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Pennsylvania Governor: Decriminalize marijuana. Current laws are ripping families apart.
Upon testimony from doctors and patients, Pennsylvania considers common sense approach to marijuana. It has taken decades to get this point in our society, but key politicians are getting on the ...
Jen Hayden 05/19/2015 22 32 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 5/15/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign: For close to a year, we have ...
poopdogcomedy 05/18/2015 4 4 - -
PA-Sen: Pat Toomey (R) Insists He's Not Holding Up A Judicial Nominee He's Holding Up
And so the ridiculous saga of the Tea Party U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania and the judicial nominee he recommended that he's delaying a vote for continues:
poopdogcomedy 05/14/2015 4 7 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 5/8/15 Edition
Received this e-mail from former Rep. Joe Sestak's (
poopdogcomedy 05/11/2015 1 6 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Highlights Pat Toomey's (R) Obstructionist Record On Nominees
Received this e-mail today from former Rep. Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 05/07/2015 2 7 - -
Sen. Toomey obstructing his own judicial nominee to spite Obama
I know that you’re well aware of the historic obstruction we’ve seen from the GOP on issues ranging from the budget to President Obama’s ability to negotiate treaties to an increase in the ...
MichaelMorrillPA 05/06/2015 2 10 - -
Pat Toomey is blocking his own judicial nominee
Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is one of the more endangered Republicans up for re-election in 2016, which might have something to do with the fact that he'...
Joan McCarter 05/06/2015 10 19 - -
PA-Sen: Toomey (R) Just Doesn't Have The Time To Explain Why He's Blocking His Own Judicial Nominee
This is ridiculous:
poopdogcomedy 05/05/2015 7 11 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/24/15 Edition
Received this e-mail from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign today: Sen. Toomey says one thing in ...
poopdogcomedy 04/27/2015 8 4 - -
Kossack Emergency: Youffraita needs transportation in PA!
Our long-time community member Youffraita just found out she is getting evicted TOMORROW (Wednesday 4/22) because her apartment has been condemned. I do not have details -- as you might guess, she's ...
belinda ridgewood 04/22/2015 191 167 - -
PA High School Students Organize "Anti-Gay" Day
Located somewhere between Squeellikeapig and Yougotapurtymouth, Pennsylvania (the political "T" between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that we call "Pennsyltucky") a group of clearly closeted self-...
jawillie 04/21/2015 271 124 2 -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/17/15 Edition
Received this e-mail from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign today:
poopdogcomedy 04/20/2015 1 5 - -
PA-Sen: Bob Casey (D) Fights Back Against Fast Tracking The TPP
He's not up for re-election but my home state U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D) has a terrific record on labor and he's helping in leading the fight to stop fast tracking the T.P.P.:
poopdogcomedy 04/17/2015 2 18 2 -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 4/13/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 04/13/2015 1 5 - -
PA-Sen: Tell Pat Toomey (R) To Stop Playing Politics With Women's Lives
Happy Friday to you all! Before you embark on your Holiday weekend, I wanted to pass along this e-mail I received from Keystone Progress regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA)
poopdogcomedy 04/03/2015 7 7 - -
Religious Intolerance in Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Wolf Comes Out for the Right Reasons
Our new governor here in Pennsylvania sent out an email today asking us to "show the world that Pennsylvania is the place William Penn envisioned: inclusive and open for all." Governor Tom Wolf ...
ruby red shoes 04/03/2015 114 194 1 -
PA-Sen: Wall Street's Pat Toomey (R) Leads The Latest Attack On The CFPB
poopdogcomedy 03/20/2015 3 5 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 3/13/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign: ...
poopdogcomedy 03/16/2015 4 10 - -
PA-Sen: Have A Question For Joe Sestak (D) About The Upcoming Senate Race? Submit Them Here!
