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Mon May 03, 2010 at 09:59 AM PDT


by Phil T Duck

Not much of a diary here. Just a quick rundown on happenings in Nashville and surrounding areas. I've included scenes from the local news and personal experience from the last 24 hours.

There are a couple of other diaries posted about this event. I encourage you to read those as well.

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Fri Apr 23, 2010 at 12:58 PM PDT

Something Uplifting

by Phil T Duck

I had the most unexpected and interesting encounter with someone yesterday. It was a meeting of two strangers with something in common, and it truly made my day.

For the whole story, join me below the fold.

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Thu Apr 22, 2010 at 06:49 PM PDT

Question & Answer Time

by Phil T Duck

This week we've been treated to hundreds of photographs and many videos from recent Teabagger rallies from across the country. We saw and heard dozens of idiots saying they were "tired of losing our freedoms" and threatening to "take our country back."

About the same time, supernut Glenn Beck continued calling Progressives a "cancer" on America, and encouraged his brainwashed followers to "do something." What to do, exactly, is apparently left up to the brainwashed followers. (You know, the ones who loves 'em some guns.)

The statements ubiquitous at Teabagger rallies, and the ones made by their conspiracy guru Beck, beg many serious questions.

I guess it's too much to think that the answers to these questions should clear things up for them.

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Thu Apr 15, 2010 at 03:22 PM PDT

Tax-Day Two-Fer

by Phil T Duck

I address two brief topics in this diary.

All the fun is below the fold.

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I've been at my current job for five years now. For the last three of those years, I've had a Republican boss. His behavior was usually civil, if a little condescending. But since the election of President Obama and the rise of the Teabaggers, he's grown more and more resentful of those who think differently from him. Apparently feeling helpless against the general progressive movement in America, he has recently decided to take his frustration out on the Liberals working for him.

Join me below the fold for a blue-collar look at Republican reactionism.

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Mon Feb 01, 2010 at 09:41 PM PST

Notes from Behind Enemy Lines

by Phil T Duck

I live in the black heart of Teabagger country: Nashville. Here, local bookstores hang signs in the window that read "Obama hates business. The feeling is mutual." Here, the newspaper headline the day after the State of the Union speech read "Obama admits mistakes." Here, ALL the local news affiliates spend half their time talking about country music stars and repeating Republican talking points. Here, Glenn Beck’s books are always nearly sold out at the local Wal-Mart.

Such bias, with its accompanying lies, is thrown in my face constantly. Honestly, I expect no less from the local media; this is a red state, after all, and they must always "give the people what they want." But what really interests me is...bumper stickers.

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Wed Jan 27, 2010 at 04:56 PM PST

Conservatives Must Be Stopped

by Phil T Duck

Below the fold I argue that Conservatives are the most immediate threat to this country...and that their influence runs deeper than most people suspect.

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Mon Oct 26, 2009 at 05:58 PM PDT

Opting Out = Political Suicide

by Phil T Duck

The current health-care bill has serious drawbacks, and there's still a long way to go before any real change is passed. But the public option opt-out choice might just be cleverly hidden political genius.

Join me below the fold for my brief argument.

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Senator Grassley (Repugnant from Iowa) has suggested that requiring citizens of the United States to buy health insurance (a key piece of the Baucus bill now being debated in Washington) could be a violation of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

But there's another part of the Constitution that could be used to argue that the government of the United States has an obligation to provide at least cursory health insurance to its citizens.

Join me below the fold.

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Mon Oct 05, 2009 at 08:21 PM PDT

M-M-M-My Rant

by Phil T Duck

I saw something today that enraged me. This was the headline:

Creigh Deeds' Stutter Mocked by Prominent Endorser of GOP Candidate in Virginia Gubernatorial Race

I tend to take this sort of thing personally. Because I stutter.

Watch the video here and join me after the fold.

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Sat Oct 03, 2009 at 08:18 PM PDT

Beck is the Racist--and Worse

by Phil T Duck

We can all agree that Glenn Beck is a dangerous demagogue. He pushes lies on the weak-minded; he promotes fear among the anxious; he suggests violence to the already angry; he induces paranoia among the self-described disenfranchised. It's commonly believed that Glenn Beck is merely a paid shill, a propagandist for an elite few who are afraid of seeing their comfortable status-quo slip away. Many suggest that he's willing to say anything for the fame and fortune he receives for doing so, and that his statements are so backward and offensive that he can't possibly believe them himself.

But it might be worse than you think. More than a mere shill willing to say anything for ratings and money, the evidence is clear that he actually does believe the outrageous things he says. And his recent cries of racism against the president bely a perhaps unsurprising possibility: that it's Glenn Beck himself who is the racist.

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Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 03:39 PM PDT

One Small Victory

by Phil T Duck

My dad voted Republican this election because, as he put it, "That Palin is one hot broad."

But now he's changed his mind.

Betcha can't guess why...

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