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What Are You Trying to Accomplish?
This is the question that wracks my mind. As I listen to the way in which ardent Obama supporters talk about progressives, I find myself completely baffled as to what they're trying to accomplish. ...
Philoguy 08/22/2011 46 17 1 231
UPDATED: What is Neoliberalism?
Yesterday Cassiodorus wrote an excellent, albeit polemical, diary addressed to the ...
Philoguy 08/16/2011 730 371 34 2125
The Party of Prohibition
The great philosopher describes the right, not the left, as the side of prohibition. As I write this, earlier today this post was on ...
Philoguy 06/07/2011 4 5 - 74
What I Learned From My Religion Diary
After my last diary and the nearly six hundred comments that followed, ...
Philoguy 06/04/2011 287 41 1 668
Progressive Christians: I Don't Care About Your BELIEFS
I really don't. I'm GLAD that you're progressives. If these political commitments come from your religion that's great. I have no desire to get in arguments with you about whether or not God ...
Philoguy 06/03/2011 636 260 6 2399
Christianity by the Numbers
I often hear progressive Christians here accuse atheists and oppressed GLBT folk of "painting with a broad brush" when making generalizations about Christians. As a consequence, I decided to look ...
Philoguy 05/31/2011 160 22 - 361
An Apology to the Community
Yesterday I said things of which I am ashamed and that I believe were borderline racist. I suggested that many black people only ...
Philoguy 05/18/2011 58 15 - 442
Going Green: I Hate Mowing My Lawn
I really do. I just don't get the point of lawns. I'd much rather be doing research or watching a movie or arguing with my fellow idiots here at dailykos. It's probably in this context that an ...
Philoguy 05/17/2011 76 18 - 143
What is the Working Class?
In an excellent diary on embracing your class I was surprised to discover that many kossacks ...
Philoguy 05/09/2011 299 149 8 795
On the Nature of Terrorism
Although I was disturbed about the cheering and chanting I witnessed last night in response to the death of Osama bin Laden, this weekend was nonetheless a great day for America and the world. ...
Philoguy 05/02/2011 2 3 1 32
Religion and Love of the Neighbor
Today I received an email from one of my rightwing, religious fundamentalist college students telling me that God loves me, that Scripture is the Truth and way, that God wants me to love him and ...
Philoguy 04/19/2011 12 6 - 43
Listen to Country Music: The Conservative Mind
So today, as I listened to the new NPR radio station (great!) and the music playing on the station at the restaurant I was eating at I had an epiphany. At the outset, I wish to say that I do not ...
Philoguy 04/12/2011 19 8 - 123
Is it Possible for a Christian to be a Follower of Christ?
I'm going to argue no . I will say that many people I have met who call themselves Christians are followers of Christ, but I will simultaneously argue that you cannot both ...
Philoguy 04/11/2011 84 10 1 246
What I Care About: Obama and Economy
As I read the endless diaries in the Obama pie fights, I can't help but feel that the Obama supporters have no clue as to what I and people like me care about with respect to government. I am ...
Philoguy 04/10/2011 22 12 1 101
What is to Be Done?
Increasingly this is the question I find haunting me. At this point, it is pretty clear that our system is fundamentally broken and that there is little to no possibility of procedural ...
Philoguy 04/06/2011 44 21 1 127
I'm Numb
Today, on the community spotlight list I read Marianna76's diary telling us, yet again, that ...
Philoguy 03/21/2011 120 21 1 403
A Letter to the Religious Left: From a Godless Atheist
Today Dirkster42 posted an amazing diary on the invisibility of the religious left. This gay, ...
Philoguy 02/11/2011 52 30 9 219
I'm a Selfish Bastard: A Rant Against Altruism
Every once in a while I see, here on Dailykos, people who appeal to altruism as a foundation of progressive activism and values. Really? You seriously think that this motivates people? ...
Philoguy 02/03/2011 226 18 1 103
Some Remarks About Ideology
So there's some controversy going around about Palin's "blood libel" remark, and other controversies going around about whether "conservatives really want to kill us." At least that's what I've ...
Philoguy 01/12/2011 17 12 1 215
What Dad Taught Me About Healthcare and Corporations
On the rec list today there is an ...
Philoguy 11/23/2010 44 13 3 270
The Two Democratic Parties
Reading this diary, it occurred to me that there are two democratic parties. On ...
Philoguy 11/13/2010 145 37 2 95
Stockholm Syndrome, McFly, and Democrats
I wrote this comment elsewhere, but thought it might be good to post it in expanded form as a diary. As many have suggested elsewhere, many democrats seem to suffer from a sort of Stockholm ...
Philoguy 11/10/2010 30 26 2 287
Two Concepts of Messaging
Since the mid-terms there's been a lot of talk about messaging and failures of messaging. It seems to me that both progressives and ardent Obama supporters agree that the ...
Philoguy 11/08/2010 11 4 - 26
Uncomfortably Numb: Which Issues?
On the rec list today we have a diary expressing anguish over DADT.
Philoguy 09/24/2010 4 1 - 14
It's All About the Benjamins
It seems to me that we have an extremely distorted view of what leftist politics is about. For a large number of democrats, politics is framed as a war between republicans and democrats. The main ...