Hello fellow Kossacks! I've had the privilege to interview politicians like Rep. Ted Deutch (D. FL-21) and former U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) in the past but this upcoming interview I ...
poopdogcomedy 03/12/2015 15 8 - -
PA-Sen: VoteVets Gets Behind Joe Sestak's (D) Campaign
Received this e-mail today and it brought a smile to my face: Six years ago, in an impossible year for ...
poopdogcomedy 03/04/2015 2 6 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Will Officially Kick Off Campaign In Philly On Wednesday
Wanted to pass this along: PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Admiral Joe Sestak will officially ...
poopdogcomedy 03/02/2015 8 10 - -
PA Radio Host Compares Obama Supporters To "People Who Ignored The Train Cars" In Nazi Germany
A Harrisburg, PA right-wing radio host joined the chorus of Obama-Nazi comparisons on Thursday. Ken Matthews, on WHP-AM said that if people still support Obama, "You know what you are? If you ...
MorrillMajority 02/28/2015 63 32 - -
Dangerous Click-Bait Diary Titles
There is a diary on the Rec list right now that was originally entitled, "Pittsburgh man writes police chief after witnessing police brutality; sees immediate coverup." One might reasonably conclude ...
joe pittsburgh 02/27/2015 212 249 2 -
Crass advertising defaces landmark Pittsburgh art
I was appalled to see a brash obscenity plastered on one of my favorite Pittsburgh landmarks. Even more appalling, I was the only one who seemed notice. Maybe that’s good. That way no Pittsburgh ...
8days2amish 02/27/2015 8 11 - -
Pittsburgh man writes police chief after witnessing police brutality and seeing immediate coverup
The blood of Devon Davis, covering the snow on the Pittsburgh streets after being brutally beaten by Pittsburgh police Earlier this week Pittsburgh, PA resident Samm Hodges bore witness not only to ...
Shaun King 02/27/2015 153 376 7 -
Pennsylvania Lawmaker Gives the Best Speech on Medical Marijuana
Yesterday, Republican and Democratic senators in Pennsylvania held a hearing for medical marijuana in the state. After the hearing, the mothers and fathers of sick children who have been pushing ...
S Kitchen 02/26/2015 10 13 - -
How Pennsylvania Media Outlets Took Part in Climate Change Omission
This post is a follow up to my previous diary and was cross-posted from the Raging Chicken Press . Yesterday morning, I had my first “Welcome to Harrisburg, kiddo” experience when ...
S Kitchen 02/20/2015 4 6 - -
PA Lawmakers Hold Climate Change Press Conference and No Press Attended
Just so everyone knows, I have been working for the Rick Smith Show the past month as the producer and capitol reporter for Rick's show. At 11 am this morning, I was at a press conference on the ...
S Kitchen 02/19/2015 16 18 - -
PA-Sen: Quinnipac Gives Toomey (R) A 10 Point Lead But Shows Sestak (D) Has A Lot Of Room To Grow
Quinnipac released their first Pennsylvania poll today showing that 62% of voters are optimistic about Governor Tom Wolf (D. PA) so the honeymoon for him isn't over for him. Now next year's U.S. ...
poopdogcomedy 02/10/2015 31 8 - -
PA Bill Will Allow College Students to Gamble Away Student Debt
No really . Instead of funding public higher education and fixing the damage that Governor Corbett wreaked on public education during his one term as governor, Pennsylvania State Senator and ...
S Kitchen 02/09/2015 9 8 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 2/6/15 Edition
poopdogcomedy 02/09/2015 4 7 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 1/31/15 Edition
Received this e-mail today from former Congressman and decorated Admiral, Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 02/02/2015 2 9 - -
PA-Sen: PennEnvironment Goes After Toomey (R) & Casey (D) On Mercury Pollution Limits
Received this e-mail today from PennEnvironment: ...
poopdogcomedy 01/22/2015 1 4 - -
We're off the the races! PPP finds Pennsylvania's Senate contest looking very competitive
David Nir 01/20/2015 38 19 1 -
PA-Sen: PPP Shows A Very Competitive Race Here
Sestak vs. Toomey Round 2 PPP just released their first Pennsylvania U.S. Senate poll today and it looks like we have a real race here:
poopdogcomedy 01/20/2015 22 6 - -
PA Lawmakers Claim Welfare Money Wasted On Lazy People Who Do Drugs
Pennsylvania is so Pennsylvania right now. Unlike the rest of the country, Pennsylvania is usually 4-8 years behind the country on every political landscape and this past election proved just that.
