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"Aloha" means good-bye ... AND hello (with Pie Poll)
This will be short - and might not even break the fold... This very well be my last diary or other entry here at DKos -- but not for the usual set of reasons. While sometimes irritated with the ...
Pinecone 01/22/2011 13 1 - 37
DKos First(?) Annual Egg Nog Contest
As promised in the WYFP diary last night .. I was sipping and spooning (yes, spooning) my favorite egg nog on Christmas Eve night, I thought that I should share the recipe with others -- except ...
Pinecone 12/26/2010 47 14 3 212
The "Millionaire Compromise"
I listened and watched Obama's Saturday AM video, and I think I saw the way in which "compromise" is going to be framed. Read this: I recognize that both parties are going to have to ...
Pinecone 11/06/2010 17 8 - 25
Hawaii good news -Hanabusa up by 9K
Real short - but sweet. After second printout, Hanabusa up by 9,000 or so. Looks like we will pick one up that should have been ours all along. Hawaii stays True Blue w two D senators and two D ...
Pinecone 11/03/2010 13 9 - 59
Hawaii Gov - Abercrombie Leads
I need three paragraphs. This was # 1. Here is #2 A new Hawaii Poll found Abercrombie, the Democratic former congressman, at 51 percent and Aiona, the Republican lieutenant governor, ...
Pinecone 10/24/2010 10 9 - 70
Uh-Oh ... we might have company ...
While cruising my former home town newspaper (or what survives of it)- The Star-Advertiser - I came across "Hawaii Telescope Discovers Earth Like Planet." And by golly, they just might have ... ...
Pinecone 09/29/2010 76 29 1 44
Bartlett:  Teabaggers Totally Ignorant About Taxes
The byline date on this is a week old, but it was just forwarded to my by my son. Last week Bruce Bartlett, longtime conservative Republican, wrote ...
Pinecone 03/27/2010 276 387 20 126
Morning Feature: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Pinecone 01/14/2010 191 45 3 37
Is this really it? A deal?
Not much of a diary - just saw the "breaking" Seems that Ben mainly gets his way? See below for the cut and paste.
Pinecone 12/19/2009 7 2 - 13
"I hope it goes OK with your mom."
Two men - the only passengers - on a rental car shuttle back to the airport from the car return location. The younger of the two, - but still probably in his late 40s to mid 50s, as he gets off at ...
Pinecone 11/28/2009 18 21 - 77
A Constituent's Letter to Sen. Hagan (D-NC)
We have had lots of commentary on contacting senators and representatives. I recently wrote to Senator Hagan about the Senate HCR bill, asking that she support it. I got back a somewhat formulaic ...
Pinecone 11/06/2009 7 2 - 20
Health Care Lessons from Hawaii?  NYT thinks so
I have previously commented on some of the historical advantages Hawaii has had in terms of providing health care coverage for its citizens. It seems the New York Times has finally stumbled upon it ...
Pinecone 10/17/2009 17 5 - 48
Hawaii Director of Dept. of Health Says it Again - I've Seen The Birth Certificate
Dan Nakaso of the Honolulu Advertiser has the story - now let's see if any of the crazies will believe it. Come on ...
Pinecone 07/27/2009 73 21 - 32
Pinecone stunned to learn adult child never born! (with poll)
Pinecone's mind is reeling. His reality totally shaken. His faith in his senses stripped. His belief in the basic integrity of his memory shot all to hell. And what (or who) could have done this ...
Pinecone 07/23/2009 38 11 - 26
My third letter off to Senator Hagan
Well, I don't know if it is the proverbial wasted breath, or whether my voice, along with others from North Carolina will help Senator Hagan stand up for us against the insurance industry, but go ...
Pinecone 07/13/2009 16 11 - 2
Karl Rove Fails Health Insurance Reform in WSJ
Today Karl Rove had a piece in the WSJ about how the Republicans must fight and win against a "public option." The link is Here ,
Pinecone 06/11/2009 16 3 - 24
Poor (AIG) Jake
I just got to read an OpEd in The Times that helps me understand just how out of touch the AIG elite (and perhaps the rest of Wall Street) really are. Come below for the money (and I do mean money) ...
Pinecone 03/25/2009 29 10 - 8
Walking through how the Stimulus Bill creates jobs (with poll)
Today at work I had an opportunity to walk through how the stimulus bill will provide and/or sustain a variety of jobs in a variety of sectors. Come on below to see how the story ...
Pinecone 02/13/2009 2 4 - -
Barack and me.  Breakfast at Boots' and Kimo's? w Poll
Well, turns out that our Prez-Elect heard that ol' Pinecone was gonna be in Hawaii over Christmas and decided to join the Pinecone clan in the islands. And he's staying in our old home-town, Kailua.
Pinecone 12/07/2008 5 1 - 2
Decessio Calendar - how to be on the rec list for weeks
I am not a particularly creative person, and my web-skills are pretty much maxed out by occasionally creating a diary that has links - and even an image from time to time. So - for anybody who ...
Pinecone 11/30/2008 4 2 - 2
The "New Deal", the "New Frontier", and now ...
"The New Beginning"? Did anybody else notice that phrase in Obama's Thanksgiving Day video message?
Pinecone 11/27/2008 7 7 - 23
Obama email and staying in touch
In thinking about Obama's first press conference, it took me back to the days of JFK, when he actually used those events to communicate with ALL of America, and how FDR did the same thing with his "...
Pinecone 11/09/2008 8 - - 2
McCain Long Knives Come Out
So, with the electoral vote threshold just waiting for California, Oregon and Washington to come across the finish line, the long knives are being unsheathed. Come below for the quote.
