when it was clear Americans were wisely getting tired of ...
PaulLev 11/20/2008 9 2 1 2
Keeping President Obama With His Email
You see the story in New York Times yesterday? Prospects do not look for Barack Obama to continue sending and ...
PaulLev 11/16/2008 14 4 1 2
Obama Needs to Speak Out on California's Ban of Gay Marriage
Amidst the celebration of Tuesday's revolutionary election, the enemies of freedom snuck around the back when no one was looking and voted to ban gay marriage in California. Obama carried California ...
PaulLev 11/08/2008 311 16 - 20
The Shame of Joe Lieberman
Senators Joe Lieberman and Harry Reid met today, to discuss Lieberman's future in the Democratic caucus. With the Democrats presently still short of the magic number of 60 Senators needed to ...
PaulLev 11/06/2008 34 6 - 3
Polls Won Big Last Night, Too
Not only Barack Obama and the American people won big last night - so did the polls that predicted Obama would win the Presidency. They weren't perfect - some of the polls saw Obama winning the ...
PaulLev 11/05/2008 9 1 - 2
I Just Voted Democratic for Obama - Not as Obvious as You Might Think
Readers will of course not be surprised that I voted for Obama. But I don't often vote for candidates on the Democratic line. Not that I ever vote Republican.
PaulLev 11/04/2008 4 1 - 2
Joan Baez Sings Dylan, Lennon, Earle, and Speaks Obama at NY Town Hall Concert
My wife and I just returned from Joan Baez's splendid concert at Town Hall in New York City, where she celebrated half a century of singing and campaigning for peace, justice, sanity, and the better ...
PaulLev 10/28/2008 16 20 2 11
Making Sure The Polls on Election Day Equal the Polls for Obama Today
As we move into the last 10 days before the most important election of our time, it is well to bear in mind the world of difference between two processes that have the same name: polls (as in ...
PaulLev 10/25/2008 5 3 - 3
Preaching to the Choir, I Know, But...
As some of you may know, I write time travel stories, I also write about time travel, and review my favorite time travel movies and television shows. I also have a secret, invisible portal in my ...
PaulLev 10/23/2008 1 - - 7
Sarah Palin on SNL: She's Good as Tina Fey, and That's the Problem
I just saw Sarah Palin in the Saturday Night Live opener. Palin's skit revolved around the indistinguishability of her and Tina Fey's impression of her. The highpoint was a bit in which Alec ...
PaulLev 10/18/2008 247 18 1 20
New Republican Tic: Spreading the Wealth
The Republicans are making a big deal about Barack Obama's words to Joe the Plumber that he wants to "spread the wealth". This looks like it may be on the verge of becoming a ...
PaulLev 10/17/2008 26 4 - -
Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman Cites Asimov's Foundation Series as Inspiration
A great moment on the PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer tonight, when new Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman was asked by Lehrer what inspired him to become an economist. Krugman replied it was ...
PaulLev 10/14/2008 70 54 2 133
Biden, Hillary and Bill Speak to Better Instincts of Americans in Scranton, PA
I just saw Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton give inspiring speeches on CSPAN at a campaign rally for Obama in Scranton, PA. Inspiring - literally - as in uplifting, appealing to our ...
PaulLev 10/12/2008 47 23 1 -
Republican Suppression of Voting in Historical Context
America was founded amidst sharply different views of the democratic process. All of our Founding Fathers agreed with that should be free of the British crown. But one group of Founding Fathers, led ...
PaulLev 10/10/2008 2 1 1 -
Obama Does a Little Better in 2nd Debate, Moves a Lot Closer to the White House
John McCain did ok in tonight's debate. Barack Obama did better. McCain needed to score a knock-out punch in the debate in order to reverse his skid in the polls. Given that he only did ok, and ...
PaulLev 10/07/2008 4 2 - 1
Field Guide to Republican Tics
Not to worry, I'm not going to burden you with a complete or even partial Field Guide to Republican Tics here. But I thought I would shine a light on a few of them - and from time to time add more - ...
PaulLev 10/03/2008 10 1 - 1
Bloomberg Wants Third Term: Good, Term Limits Are Anti-Democratic
The New York Times reports that Mike Bloomberg may run for a third term as Mayor of New York City,
PaulLev 09/30/2008 74 - - 3
McCain May Be Biggest Loser in Bailout Failure
McCain rode in on a white horse last week, put his campaign on hold, asked to delay the Presidential debate, and accomplished ... bupkis. The bailout failed to pass the House. Introduced by the ...