S Kitchen 01/19/2015 15 9 - -
Union Busting Swill Banned From Tom Wolf's Inaugural Party
Yuengling Lager sucks anyway, but is there anything else to say besides " Tip of the hat to you Governor Wolf ?"
S Kitchen 01/16/2015 9 17 - -
Here's Why We Need to Kill the Death Penalty
In a piece that appeared on PennLive on Jan. 6 , Maureen Faulkner criticized both Governor-Elect Tom Wolf and me for our opposition to the death penalty. Ms. Faulkner is the widow of the police ...
Daylin Leach 01/14/2015 11 15 - -
Pittsburgh police angry at chief over anti-racism sign
Laura Clawson 01/05/2015 66 148 3 -
PA-Sen: Cup Of Joe (Sestak (D)), January 5th, 2015
Happy New Year to my fellow Kossacks! So it's no secret that I am huge supporter of former Congressman and decorated Admiral, Joe Sestak's (D. PA) rematch against Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (
poopdogcomedy 01/05/2015 5 3 - -
Pittsburgh Police Chief: #End White Silence; A Good Cop Speaks Out
A picture is worth a thousand words. A Pittsburgh group fighting for equality (@FightBackPGH) posted a photograph on Twitter of Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay holding one of the group’s ...
Tommymac 01/03/2015 142 383 5 -
PA-Sen: Three Reasons Why Joe Sestak (D) Is Going To Be The Dem Nominee Who Defeats Pat Toomey (R)
Are you ready for Sestak (D) vs. Toomey (R) round 2? J.J. Balaban, a political operative who made the TV ads for former Congressman and decorated Admiral Joe Sestak’s (D. PA) 2010 U.S. Senate ...
poopdogcomedy 12/17/2014 37 20 - -
Walmart ordered to pay $188 million in Pennsylvania wage theft lawsuit
Walmart's labor practices are not doing so well in court lately. Last week, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled that ...
Laura Clawson 12/16/2014 83 111 3 -
Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Kathleen Kane takes herself out of the running for Senate
Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane Leading Off : • PA-Sen : How quickly Kathleen Kane's star has fallen. In 2012, she scored a resounding victory as the ...
David Nir 12/16/2014 28 6 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/14/14 Edition
Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:
poopdogcomedy 12/15/2014 8 9 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/8/14 Edition
Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:
poopdogcomedy 12/10/2014 3 15 - -
PA-Sen: DSCC Chairman Tester, Make Progressives Happy, Back Joe Sestak's (D) Campaign Now
Ok, so on the front page there is a discussion about Senator Jon Tester (D. MT) being selected to become the new Chairman of the DSCC. Tester will have to recruit candidates in a year with a more ...
poopdogcomedy 11/14/2014 20 8 - -
PA-Sen: Joe Sestak (D) Exposes Pat Toomey's (R) Abysmal & Hypocritical Record On Veterans
Happy Veterans Day to all those who served. I received this e-mail today from decorated Admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign that highlights Tea Party Senator ...
poopdogcomedy 11/11/2014 6 10 - -
PA-Sen: Ed Rendell (D), "I would love to be a Dem running against an incumbent GOP Senator in 2016"
poopdogcomedy 11/05/2014 23 22 - -
PA-Sen: The Midterms Are (Almost) Over But The Fight To Unseat Pat Toomey (R) Begins Now
I've said it a few times that I'm looking forward to the 2014 midterm elections being over with because I am really looking forward to the 2016 U.S. Senate races. One particular race I'm looking ...
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2014 5 5 - -
PA-Gov: We Made History Tonight
Ok, I'm not going to lie, tonight sucked. It really did and lord knows myself and several other great Kossacks here did everything they could to hold off the Republicans from taking the Senate and ...
