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Beyond the Shadow Feminine
From Planet Waves by Eric Francis It's been easy to notice the misogynist rampage of the Republicans lately. Watch cable news for 20 minutes and you get inundated with it. Last month, for example,
Planet Waves 03/20/2012 4 10 1 54
A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
This week I've been enjoying the stream of paranoid emails and Facebook messages that have started to reach me, wherein people are freaked out about how there is actually a populist uprising going ...
Planet Waves 10/21/2011 4 7 - 62
The Tea Party: Cancer in the American Psyche
This article, written by Eric Francis, appears in today's Planet Waves ...
Planet Waves 07/30/2011 2 5 - 65
Put the Conserve Back into Conservative
By Eric Francis, crossposted at Planet Waves If I seem to take part in ...
Planet Waves 11/01/2010 4 4 - 97
Mr. Handsome and Mystical Longing
Cross posted from Planet Waves Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2012 Republican candidate for president:
Planet Waves 01/20/2010 9 2 1 15
Updated: The Religion of Debt
This article, excerpted here, grew out of an ongoing email correspondence on banking and economics between me and it's author, Kelly Cowan. Kelly is an artist, investor and observer of the ...
Planet Waves 12/16/2009 17 - - 52
Venus Square Pluto: In Theory and Practice
This article first appeared Friday, April 3, 2009 as part of Planet Waves' weekly publication, available to subscribers. By ERIC FRANCIS Today, Venus retrograde is in ...
Planet Waves 04/09/2009 79 7 - 25
UPDATED: Navy v. Us: Weapons Playgrounds on Both Coasts
Carol Van Strum is a contributing writer at Planet Waves. by CAROL VAN STRUM As we have been reporting throughout February, the U....
Planet Waves 02/27/2009 11 2 - 20
Viagra for America (or the Death of Capitalism)
Originally posted at Planet Waves. by ERIC FRANCIS There is an idea going around that the economic crisis is the result of the ...
Planet Waves 02/22/2009 7 1 1 5
Navy v. Oregon: EIS - Depleted Uranium is in the Details
Carol Van Strum is the author of "A Bitter Fog: ...
Planet Waves 02/19/2009 17 16 - 45
Congress Reps to Navy: Don't Lie. Just Push Back the Deadline!
Originally posted at Planet Waves . Feb. 17, 2009. In response to pressure from Oregon residents ...
Planet Waves 02/18/2009 8 11 - 13
All of Us Here
Originally posted at Planet Waves . by ERIC FRANCIS Imagine you're sitting in a restaurant with a group of your friends, ...
Planet Waves 02/17/2009 4 2 - 3
For Valentine's Day: Results of Sexuality Study on Female Desire
In celebration of Valentine's Day weekend, we will be publishing articles like this one on love, sex and desire all weekend long at Planet Waves.
Planet Waves 02/13/2009 65 9 2 14
Navy vs. FERC: Update from the Front Lines
Originally posted at Planet Waves. by CAROL VAN STRUM Last Thursday, Feb. 5, we reported ...
Planet Waves 02/10/2009 1 15 2 177
(Updated w/letter!) BREAKING: Congress Intervenes in Navy Plans to use NW Coast as Target Range
Original article is at Planet Waves by CAROL VAN STRUM ...
Planet Waves 02/07/2009 27 23 - 17
UPDATE x 2: Navy Plan to Turn Pacific Coast into Target Range Has Competition-the Fed
This article by Carol Van Strum appeared as "Navy Coup Update - Navy v. Fed" , and originated at ...
Planet Waves 02/05/2009 11 11 - 27
A Blank Check Over the Pacific Northwest Coast
The original of this article can be found at Planet Waves By CAROL ...
Planet Waves 02/03/2009 13 18 2 28
Updated x 3 public hearing notice for TONIGHT: Navy plan would turn Pacific Coast into firing range
For the original publication of this diary visit Planet Waves. By CAROL VAN ...
Planet Waves 02/02/2009 30 28 - 38
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