Pinecone 11/04/2008 3 2 - 2
Fun with Zogby
As you have probably seen, Zogby has Obama back up by four (uh - make that five, sorry) points. Or maybe it is really 12? Come below to see what I mean.
Pinecone 10/29/2008 8 1 - 2
Obama Moment: How Gary Larson and I "saved" an Obama office
OK -- so there is a little hyperbole in the title, and not much real substance to this diary, but maybe a bit of diversion on a Sunday night is not a bad thing. Follow below for my "rescue" story.
Pinecone 10/19/2008 12 11 1 1
Mighty MO .... Go Obama 51 - 43
Breaking the rules .... Two paragraphs ...
Pinecone 10/13/2008 46 15 - 11
Betting on Financial Armageddon
That is the title of an email newsletter from John Mauldin, a pretty conservative financial advisor/writer. In the email newsletter that I got today, he had one of the most concise explanations of ...
Pinecone 09/20/2008 24 6 1 74
It may be the south, but there are good people there
I know that we go on and on about "The South" and the politics of "The South" but I just had a non-political experience that that reminded me that if you take the unfortunate cultural teachings out ...
Pinecone 09/12/2008 7 5 - -
Read and Rec exmearden's diary
I am breaking the rules - but please read exmearden's diary and rec it up. An excellent piece on walls. That's it. Since ...
Pinecone 07/25/2008 4 2 - -
"Bump" prediction poll
An earlier diary was wringing hands about the poll results over the past week. And when you look at and and, you can see where this is coming from.
Pinecone 07/24/2008 31 5 - -
"Doc Dwyer" - a hero even without the picture
Several of us here have written about "Doc" Dwyer, the medic who's picture gave a humantarian face to a brutal war, and who's struggles with PTSD ended in death. But it seems that he was a hero ...
Pinecone 07/20/2008 8 4 - -
WaPo Ombudsman Accepts my Advice (Pinecone falls over in shock)
So - a couple of days ago there was an article or diary about Deborah Howell's "commentary" on the WaPo story on the Obama home loan non-story. There was a link to Howell's article so I went to it ...
Pinecone 07/14/2008 15 6 - -
“He was just never the same when he came back ...”
The war in Iraq claimed another victim today, thousands of miles from the battlefront and years after returning to the United States. Our local paper had all the sad details. Follow me to the ...
Pinecone 07/02/2008 22 38 - 30
Obama FISA Fundraiser
So .... Since there seems to be so much passion about Obama and his stance on FISA around here, I thought I’d come up with this modest proposal. Follow me below the fold.
Pinecone 06/22/2008 9 1 - 8
Baseball Hell Freezes Over (Chicago Edition) w Poll
OK -- so I am a bit out of the news loop most of the time (at least non-primary news), so imagine my surprise this morning when I was cruising through the sports section only to discover that BOTH ...
Pinecone 05/24/2008 47 11 - 20
Obama, Basketball and High School Memories (with poll)
For those of us with some tenuous but fond links to Obama, Sports Illustrated gave us quite a treat today with their article ...
Pinecone 05/21/2008 2 4 - 7
Does my Garmin Nuvi have an - ahem - age issue? (with poll)
According to Mark Salter, of the McCain campaign, my Garmin Nuvi, although only a couple of years old, may indeed have an age issue. Read more below the ...
Pinecone 05/08/2008 7 2 - 1
Obama talks change: Tweety talks Wright
Do these guys know that they are parodies of themselves? Obama gives a great speech about America the Great. About opportunity. About ending divisions. About equity for all. And about avoiding ...
Pinecone 05/06/2008 36 4 - -
Nipple threatens air security
I looked for an open thread to post this little tid-bit, but didn't find one and didn't see it posted ....
Pinecone 03/28/2008 42 13 - -
Obama plays ball ... really!!
So Obama paid a brief visit to my little village on the way to Fayetteville, NC today. More below ...
Pinecone 03/19/2008 42 26 3 14
Hawaii, California, Missouri, New Mexico and America Mourn
Remember that pesky little dust-up in the desert? The one that was "surged" into submission? Not so fast, I guess. From our Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper ... Above the fold for the paper, and ...
Pinecone 02/12/2008 6 20 - -
Obama's Diary
As the title suggests, this really isn't a diary from me. It is from Senator Obama . When I read it way back on September 30, 2005, ...
Pinecone 02/06/2008 6 8 - -
I Call B******t on Matthews
This will be short - as I walked out while the BS was still flowing - but apparently Tweetie doesn't know the difference between a court of law and the congress. Nor does he know the difference ...
Pinecone 07/05/2007 43 7 2 -
"Only Iraqis Can Win the War" - Duh-oh!
An interesting article from the AP Military Writer, Robert Burns. Here's the link Analysis: ...
Pinecone 06/30/2007 4 3 - -
PhRMA Humor in the NY Times
Clarification: The article referenced was published by the New York Times Company - apparently in the Boston Globe. This is what lead to the late night "distress" amongst the diarist, ...
Pinecone 05/18/2007 42 6 - -
10 US troops die, al Sadr says go after US troops. Lieberman says proves "surge is working." ???
I just saw this on my Yahoo news page: The powerful Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his militiamen on Sunday to redouble their battle to oust American forces and argued ...
Pinecone 04/08/2007 64 18 - 20
Who will be our Harry Zale?
Pinecone 11/12/2006 - - - -
Rush Limbaugh Robocall?
Pinecone 11/05/2006 15 1 - 1
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