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2014 6 13 - -
PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Voter In Cumberland County Says Polling Machine Titled For Corbett (R) Instead
Well this is really fishy:
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2014 9 23 - -
PA-Gov: On Tuesday, Both Tom Corbett (R) & Tom Wolf (D) Will Make History
Tom Wolf (D. PA) with President Obama at a campaign stop at my Alma Mater, Temple University, in Philadelphia. As well know, tomorrow is a big day because it's Election Day. But this year, in ...
poopdogcomedy 11/03/2014 6 15 - -
PA-Gov: Need To Find Your Polling Place? The Wolf (D) Campaign Has You Covered
Received this e-mail today from Tom Wolf's (D. PA) gubernatorial campaign: President Barack Obama and more than five thousand people have a simple message for what needs ...
poopdogcomedy 11/02/2014 2 2 - -
PA-Gov: Muhlenberg College Poll Has Tom Wolf (D) Crushing Tom Corbett (R) 51-39
Final poll out of Pennsylvania shows Tea Party Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA) doomed on Election Day:
poopdogcomedy 10/31/2014 5 3 - -
Thousands of Pennsylvania women could lose birth control coverage if Corbett doesn't act
Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA)
Laura Clawson 10/30/2014 4 21 - -
PA-Gov: Watch Bill Clinton Rile Up The Base For Tom Wolf (D)
Received this e-mail today from Tom Wolf's (D. PA) gubernatorial campaign: Nothing gets me more excited than the last few weeks of an election -- and because of supporters ...
poopdogcomedy 10/29/2014 6 4 - -
PA-Gov: New F&M Poll Has Tom Wolf (D) Crushing Tom Corbett (R) 50-32
I love how the right-leaning Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is spinning this:
poopdogcomedy 10/29/2014 9 11 - -
PA-Gov: Delusional Tom Corbett (R) Really Does Think He Can Win Re-Election
Here's a sign of desperation: Gov. Tom Corbett, down by double digits in most polls, ...
poopdogcomedy 10/27/2014 10 9 - -
Fracking and Corbett Fail Miserably in PA Job Creation
It turns out that fracking not only is an environmental disaster, but also a jobs disaster. Fracking is the practice of drilling into shale formations in the earth and blowing them apart to ...
StewartAcuff 10/27/2014 5 8 - -
Tom Corbett's secret poll foretold attacks on Philly teachers
Keystone Progress files Right to Know Law request seeking correspondence between Governor’s Office and School Reform Commission to uncover the truth (HARRISBURG, PA)— Keystone Progress (KP) ...
MichaelMorrillPA 10/22/2014 3 7 - -
PA-Gov: Corbett (R) Repeats Lie That PA Companies Can't Fill Jobs Because Unemployed Are Stoned
Good lord:
poopdogcomedy 10/16/2014 7 14 - -
PA-Gov: GOP Voters Have Low Enthusiasm For Tom Corbett (R), Set To Let Him Suffer At The Polls
So there was talk/debate/useless snark & ranting about how voter enthusiasm is down, especially amongst Democrats, throughout the country because of the recent Gallup poll. Gallup was the same ...
poopdogcomedy 10/13/2014 7 12 - -
PA-Gov: Quinnipac Has Tom Wolf (D) Crushing Tom Corbett (R) 55-38
More good news:
poopdogcomedy 10/07/2014 5 4 - -
Corbett appointees launch all-out attack on Philadelphia teachers
Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) The ...
Laura Clawson 10/07/2014 59 44 2 -
PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Blames Corbett's (R) Education Cuts For SRC Contract Cancellation
So this happened:
poopdogcomedy 10/06/2014 8 11 - -
If you're not registered, you can't vote. Register today.
This 99-year-old voted. How about you? Are you registered to vote? If ...
Laura Clawson 10/06/2014 38 45 1 -
PA Top State Officials Resign in Porn Scandal--Now Can Use State Jobs Site to Find Employment
On Wednesday, Daily Kos reported that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) was touting the state labor department created "jobs portal" as proof that there were 200,000 jobs to be found in his state.