Philoguy 09/13/2010 62 8 1 38
No Place for Liberals
Today, in the comments responding to Laurence's fine front page diary , I learned that there is no place for ...
Philoguy 09/12/2010 243 53 1 55
Exhaustion With Party Politics
Today, on the recommended diary list, I read yet another ...
Philoguy 09/03/2010 123 22 1 40
Katrina vanden Heuvel:  The Top and the Bottom
This diary will be brief, but I wanted to draw the attention of kossacks to Katrina vanden Heuvel's appearance on The Ed Show today. Later when the footage is up (if I can find it, I'm not ...
Philoguy 06/10/2010 24 29 2 226
Progressive Want Obama To Succeed
In recent weeks I've noticed a disturbing trend in discussions about Obama's administration. On the one hand, increasingly we've seen diaries and comments that seek to rationalize , ...
Philoguy 01/22/2010 20 1 - 15
Christians of the World Unite!
In the last few days I've seen a lot of diaries defending Christianity and deploring those who point out that the killer of Tiller came out of a Christian environment saturated with hate, fanaticism,
Philoguy 06/02/2009 268 18 - 86
Frustrating Obama Surrogates: Economy and Taxes
This diary will be short. I am pissed. I am beyond pissed. I am seething. I am looking at poll numbers and reflecting on everything that is going on right now, and I have to confess that I cannot,
Philoguy 09/16/2008 39 5 - 3
Thoughts About Feminism-- Clinton and Patriarchy
I know I am stepping on toes by writing a diary such as this. As a man, someone might argue that I am not qualified to speak on such a topic. However, I have been consistently floored by "feminist"
Philoguy 03/25/2008 35 16 2 10
Rhetoric and How to Argue for Your Candidate
Unfortunately rhetoric tends to get a bad rap these days. It is seen as something that is dishonest and manipulative. Yet it is worth noting that at the very time democracy emerges in the ancient ...
Philoguy 03/06/2008 37 25 14 167
What Did You Expect? The Atmosphere at Dailykos
At present there are two diaries on the recommended list decrying the poor treatment of Clinton supporters by Dailykos and Obama supporters. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. As Kaiser Sosai ...
Philoguy 02/18/2008 27 21 - 8
For the Love of Corporations
I for one would like to welcome our new corporate overlords and assist them in any way possible. This, in effect, is what I read yesterday in a comment attached to a diary written by perhaps ...
Philoguy 12/14/2007 55 4 1 9
When Dialogue Goes Bad
This evening, while grading piles of essay quizzes and logic exams– with many more yet to go –I happened to catch a documentary on spree killers. Spree killers, of course, are people ...
Philoguy 11/27/2007 27 5 - 1
Friendly Advice for Candidate Supporters: UPDATED
At this point, I think both supporters and non-supporters of Clinton can agree that things have gotten out of hand at Dailykos. On all sides people are complaining about how the site has become a ...
Philoguy 11/25/2007 337 31 - 17
The Moral Deadlock of Social Conservativism-- The Craig Affair
In response to the recent revelations about Sen. Larry Craig (R), many have pointed out the odd coincidence that so many social conservatives who so loudly fight on behalf of what they believe to be ...
Philoguy 08/28/2007 2 7 1 10
Rightwing Resentment
In a very nice diary , Undercover Blue asks why the rightwing is so prone to hate. As a psychoanalyst, philosopher, political theorist,
Philoguy 01/04/2007 30 20 2 28
In Search of Political Tolerance
Warning : Much of the following is strictly satire. Follow the link to understand the context. *** In light of wiscmass's heroic and wise diary calling ...
Philoguy 11/25/2006 9 6 - 5
The Dead End of American Fundamentalism and
Philoguy 09/27/2005 10 6 - 2
Redstate Responds: Why I'm Even More Afraid
Philoguy 09/20/2005 46 8 - -
Why Conservatives Scare Me: Redstate
Philoguy 09/20/2005 55 7 1 -
Bush's Character
Philoguy 09/08/2005 9 6 - 1
The Republican Get of Jail Free Card
Philoguy 09/06/2005 16 5 - -
Michael Moore w/poll
Philoguy 07/28/2005 99 15 - -
By Any Means Necessary
Philoguy 07/28/2005 17 17 - -
We're Our Own Worst Enemies
Philoguy 07/26/2005 23 10 - -
Let's Give Up!: Progressive Principles are not Pragmatic
Philoguy 07/25/2005 40 8 - -
The Average Voter I: Political "Truisms"
Philoguy 07/13/2005 2 2 - -
The Political Power of Historical Mythology: Or the True American Heritage
Philoguy 07/12/2005 9 2 - -
[UPDATED] The Bigotry of the Left
Philoguy 07/10/2005 756 167 - 22
Those Dirty, Dirty Liberals: The Limitations of Lakoff's Theory of Framing
Philoguy 06/14/2005 8 10 1 -
Everybody Counts: Principles of a Leftist Activism
Philoguy 05/18/2005 1 1 - -
The State of Exception: 9-11 and the End of the Law
Philoguy 05/18/2005 10 7 - -
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