PaulLev 09/29/2008 29 10 - -
Posting Financial Bailout Bill Online Big Step for Democracy
I just saw House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discuss some of the details of the Wall Street bailout bill - the one that most people think Senate and House Democrats and Senate Republicans will approve, but ...
PaulLev 09/28/2008 20 16 - 11
Chris Matthews Channels McLuhan: Is McCain Too "Hot" for Television?
It was a good night for media theorist Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) on MSBC's Hardball tonight, as Chris Matthews wondered if John McCain was too "hot" for television... Let's unpack this, as the ...
PaulLev 09/23/2008 15 7 1 -
The "Petulant, Irritable Grouch"
"He's a petulant, irritable grouch" ... Quick - Who could that be? I bet you don't need three guesses. It was said about John McCain, in particular the tone of his response to the Wall Street crisis,
PaulLev 09/20/2008 10 2 - 1
Biden's Experience Best to Help with Lehman Bros Collapse
The collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank, due to $60 billion in bad real estate holdings, is very bad ...
PaulLev 09/15/2008 12 3 1 -
As Bad as Banning Books: Palin Fired the Librarian
Public lending libraries are one of the bedrocks of American freedom. Benjamin Franklin founded the first one in this country. They invite everyone to read what they want, to explore and sample ...
PaulLev 09/14/2008 25 5 - 4
Who Cares What Reporters Don't Know about the Bush Doctrine - What Counts is What Palin Doesn't Know
Reporters and commentators - for example, David Gergen on CNN last night - are falling all over themselves in an attempt to be fair about Sarah Palin's blank response to Charlie Gibson's question ...
PaulLev 09/12/2008 27 6 - 3
Pros and Cons of Olbermann and Matthews No Longer Election Anchors
It's being reported all over that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will no longer be anchoring special election coverage ...
PaulLev 09/08/2008 20 1 - 9
How Can McCain Protect America with a Totally Inexperienced Vice President?
I thought John McCain's speech at the Republican convention was the best of his career. His life story is moving, and I believe him that he wants to protect America. But I'm truly wondering: how ...
PaulLev 09/04/2008 1 - - -
GOP Bashes Media for Coverage of Palin, Who Gives Sarcastic Speech at Convention
Joe Klein has an important post on his Time blog in which he details Republican attempts in the past few days to make the ...
PaulLev 09/03/2008 4 3 - -
A DA (Not) and a Democrat (Not) Address the GOP Convention
Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman addressed the Republican National Convention tonight. Thompson was a Senator a decade ago, but he's best known for more recently playing a New York District Attorney ...
PaulLev 09/02/2008 1 - - -
St. Paul Police Who Arrest Journalists Are Criminals
Salon reported that well known journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was arrested on the street in St. Paul, MN as she was ...
PaulLev 09/01/2008 4 8 - -
Sarah Palin's Family is Not Relevant; Her Zero Experience Is
Just a note to say that I think Sarah Palin's family is not relevant to her campaign for Vice President, even if she and the Republicans hypocritically try to make family values an issue. What ...
PaulLev 09/01/2008 23 3 - -
Obama's Speeches and FDR's Fireside Chats
I was quoted as follows in the Baltimore Sun this morning - "I think what we have been ...
PaulLev 08/31/2008 3 1 - -
Obama Sagely Calls McCain Out on "Temperament" to be President
Barack Obama delivered a new kind of acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention - one which I bet the Republicans will have a hard time responding to. Part soaring rhetoric, part specific ...
PaulLev 08/28/2008 17 9 - -
The Cable All-News Networks Diss John Kerry
Earlier this evening, Bill Clinton and John Kerry gave two outstanding speeches at the Democratic National Convention. The arrogant cable networks carried only Bill Clinton's. Once again, CSPAN came ...
PaulLev 08/27/2008 35 23 1 29
Hillary Clinton Gives Powerful Speech, in Scene for the Ages
The best part of Hillary Clinton's speech tonight was when she asked her supporters whether they had voted for her in the primaries, or voted for the people who needed her, whom she championed in ...
PaulLev 08/26/2008 7 5 1 9
Michelle Obama's Speech: Bringing Home America
I never thought Michelle Obama owed her Republican critics or tone-deaf people of any political view an apology for her style and her concerns about America. There is indeed a lot that is mean about ...
PaulLev 08/25/2008 18 9 - 97
"Jesus, Joe, Get a Shovel!"
I don't have a video of this yet, but, trust me, you'll see it soon on YouTube - Live covering the Democratic Convention on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough was explaining that the McCain campaign is feeling ...
PaulLev 08/25/2008 9 8 - -
Biden and Amtrak
One of the things I find most persuasive about Joe Biden is that he rides Amtrak every day between ...