Doctor Jazz 10/05/2014 43 65 1 -
PA-Gov: RMU Poll Has Tom Wolf (D) Crushing Tom Corbett (R) 57-34
It's Friday, here's some great news:
poopdogcomedy 10/03/2014 9 12 - -
Charter school fraud has cost Pennsylvania at least $30 million
Charter school fraud has continued on Gov. Tom Corbett's watch, while public school funding has been slashed. Pennsylvania's charter schools are rife with fraud and mismanagement, as anyone who ...
Laura Clawson 10/02/2014 76 90 2 -
PA Governor's Latest Attack Ad...Is Actually A Concession
Between this and the epic fail that is the GOP's #IAmARepublican social media campaign, it's clear that conservatives could really use a remedial course in media messaging. Now, it’s pretty well ...
jawillie 10/02/2014 5 7 - -
PA Gov. Corbett touts state jobs site that includes 'car dates,' 'casting couch openings'
Now you've got "Tom Corbett" and "car date" ...
Hunter 10/01/2014 51 47 - -
PA-Gov: Mercyhurst University Poll Has Tom Wolf (D) Beating Tom Corbett (R) 43-28
Playing catch up here but this poll was released yesterday:
poopdogcomedy 09/30/2014 8 7 - -
"Hard" at Work - E-Mail files of PA GOP Execs Contain Porn
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports today that Pennsylvania's Attorney General Kathleen Kane's office has identified eight former employees whose agency email accounts " included images ranging ...
dweb8231 09/26/2014 16 15 - -
PA-Gov: Corbett (R) Admin. Asks PA Court To Block Another Jerry Sandusky-Related Email Request
This doesn't sound super fucking shady:
poopdogcomedy 09/17/2014 6 12 - -
Can Democrats flip the Pennsylvania Senate? A look at the 2014 playing field, with maps and new data
Pennsylvania State Senate While Pennsylvania has proven to be stubbornly Democratic in ...
Jeff Singer 09/16/2014 33 33 1 -
PA Gov. Corbett Losing to Dem Challenger by 24 Points
From : September 11, 2014 - Wolf Devours Corbett In Pennsylvania Gov Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Voters Say Democrat Is Better On Economy, Education Pennsylvania likely ...
ericlewis0 09/11/2014 26 28 - -
PA-Gov: Corbett (R) Goes After Common Core To Win Back His Base But It Might Be Too Little Too Late
So lets say you're an extremely vulnerable Tea Party Governor like Tom Corbett (R. PA) who is trailing your opponent, Tom Wolf (D. PA), by over twenty points. Not only do Democratic and ...
poopdogcomedy 09/10/2014 5 3 - -
Retaliation for reporting abuse from the Family Court Mafia-Clark Case Pittsburgh, PA PART 2
"My story is part of an effort by Safe Kids International to raise awareness about an issue of social injustice which is endangering millions of children around the world. There is an epidemic of ...
valetteclark 09/09/2014 10 7 1 -
PA-Gov: Ex-Tom Corbett (R) Staffer Complains Of Porn Culture, Gender Discrimination
Oh good lord: The ...
poopdogcomedy 09/04/2014 11 17 - -
Corbett's "Healthy PA" plan ain't all that healthy
In today's Philadelphia Daily News there are two articles, just one page apart, that cast a light on present-day Republicans view of health care expansion to the uninsured. On p. 18 a Jeff ...
TofG 09/03/2014 3 2 - -
PA-Gov: RMU Poll Gives Tom Wolf (D) A 30 Point Lead Over Tom Corbett (R)
I just love this:
poopdogcomedy 09/02/2014 19 7 - -
Details of 243 water contamination cases by Pennsylvanian oil and gas companies finally released
Pennsylvania has had a natural gas boom over the past 6 years. During that time no one has been able to get any information on what that boom is doing to Pennsylvania. ...
Walter Einenkel 08/29/2014 5 16 - -
BREAKING: PA Caves To Medicaid Expansion
Thousands of Americans have fought to expand Medicaid to millions and victory is sweet I usually talk too much but I'll let ...
