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An Engineer's Take on Gun Control
As an engineer, I find myself drawn to taking a systematic approach to solving a lot of our society's problems. Start by laying out requirements, find an option that works, no matter how strange it ...
PiRierran 01/04/2013 255 169 13 -
CNN Just Gaffed Calls Zimmerman a Member of "Blackwatch!"
The CNN Host Carol Costello just made an interesting wording choice. She called Zimmerman a member of the "Blackwatch" not "Neighborhood Watch". Is that seriously what a neighborhood watch is named?
PiRierran 03/22/2012 17 4 1 215
Election Stock Exchange
For thsoe of us who just can't stop searching for data (and who, like me, can't participate in GOTV efforts), here is something [else ] to slake ...
PiRierran 11/01/2010 5 - - 38
Never Stay Home: The Power of Consistent Voters and "Throwaway Votes"
I want to open with a small note on turnout. In 2006, based on [this,_2006], a house race in 2006 was decided by an ...
PiRierran 10/06/2010 3 4 - 50
Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate: Perspective Shift
I had another argument with my conservative co-worker today, and I had a realization about the debate over the individual mandate and the lawsuits against it: While the individual mandate can be ...
PiRierran 10/01/2010 42 5 - 74
The Meme Won't Die... "The Mortgage Crisis Was From Democrats Lending to Poor People"
I just won an argument with a conservative co-worker regarding whether the democrats were responsible for killing the 2005 regulatory reform effort, which "would have prevented the housing crisis". ...
PiRierran 09/20/2010 29 34 8 284
Mr President, Please Raise My Taxes
I can't really say that I want my taxes to go up. I acknowledge, however, that I am fortunate to be blessed with legendary job security and that I can afford to pay more in taxes if asked to.
PiRierran 09/09/2010 24 7 - 39
Media Shield Laws: Balance Between Conflicting Interests
I have seen plenty of discussion in the media during the past few years regarding a 'media shield law". The general intent of a media shield law is to correct the perceived injustice of government ...
PiRierran 08/23/2010 1 - - 48
A Christian's Full-Throated Defense of Secularism (A Prop 8 Diary)
Huffington Post had an article today that nicely sums up the drumbeat of opposition to gay-marriage. Read it [here]. ...
PiRierran 08/09/2010 10 15 - 194
Talking Points AGAINST the "The Rich Create Jobs" BS
We've all heard it; too often in fact. The tired old conservative lie that "the rich are the ones who create jobs". This is often closely tied in with "cut capital gains taxes" and "concentrated ...
PiRierran 07/01/2010 76 23 1 51
Sousveillance and the AL Castle Law to Crack the BP Info Blockade
By now we've all seen a number of videos of BP's goons turning journalists away from beaches. However, I think that there is a simple way to break the information blockade: A technique called [...
PiRierran 06/16/2010 7 - - 32
Today is cloudy, but I hear no thunder
Yesterday and Today were dark days. The democrats have been declared impotent, with only a meager 58 votes in the senate. Healthcare, Climate, and Bank legislation has been declared dead. (Sorry, ...
PiRierran 01/21/2010 4 1 - 1
My Detail Read of The Chairman's Mark of the Senate HCR Bill (update)
Bottom line up front: It's not a Health Care Reform Bill, It is Health Insurance Reform Bill. The bill does not have the same scope many of us think is necessary for a good reform bill. since this ...
PiRierran 12/27/2009 34 23 4 311
Is there a bait and switch in the works on HCR? (update with poll)
Just like Lieberfail's continuing justifications for opposing HCR keep changing, so too seem to be the selling points of each new iteration of the bill. First it was the 'robust' public option. ...
PiRierran 12/16/2009 18 4 - 33
Something is Fishy in the Healthcare Debate Reporting
Something doesn't add up. I mean, we have the obvious republican [hypocrisy] about the ...
PiRierran 10/27/2009 56 8 1 48
Why rape is never just 'rape' and there is always more to it.