PaulLev 08/23/2008 24 16 - 33
CNN Says Obama Picks Biden for VP
John King on CNN just reported that Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden as the Democratic VP candidate. I would have preferred Hillary Clinton - both because of the votes she ...
PaulLev 08/22/2008 22 4 1 7
McCain's Shifting Cone of Silence
I thought McCain did better than Obama in the twin interviews conducted by Rev. Rick Warren in California Saturday. McCain's answers were crisper, more decisive. I recall saying to my wife that ...
PaulLev 08/18/2008 7 3 - -
I'm A Progressive Libertarian Voting for Obama
People often ask me how I would describe myself politically - actually, not so much people these days, as places such as Facebook, etc. I don't like labels. But I've recently begun to list myself, ...
PaulLev 08/16/2008 27 12 - 15
Announcing Obama's Choice Through Email Not Good Idea
You've no doubt heard about the Obama campaign's announcement that everyone in Obama's online community will be "first" to know about his choice for VP running mate, which will be communicated via ...
PaulLev 08/11/2008 135 1 - 27
Critics of Obama's Overseas Performance Lack History and Knowledge of Rhetoric, Politics, and Fame
Some responses to the criticism of Barack Obama that has followed his speech in Berlin last week. Summary: I think the criticisms all show a poor understanding of history, and the nature of politics,
PaulLev 07/31/2008 10 6 1 -
Take it From a College Prof: Obama's 'Missing' Paper is Another Conservative Red Herring
(From the diaries -- Susan) Conservative columnists have been trying to make a big deal about a paper that Barack Obama wrote when he was a student at Columbia University - they seem to ...
PaulLev 07/25/2008 277 227 9 163
Janet Jackson's Breast Unfined: Score One for the First Amendment
Score a big one for the First Amendment today. "The First Amendment precludes the FCC from sanctioning CBS for the indecent expressive conduct" of Janet Jackson's nine-sixteenths-of-a-second ...
PaulLev 07/21/2008 28 9 - 24
The Dark Knight Transcends - It's A Democratic (Party) Movie
I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight, and it is eons better than any previous Batman movie, or, for that matter, any Superman or other movie made of a comic book character. In fact, The Dark ...
PaulLev 07/18/2008 29 8 - 25
New Jersey Councilman Davis "Tired of Seeing Your Behind"
Not your behind, necessarily, unless you wear saggy pants, below the buttocks, in Paterson, New Jersey. If you do, ...
PaulLev 07/17/2008 14 1 - -
McCain Disdains Trains, Barack Backs Amtrak
I've always loved trains, especially in the Northeast corridor. You can get to the heart of just about any big city from Boston to Washington, DC with less aggravation and often faster than a plane. ...
PaulLev 07/15/2008 88 37 2 33
Suggestion for Next New Yorker Cover
I can't see the inane New Yorker Obama cover having any adverse effect on the campaign. Who of Obama's supporters would change their vote because of this? Who of those who don't like Obama will be ...
PaulLev 07/14/2008 30 4 - -
Just Another Reason I'm Lovin' My Prius
Well, I've glowingly blogged and podcast ...
PaulLev 07/13/2008 66 12 2 30
Obamas Created Illuminating, Important History in Family Interview - A Response to Andrew Sullivan
I'm really surprised about the flack Obama has been catching about the recent interview of him and his family - Michelle, and daughters Malia (age 10) and Sasha (age 7) - by Maria Menounos on Access ...
PaulLev 07/10/2008 8 5 - -
Secret Service Owes America an Explanation for Violation of 1st Amendment
You've all likely read about this, and/or seen the video: A 60-year old librarian in Denver was carrying a sign with the message, McCain=Bush, as she waited to attend a McCain town hall meeting at ...
PaulLev 07/08/2008 49 19 - 26
Obama Playing it like Ancient Athens
Good for Barack Obama for deciding to accept the Democratic Party nomination for President this August in a huge outdoor football stadium in Denver. Stadiums are usually thought of nowadays as ...
PaulLev 07/07/2008 1 9 - 3
Pete Seeger on the 4th of July: The Truest American Hero
My wife and I saw "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" last night. Part of PBS's superb American Masters series, "The Power of Song" may well win an Emmy this year, and it would be eminently ...
PaulLev 07/04/2008 30 46 1 32
Obama's Modified Positions Make Sense
Barack Obama has received considerable criticism for changing his positions on public financing (will now not use it in his campaign), and on FISA (supports the bill passed by the House). A few ...
PaulLev 07/03/2008 22 6 - -
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