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Posting History for Planned Parenthood

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Protect the Rights of Military Women: Act Now!
Women who serve in the military risk their lives every day fighting for our freedoms, now it’s time they enjoy the same freedoms in return. 
Planned Parenthood 11/30/2012 3 7 - -
Double Victory for Women’s Health in Ohio
Great news out of Ohio!  In a double victory for women’s health, Ohio legislators called off two controversial bills that would have restricted women’s access to make their own health care ...
Planned Parenthood 11/29/2012 6 31 - -
Women's Health and the Fiscal Cliff
There are a few weeks left for this Congress to finish its business by December 31.  The biggest issues (and most consequential) involve “sequestration” and “the fiscal cliff.”  But what ...
Planned Parenthood 11/28/2012 1 3 1 -
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Discuss Abortion Rights
Yesterday at the vice presidential debate, Martha Raddatz asked the question that many had in mind: with consideration to their Catholic faiths, where do Paul Ryan and Joe Biden stand on the issue ...
Planned Parenthood 10/12/2012 2 8 - -
A Preview of Obamacare (And Guess What? It Works)
 A new study shows that when women have equal access to no-cost birth control methods, it leads to drastically lower rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion. It's a preview of what Obamacare ...
Planned Parenthood 10/09/2012 5 6 - 27
What to Watch in Tonight's Presidential Debate
Tonight, President Obama and Mitt Romney will join one another on stage for the first of three presidential debates.  The topic?  Domestic policy. The debate will be broken down into a number of ...
Planned Parenthood 10/03/2012 6 8 - 79
Bridging the Divide on Health Care for Women
There have been some whoppers this summer. Nothing like an effort to make health insurance more affordable and available to all Americans to bring out the conspiracy theorists. Among my “...
Planned Parenthood 09/03/2009 5 13 - 137
Planned Parenthood Peer Educators Lobby in Washington, DC
What do young people have to say to Congress about health care reform?
Planned Parenthood 08/11/2009 2 2 1 21
Lifesaving Lessons from a Caring Daughter
Linda Tonner was 60 years old when she felt a nagging pain in her breast. She was divorced, made very little money at her job, and didn’t have health insurance.
Planned Parenthood 07/08/2009 5 12 1 8
Take action to protect reproductive health care!
Hello again! In DC, inside that thing we call the Capitol, members of Congress are getting downright scrappy about health care ...
Planned Parenthood 07/01/2009 4 15 - 33
Planned Parenthood is everywhere — and we’re more than you think!
Um, not to brag, but we’re assuming you’ve heard of Planned Parenthood . You might know us from ...
Planned Parenthood 06/15/2009 11 30 - 47
An open letter in response to the murder of Dr. Tiller
Hi everyone, Below is a message in response to the murder of Dr. Tiller from Planned Parenthood ...
Planned Parenthood 06/04/2009 17 47 - 101
Are you there friends?  It's me, Judy!
We at Planned Parenthood are honored to bring you ...
Planned Parenthood 05/08/2009 4 6 - 6
Last chance to help overturn Bush's midnight regulation!
Hooray! After months of work, we are thiiiiis close to overturning Bush's midnight regulation that limits the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health care ...
Planned Parenthood 04/09/2009 5 22 - 49
Celebrate National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers!
Whew! It's been quite a week for Planned Parenthood and women's health, and I realize we've been asking a lot of you lately. It almost feels like our work is never done, and I want you to know ...
Planned Parenthood 03/10/2009 8 20 - 19
Help Overturn Bush Attack on Health Care
Good news! President Obama has moved to overturn the midnight regulation that former President Bush pushed through late last year.
Planned Parenthood 03/06/2009 - 4 - 7
Help save affordable birth control from ANOTHER anti-choice attack
Unbelievable. We let you know yesterday about an attempt to strip Title X funding for Planned Parenthood ...
Planned Parenthood 03/04/2009 15 23 - 34
We have just learned ...
Planned Parenthood 03/03/2009 143 551 2 66
Global Gag Rule Repealed!
Today is yet another remarkable day in history, in the United States and around the world. After eight long years, President Obama ...
Planned Parenthood 01/23/2009 12 33 - 22
Rescind the Global Gag Rule Again!
It was a cold day in January 2001, when George W. Bush reinstated President Regan’s global gag rule, which had been rescinded by President Clinton. Hundreds of thousands of people had ...
Planned Parenthood 01/14/2009 10 21 2 18
It’s Here: Bush's Final Attack on Women's Health Care
We feared it was coming but it’s still a shock: Bush's final attack on women's health care just arrived.
Planned Parenthood 12/18/2008 14 35 - 19
Bush’s parting gift
This is it. Today, the Bush administration is poised to issue a last-minute regulation that will impose harsh new restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health care any moment now.
Planned Parenthood 11/20/2008 11 14 - 73
Bush to Attack Women’s Health
Help stop health care providers from being able to redefine abortion to include birth control. The Bush administration promised not to issue any new regulations after November 1.
Planned Parenthood 11/14/2008 236 563 7 99
Delivering a Blue Florida
October has been an amazing month for volunteers and staff of Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates! We have phone banks happening across the state, from Jacksonville to Miami, ...