After reading [this] rec-listed diary, titled "Rape is Rape - No Matter Who Does It"; I couldn't be left with ...
PiRierran 09/28/2009 62 6 - 13
When corporations become indistinguishable from government
This diary chronicles arguments I have had with a conservative, deregulation oriented friends of mine over the course of several years. I know I'm not the only one who has them; maybe this approach ...
PiRierran 09/24/2009 11 5 - 15
Nutjob! The fact that they have to say it is more telling than what they have to say
One thing I have always been aware of more and more on this site is that the republicans are engaging in an ever deeper [fantasy] regarding rhetoric and ...
PiRierran 09/21/2009 11 4 - 2
Why I still support LRAD, and respectfully disagree with Susie Madrak at C+L this morning
Start by reading [here] [here ...
PiRierran 09/17/2009 19 - - 8
I, for one, can almost swallow the Obama plan as presented
I never liked the idea of having to settle for a public plan. Any system designer knows that a centralized, optimized resource controller with no outside inefficiencies (profit motive) will be the ...
PiRierran 09/10/2009 49 3 1 1
Sense from Chuck Todd and hope for the MSM
Take a quick [gander] and see what you think. There are a couple of slow trends cropping up in the MSM (everywhere but Faux News in ...
PiRierran 08/10/2009 33 15 1 30
More ACORN whining? A textbook example of lousy research
This landed in my inbox this morning. It's dated yesterday, so watch out: I only made it through about the first 10 pages ...
PiRierran 07/24/2009 9 4 - -
Reframing the healthcare debate; calling a spade a spade
One of the tactics republicans are most effective at using against progressives is the [dysphemism] lance. Well there are a few ways of turning this on the ...
PiRierran 06/25/2009 7 5 1 -
What it takes to reform the private insurance model (yes it is possible, even if we don't want it)
We all know that an optimized, single payer system is the most efficient health care system, both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint. The problem is that, like gun control, single payer ...
PiRierran 06/22/2009 36 5 - 11
NPR Nails it this morning on veiled and unveiled sexism about Sotomayor
I've posted diaries before critical of some of NPR's coverage of issues, but this one deserves calling out for how excellent it is. read the article [here
PiRierran 06/15/2009 21 40 - 24
On The GOP and Cynicism: More GOP use of "NO" and how to deal with it
Once again Mr Feehery illustrates a use of GOP tactic that falls under the umbrella of the party of "no". This time it is the GOP argument that "no politician represents the political center". Every ...
PiRierran 05/29/2009 4 - - 2
Liberal Battering Rams to Combat GOP Yell-Spam
Watching the debate over torture play out on faux news, as well as various other places, I notice something. The wingnuts wield a lot of short, snappy sound bites and talking points that make good ...
PiRierran 05/21/2009 10 5 1 7
The Disingenuous Cry of "They Were Briefed!"
The right wing has trotted out a wonderful chess [tactic] on the torture debate. Specifically, I am hearing more and more on ...
PiRierran 05/14/2009 24 21 1 170
Dismantling John Feehery on CNN
Looks like John Feehery has turned his Limbaugh back on. As a moderate republican a couple months ago he worried me as a commentator. I'm sad to say that he's down to spouting watered down versions ...
PiRierran 05/07/2009 8 5 - 1
How Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Janet Napolitano can fix immigration in one swell foop
There is a simple action that the DHS, POTUS, and Attorney General could take to solve the illegal immigration issue once and for all. It would require no action from Congress, nor would it require ...
PiRierran 05/05/2009 12 - - -
Believe it or not, real conservatives and liberals are two sides of the same coin
I had this revelation yesterday after speaking with a center-right friend of mine who has shed the 'conservative' label in recent weeks as it has become too tarnished by wingnuttia. We were sitting ...
PiRierran 04/30/2009 21 6 - 6
In defense of the system
Let me give you a counter-conspiracy theory. This may just be a fantasy narrative, but it paints, some wishful thinking. Obama is gaming the CIA gloriously, and I am quite impressed with how the ...
