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I am an idiot
I have a good friend that I have been lunching with for ten years. She and I have helped each other through many challenging life events during our weekly lunch therapy. She is one of the smartest ...
Paula68154 01/04/2013 48 16 - -
Don't Feed the Trolls
Don't feed trolls. Don't give them water. If you really want to make their life even more miserable, work to get Dems elected! I understand and appreciate that when a troll baits you that you hear ...
Paula68154 08/15/2011 5 7 - 135
Any SMEs on US Unfunded Mandates?
Im looking for some information on US unfunded mandates, so are there any Kossacks that are subject matter experts (SMEs)? I believe that the right is going to make this their next argument over ...
Paula68154 07/16/2011 1 - - 21
Twitter names round up
I don't know if there is an official Kos Twitterers, Tweeters, whatevlist but I would like to have more people from our site to tweet with and follow. There are so many great thinkers and writers ...
Paula68154 05/27/2011 32 5 1 98
Press releases the long form birth cert
this morning to reporters. Pres to make a statement at 9:45 am, est.
Paula68154 04/27/2011 2 1 - 72
2012 Plan: ensure Palin is on the tkt
So I have been thinking about Tuesday's results. It was a WTF moment for me. All the gains we have made the all the gains we were going to make..... I was pretty bummed out. Why, what happened? I ...
Paula68154 11/05/2010 27 1 - 17
We must GOTV!
Just surfing the net reading great blogs like dkos won't help anyone get elected! On Nov 3, we can resume our normal activites. Please do some get out the vote (GOTV) for your local democrats! I ...
Paula68154 10/30/2010 6 7 - 32
Nebraska dems, meet me 4 GOTV
Just a short diary..... I will not lay down, I will stand. Will you stand with me? Meet me in Omaha at 49th/Dodge to Get Out The Vote at Tom White's hq. I'll bring some yummies. We can meet for ...
Paula68154 10/29/2010 3 5 - 31
My GOTV program
This is a short post, but I decided to hell with the diary police. My plan is simple: I plan to get all my democratic friends to vote this November by either going to lunch or dinner after we vote. ...
Paula68154 07/19/2010 3 4 - 25
Gov can be for good
The government, taxpayers, helped me when I needed it so thank you! It was 1991, and I was 24 and had not gone to college. I got pregnant.
Paula68154 06/02/2010 4 - - 24
Non christians: SDSU
I got this email from my christian sister who knows by political beliefs. I did not respond because it's not worth the arguement (me vs entire and extended family). It makes me want to vomit. ...
Paula68154 05/25/2010 20 3 - 20
Just something to smile about: OSU Glee Flash Mob
Hey, I came across this and it made me smile. Given the news lately, I needed something to smile about and thought you might too! This will remind us that the future is bright. These young ppl ...
Paula68154 05/04/2010 27 8 1 171
I have been banned by
I am not the first, and I won't be the last. I was banned for writing two posts to two diaries. My comments were not inflamatory, just questioning the diaries. The first one was regarding the ...
Paula68154 04/26/2010 58 7 - 29
Updated GOP speaking to my son's HS class
Scroll down for original post/background UPDATE 1 : We talk alot about politics in my house and I don't tell him that all republicians are bad and all ...
Paula68154 04/02/2010 14 19 - 38
Updated GOP speaking to my son's HS class
Nebraska's moronic congressman, Lee Terry, is speaking at my son's government class today. I had to sign a permission slip for him to attend it. It made my stomach turn to sign, but i did so because ...
Paula68154 04/01/2010 28 6 - 32
Rep. Neugebauer said it
MSNBC and TPM are reporting that Rep Neugebauer admitted to yelling " killer..." to Stupak during his floor speech yesterday. He credits the atomsphere for his outburst. Funny, that what they ...
Paula68154 03/22/2010 20 4 - 17
TPM: Stupak is getting primaried from the left!
TPM reports that former teacher and county commissioner will challenge Rep. Bart Stupak in the Aug. 3 Democratic primary in Michigan (according to he Detroit Free Press). Her name is Connie ...
Paula68154 03/09/2010 86 38 - 27
This is brief: Westboro Church is protesting my son's public school today, now, for their club supporting gays and leisbans, and for their recent production of Rent (pg version). Millard North ...
Paula68154 03/05/2010 6 2 - 94
So I am watching the HCR Summit
and so far my conclusion is that there is no way that both sides can meet in the middle or on the side or anywhere. This is just heart-breaking for me. I really thought that Republicans would work ...
Paula68154 02/25/2010 14 8 - 12
Joe's You Tube request for campaign donations
I would assume he is getting scared in light of the $500M* raised for his opponent in less than 24 hours. Here's my evidence: M=100, ...
Paula68154 09/10/2009 40 6 - 2
Where is Rep. Lee Terry's Plan?
Hi all, Before I attended Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry's TH last week, I researched his stance on HCR. Basically, he wants to let everyone in on the Federal Employee's Benefit Plan. I called his ...
Paula68154 09/01/2009 3 1 - 3
NE Nelson's town hall live right now
Senator Nelson is holding a town hall meeting right now. You can log on at the link below. Nebraskan are typically nice people so I would be surprised to see any big out ...
Paula68154 08/19/2009 30 8 - 13
How do we show our strength?
I've been reading this John Gault stuff and it just irrates me. Don't get me wrong, creativity is important to our economy, but I am tired of being considered unimportant to our economy because I am ...
Paula68154 03/12/2009 4 1 - 3
Ten Rep Wamp says that health care is a privilege
Wow! Health care is a privilege according to Tennessee Rep Zach Wamp. Lucky for him he has great health insurance provided by us. Words cannot express my fustration. He claims that people turn down ...
Paula68154 03/05/2009 10 4 - 2
Nebraska senator response to no vote on stimulus
I had my policitical awakening this year, and now there is no turning back. Ignorance was bliss, for now I am obessed and addicted. I am thinking I made need an intervention but who to call? So today,
Paula68154 03/02/2009 44 10 - 17
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