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I had intended on doing another diary on phonebanking for Debra Bowen's campaign, which is a really effective way to contribute.  My first phonebanking diary earlier this week was on virtual online phonebanking, while my next one will cover phonebanking for those of us in the district.  

But for the moment I'm putting that aside because I'm riled up about some fundraising information I've been noticing these past few days which provides such an amazing contrast between the Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen campaigns, at least as far as what you can tell on ActBlue.  

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 at 10:38 PM PDT

Debra Bowen Supporters:Let's Get Calling

by PeteB2

Hopefully, you're already on board supporting Debra Bowen as the next representative for the 36th Cong. District in California in the seat that Jane Harman quit from just a couple weeks ago.  (If you're not yet familiar with Debra Bowen and why she's worth supporting, take a look here: "Why Debra Bowen") The Governor today set the election date May 17, just two short months from now.  (If no one gets over 50% of the votes cast, then the top two will go head-to-head in a July 12 election.)

This diary isn't going to be asking you to donate to her campaign (although there's an Actblue page for Kossacks to show support here).  Instead of asking you to give money - which, sadly, is a limited resource - I'm going to ask you to donate (in a way) something more valuable which paradoxically you may have an endless supply of:  Weekend Minutes!

For those of you with an internet connection and free weekend minutes, you can make phonebanking calls for Debra's campaign without any cost to you.  Without coming up with any money to contribute or having to travel to get to this district, you can accomplish the same exact important work that volunteers are doing here locally by phonebanking from your home.  

Whereas Janice Hahn has a lot of the local political machinery behind her, Debra has connection with a wider grassroots and netroot community.  We made sure she got elected as Secretary of State, and her campaign is needing us to step up again for her.

I've done some phonebanking from the campaign office using the online system and it's pretty simple to use since you don't have to fumble with any papers - it's all on your screen.  

So if you have an interest in helping out the campaign, an internet connection, and a phone that won't cost you to make calls, please sign up as a virtual phonebanker for an hour or two each week.  Our contact person at the campaign office is Peter Berg who can be reached at 310-212-6792.  Let him know you are a netroots supporter of Debra's and want to virtual phone bank and he'll set you up with an account and you'll be ready to call.  If you want to shoot me a message over DKos to let me know you're doing calls, that would be great so we coordinate activities as a group signs on to get involved.  If there's enough of us doing it, there's a lot of potential to coordinate efforts with a scheduled DKos phonebank day and combine it with a fundraising drive.  

I'm not especially talented at coordinating something like this, so if you'd like to help out, it would be certainly appreciated, please chime in or send a message.  

I would also request that if you're a Kossack for Debra Bowen, please rec the diary to send that message and/or chime in with a supportive word for Debra in the comments.  If you're a supporter, let everyone know it!

(And if you're local, come to Torrance and make calls from the campaign office, which is just down the street from the Red Car Brewery, which has fabulous beer for a post-phonebanking refreshment.)


Have you made phonbank calls for a political campaign before?

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I'll try to make this short.  Stephen Colbert has made the media focus on the plight of farmworkers who are abused because they have no rights, and done this better than anyone else for a really long time.  You've probably seen his testimony delivered "in character":

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Tue Aug 10, 2010 at 07:22 PM PDT

"Shop" at the Boot Boehner Golf Store

by PeteB2

In case you haven't seen it, the ad from Blue America PAC targeting John Boehner for his out of control golf habit is just brilliant.  

In "honor" of Boehner's every-third-day golf habit (paid for by corporate lobbyists), I've created a golf-themed ActBlue page where you can 'buy' a golf item, with your money going to Blue America PAC to fund more spots for this awesome ad.  

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The purpose of this diary is to get you to donate to or volunteer for Marcy Winograd's campaign.  I'll match the first $5 you give to Marcy at my ActBlue page for her.  Also, if you pledge to phonebank or precinct walk for her, I'll kick in to her campaign as well.  (Volunteer signup form here).

Why contribute to Winograd?  I'll give you 3 reasons:

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Blanche Lincoln has been getting a lot of attention for calling the League of Conservation Voters extremists, and for obstructing progress on health care reform, particularly on the public option.  

