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What do the exit polls reveal?
A simple exit poll question, "Who did you vote for in 2012", would have said more about this 85MM electorate than anything else. 2012's 129MM electorate, without the (as Fox News complains) "hope ...
PeterY 11/08/2014 7 1 - -
Learning to talk to Southern men?
I've heard the pleas to progressives from DLC apologists to accommodate Southern men. Unfortunately the only way they can be placated is by acquiescing in the voter suppression Rethugs and ALEC are ...
PeterY 11/06/2012 43 3 - -
Is MSM on a nostalgia binge...
...for the days when minority vote didn't affect elections? Widely acknowledged as the last election in which Rethugs stand a chance, is nostalgia for the pre-2008 political landscape what's driving ...
PeterY 11/01/2012 2 - - -
Gallup's LV model has Non-Hispanic white vote at 80%
The most recent (October 16) breakdown of the LV spread, the same one that shows the South as producing all of Romney's national LV spread, also has data for non-hispanic white & non-white spreads ...
PeterY 10/21/2012 52 14 - -
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