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A glimpse at the horror of private sector healthcare
I am currently overseas working on a project and my wife is with me. During the flight, she began to feel ill and by the time we got to our hotel, it was obvious that she was coming down with ...
Pierretrudeau 02/06/2015 66 167 3 -
Ridding ourselves of Ted Cruz
This will be a short diary. I thought the linked article from the Toronto Globe and Mail would be interesting given recent coverage of Ted Cruz "looking forward" to renouncing his Canadian ...
Pierretrudeau 01/07/2014 10 5 - -
Egypt--Here's What I Know
I worked in Egypt for 4 years as a technical expert with the Egyptian Customs Authority. We worked in Alexandria (Customs HQ) but spent a lot of time in Cairo. My wife and I lived in an apartment ...
Pierretrudeau 08/16/2013 114 63 - -
The Case for Universal Healthcare
I generally do not write diaries partly because I view this site as a discussion forum for Americans and I am an interested observer. I comment from time to time and have often been impressed by ...
Pierretrudeau 06/05/2013 117 214 19 -
Stompin Tom Connors a Canadian Music and Cultural Icon Dies at 77 Culture
Tom Connors, a Canadian music icon died yesterday at his home in Halton Hills, Ontario. He was noted for a purely Canadian style of music that sometimes only Canadian's can appreciate. "The Hockey ...
Pierretrudeau 03/06/2013 6 15 1 -
Believe me this is not pretty/US Politics and the Economy
Many of my friends in Canada are politically involved and most of us follow US politics along with our own. In fact, our politics have been rather business like and dull lately and while that's ...
Pierretrudeau 02/15/2011 5 1 1 30
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