But let's put a spotlight on some of the other areas where Blanche Lincoln has been horrible for Arkansans and all Americans.


The thing that leaped to my mind was Lincoln's going to bat for the super-rich at the expense of everyone else, when she signed onto a Republican plan in 2009 to cut estate taxes on the top 0.2% richest of the population by over $250 billion.

Follow below the fold for more.

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This is a quickie diary for fellow Californians.  We are withering on the vine here because Republicans have been using the 2/3 rule against us.  

But thanks to 2 Republicans, we now have a great opportunity to get within one seat of that threshold in the State Senate:  Arnold named a Republican Senator to replace the now vacated Lt. Governor seat, and it just so happens it's in a district that favors the election of a Democrat!  

All it takes is a majority in both houses to confirm Maldonado, and once that happens, then we'll be able to make sure a Dem fills his Senate seat.  Dems have the wide majority in both houses, so this is a sure thing right?

Amazingly, it's not.  (follow below)

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I will not be able to attend the convention, which has me bummed.  I got so much out of attending the Austin NN last year.

However, in the interest of turning lemons into lemonade, I'd like to donate whatever I can get from the sale of my registration (which I bought for $175) to the NNFT, plus $5.   Best real offer by end of day gets it.  

Please reply if interested.


UPDATE:  Title corrected - I had mistakenly indicated that Geoghegan was trying to invalidate Burris' appointment; rather, he's trying to force the state to do a special election rather than let him sit in office as an unelected Senator for Illinois for the remainder of Obama's term (almost two years)

Even if Tom Geoghegan doesn't win next Tuesday (something that he certainly could do with enough local grassroots support and nationwide netroots pitching in with last minute cash or phonebanking), he has been the most effective voice in eliminating undemocratic and unconstitutional Senate appointments by governors to fill vacancies instead of holding special elections.  Burris got appointed not on a temporary basis until the people of IL could vote on a replacement, but to fill the rest of the term.  I really appreciate that Geoghegan is going to bat to fight having an unelected Senator in place for two years. I first heard his interview on Thom Hartmann's show on this very subject and he's been making a stink about it since.    

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We have definitely seen that capitulating on your position and getting nothing in return except demands to give up even more is very damaging.  We get quite upset when Democrats engage in this practice, which in DC is called Bipartisanship.    Why this is a bad thing to do is pretty obvious in terms of effective negotiation.  You need to make your case as strongly as possible; in the end you may compromise, but make the most of your case to get as much as you can.  With Obama's potential to rally support on the popular stimulus bill, for example, and the daily dour economic news, he held the trump card. Yet he gave away things as if he had a week hand.  A mistake to negotiate against himself, and there's widespread agreement on this.  

There's been a lot of reaction to Obama's unnecessary capitulation that has argued for more partisanship.  This is very misguided, and sells our self short.

Our interests are a lot more noble than that, and we are unnecessarily putting ourselves on the same (low) level as Republicans. (BELOW FOR MORE)  

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In short, yes you will if I can't get enough of you to chip in some money on Tom Geoghegan's congressional campaign by midnight tonight.  You see, I need to max out my donation limit on my mini-fundraiser for Tom with just a few hours to go till it's over - to fail to make it would truly suck.  

I've had 18 people donate to Tom Geoghegan on my ActBlue site for him and I need another 7 to reach my goal of getting at least 25 people to donate $10 or more to his campaign by the end of today. For each donor of $10 or more by the end of midnight on that page, I'll give $10.   It will be disappointing if I can't get there, so please make me open my wallet.

Why Tom Geoghegan, you ask? (follow below fold)

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This will be a short diary - my message is pretty simple.

* Debbie Cook is a great candidate, a good progressive, and will represent the 46th district with distinction;

* Dana Rohrabacher is a bum

* If you give to Debbie here by tomorrow (Monday) midnight

* I'll match your donation.

* Get bigger bang for your progressive donation - give to Debbie now.  


.... I actually have a personal anecdote I have to add that demonstrates how important it is for Debbie to get the message out.  Follow below the fold.

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