PiRierran 04/28/2009 1 - - 9
A Dangerous Republican
Jon [Feehery] is a republican who is dangerous politically. I can't say I like the body count that Glenn Beck and company are ...
PiRierran 04/08/2009 3 - - -
Rick Warren Doesn't Know his History
Gotta love [C+L]. Looks like Pastor Rick Warren is falling into Daniel Patrick Moynihan's trap and making up his own facts:
PiRierran 04/07/2009 232 18 2 22
Leave Timmy ALOOOONE!
/snark You're being manipulated by republicans. They're using a classic appeal to emotion to piss you off and whip you up into anger far beyond the levels justified by the AIG bonuses. This ...
PiRierran 03/24/2009 9 2 - 4
Robert Zimmerman Owns Lou Dobbs
I've never seen this guy before, but I am thoroughly impressed. He was faced with a question by Lou (loaded, as we are all familiar, with the normal right leaning innuendo) regarding various ...
PiRierran 03/04/2009 41 15 - 93
AIG losses in Perspective
I was struck by a curiosity today. I wondered what AIG's losses reported today; and I wondered what that was related to economic output of countries. Then I looked it up. The AIG losses reported ...
PiRierran 03/02/2009 28 3 - 1
Regressive tax rate travesty hidden in UBS story: (U2)
[NYT] *Prosecutors suspect that from late 2002 to 2007, UBS helped American clients illegally hide $20 billion, letting them ...
PiRierran 02/20/2009 31 5 1 18
What does it mean to be middle class?
This is inspired by a comment [here] I hear the words "middle class" all over the press for some time, in particular, endless campaign ...
PiRierran 02/13/2009 85 10 - 16
Numbers applied to fixing the foreclosure mess
Don't you hate it when someone pulls out a calculator and points out how wingnuts are full of it? Well here i've got another steaming pile of math for them. This time, it has to do with fixing the ...
PiRierran 02/11/2009 9 8 - 2
NPR guest drops the ball
I almost fumed this morning on my way to work as I listened to 'morning edition' on NPR. I tuned in just in time to hear what I hoped would be a question regarding an opportunity for a teaching ...
PiRierran 02/09/2009 36 10 - 19
Why deep-seated infrastructure changes will actually benefit the economy:
We all know the republican talking heads are spewing the BS as hard and as fast as they can that "the new deal didn't work". We also know that its wrong. But why exactly? Well, I'm not an economist, ...
PiRierran 02/04/2009 12 6 1 2
Why tax cuts never have and never will stimulate the economy
We all know the republican talking heads are spewing the BS as hard and as fast as they can that "the quickest way to get money into the hands of ordinary Americans is to cut taxes". We also know ...
PiRierran 02/03/2009 42 34 7 251
Why Lobbyists and Gifts should be OK, its Disclosure that matters
I've been seeing a political football in the media recently, making [hay,] whenever a lobbyist is selected to work ...
PiRierran 02/02/2009 2 - - 2
How Cybernetics is Political
[Read this]; if you thought internet privacy and net neutrality were important before this became a reality, here is proof that ...
PiRierran 01/21/2009 2 2 - -
The Supreme Court Continues to Weaken our Constitutional Rights
The supreme court ruling on the exclusionary rule is a disturbing and discordant note ringing in an amazing time of hope and good feelings, and even further illustrates the desperate need for non-...
PiRierran 01/17/2009 28 12 - 25
Subtlety and the slow battle for 2010
As much as I see endless frustration of the actions of obstructionist republicans, I see a number of hidden opportunities. While I would enjoy very much watching them squirm as they receive a taste ...
PiRierran 01/06/2009 2 - - 12
Potential Value of the Center-Right Nation Meme to the Progressive Cause
This "center-right" meme has gotten old, but it yields an unwitting tool for progressives to take that talking point and use it to further our own cause. More importantly, I suggest a possible ...
PiRierran 12/22/2008 4 1 - 9
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