Reinvented Daddy 08/29/2014 59 108 4 -
Corbett, desperate for re-election, accepts Medicaid expansion for Pennsylvania
Another Republican fighting for his political life through Medicaid expansion. Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) is facing an extremely tough re-...
Joan McCarter 08/28/2014 28 63 - -
PA-Gov: New F&M Poll Shows Tom Wolf (D) With A 25 Point Lead Over Tom Corbett (R)
I love it: ...
poopdogcomedy 08/28/2014 8 15 1 -
PA-Gov: Tom Corbett (R), "Reform Liquor Laws So It's Easier For Women To Make Dinner"
Jesus Christ:
poopdogcomedy 08/27/2014 24 20 - -
PA-Gov: Demands Tom Corbett (R) Stop Using Taxpayer Money For Campaign Events
I am actually working on a big PA-Gov diary and I want to get that out ...
poopdogcomedy 08/22/2014 3 6 - -
PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Weekly Newsletter, 8/11/14
Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party regarding Wall Street's favorite Tea Party Senator, Pat Toomey (R. PA). I hope to see more of these:
poopdogcomedy 08/12/2014 3 11 - -
PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Emphasizes Manufacturing Jobs In Great New Ad
Wanted to pass this along from Tom Wolf's (D. PA) gubernatorial campaign. I'll have more diaries over the weekend, this week has just been hectic: I love ...
poopdogcomedy 08/08/2014 2 8 - -
Pittsburgh mom gambles on kid locked in car
Pittsburgh is in the midst of one of those hysterical episodes that seem cosmically bestowed just to give rant-worthy material to indignant talk shows hosts. A 30-year-old area woman is facing ...
8days2amish 08/08/2014 155 92 1 -
Clear Channel Gives Limbaugh Bum's Rush in Pittsburgh
Rush Limbaugh has an achey breaky heart today. Clear Channel just flipped Limbaugh's WPGB in Pittsburgh to country music. It had fallen to 11th in Pittsburgh, echoing hate radio's plummeting ...
tkirkland 08/07/2014 132 197 3 -
Retaliation for reporting abuse from the Family Court Mafia-Clark Case Pittsburgh, PA
"My story is part of an effort by Safe Kids International to raise awareness about an issue of social injustice which is endangering millions of children around the world. There is an epidemic of ...
valetteclark 07/31/2014 23 16 - -
PA-Sen: The Onion, "ExxonMobil, Chevron Locked In Bidding War To Acquire Lucrative PA Senator"
I can never pass up a chance to post anything that ridicules Tea Party Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA):,36561/?...
poopdogcomedy 07/28/2014 5 19 - -
PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Hits Back At Tom Corbett's (R) Lies About The Wolf Company In New Ad
Received this e-mail today from Tom Wolf's (D. PA) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 07/27/2014 12 9 - -
PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D), "Wealthy should pay more to cut school taxes"
This is what I'm talking about:
poopdogcomedy 07/26/2014 9 12 - -
'Ex-Gay' Pittsburgh Pastor Accused Of Molesting Teenage Boy
Pastor Duane Youngblood of the Higher Call World Outreach Church in Homestead, Pittsbugh has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a teenager. Pastor Youngblood is also the author of the book, " ...
librarisingnsf 07/22/2014 16 33 - -
PA-Gov: Moody's Downgrades PA's Credit Rating Again, Thanks Tom Corbett (R)
Some bad news out of Pennsylvania today:
poopdogcomedy 07/21/2014 11 23 - -
PA-Gov: Tom Corbett (R) Struggles To Energize GOP Base
More evidence that proves Pennsylvanians don't want to give Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA) a second term:
poopdogcomedy 07/20/2014 13 16 - -
Tom Corbett Believes Migrant Children are Bring Diseases to the United States
Even though Pennsylvania is thousands of miles from the border, Governor Tom Corbett thought it would be good to open his mouth and place his foot in it again. While talking to the CBS radio ...
S Kitchen 07/19/2014 34 9 - -
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