Planned Parenthood 11/03/2008 7 7 - 2
Affordable Birth Control Must Be a National Priority
Across the country the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is organizing, showing candidates up and down the ballot that Americans demand access to safe and affordable birth control.
Planned Parenthood 09/08/2008 15 24 - 4
BREAKING: Help Keep Politics Out of the Exam Room!
At 2:00 this afternoon, the Bush administration launched an attack on women's health care and reproductive rights that has put Planned Parenthood and the people we serve in the fight of our lives.
Planned Parenthood 08/21/2008 24 55 2 24
President Bush is trying to sell out women's health in the most unbelievable way
The Bush administration is about to release a rule that would allow federal funding specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancies and promote reproductive health to now be used for ...
Planned Parenthood 07/16/2008 4 28 - 31
Read Cecile Richards' moving blog post: What Would Ann Do?
Check out Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richard's article on Huffington Post . She ...
Planned Parenthood 06/18/2008 5 6 - 4
Planned Parenthood Action Fund Urges You to Help Spread the Word
Did you know that despite Sen. John McCain's extreme anti-women’s health care voting record, a whopping 51 percent of women voters in battleground states have no idea what ...
Planned Parenthood 04/30/2008 2 11 - -
CDC: 1 in 4 Teen Girls Has a Sexually Transmitted Infection
Here's a completely unacceptable statistic: According to the CDC , more than three million teen girls have a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
Planned Parenthood 03/12/2008 52 36 - 19
Reason Prevails in Kansas
Last fall, we learned that anti-choice groups like Operation Rescue had begun circulating a politically motivated petition to seat a grand jury to investigate Planned Parenthood — all as part ...
Planned Parenthood 03/06/2008 7 19 1 13
President’s Backwards Budget Bushwhacks Family Planning Programs
Amid all the excitement and speculation surrounding today’s primaries, one important piece of political news has been largely overlooked — ...
Planned Parenthood 02/05/2008 20 27 - 11
The New York Times Agrees with Planned Parenthood: Prevention Works
Should policies aimed at reducing the number of abortions focus on prevention or punishment? At Planned Parenthood, ...
Planned Parenthood 01/29/2008 13 27 1 6
Happy Anniversary, Roe!
January 22, 2008, marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade , the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion ...
Planned Parenthood 01/22/2008 7 16 1 -
Shamelessly Unqualified Appointee to Lead Family Planning
Another victory was enjoyed last week by the flat-earth crowd when President Bush appointed an anti-birth control activist to head Title X, the nation’s family planning program.
Planned Parenthood 10/26/2007 8 32 2 6
NPR Affiliate Refuses to Air Planned Parenthood Ad
It seems impossible, but WDUQ, the flagship NPR affiliate in Pittsburgh, refuses to air Planned Parenthood of Western ...
Planned Parenthood 10/16/2007 21 19 - 13
The True Life Diary of a Planned Parenthood Worker and Activist
The battle to open our clinic in Aurora, Illinois, might be over, but the war against Planned Parenthood and the women we serve ...
Planned Parenthood 10/15/2007 22 24 1 -
Good News for Women of Connecticut: EC Available at Catholic Hospitals
On Friday, the Hartford Courant reported that all women who arrive at any emergency room in Connecticut ...
Planned Parenthood 10/01/2007 27 15 - 18
Our Clinic in Aurora, Illinois, Is Under Attack
The Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois, has become ground zero in the fight for women's access to reproductive health care. Aurora is a fast-growing city outside Chicago where Planned ...
Planned Parenthood 09/05/2007 371 503 4 44
Anti-Family Planning Amendment Targets Planned Parenthood
The anti-family planning politicians are at it again. Last night, Congressman Mike Pence introduced an amendment that restricts critical family planning funding, and the vote could come at any moment.
Planned Parenthood 07/19/2007 13 32 2 19
The "Nation's Top Doctor" Speaks Out: Bush Administration Suppressed Critical Health Information
Yesterday, former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona spoke before a congressional committee ...
Planned Parenthood 07/11/2007 8 11 4 -
FOX and CBS Say Yes to Sex, No to Condoms
The New York Times reports today that FOX and CBS are refusing to air a condom ...
Planned Parenthood 06/18/2007 21 25 - 7
Hang Onto Your Hats: Students Visit Planned Parenthood Health Center in NH
I'm still unclear about why this is a story, but here we go. Anti-choice groups in New Hampshire ...
Planned Parenthood 06/13/2007 49 43 1 17
Pharmacy in Great Falls, MT will not dispense birth control
Last week I heard about a woman in Great Falls, Montana, who went to her local, privately owned pharmacy, Snyder Drug (NOTE: this pharmacy is not part of the the larger Snyder Drug/Katz ...
Planned Parenthood 05/30/2007 492 389 7 105
Planned Parenthood Action Fund responds to McCain attacks
This week, the LA Times reported this week that John Weaver, a strategist for ...
Planned Parenthood 05/09/2007 13 16 1 7
A Wall of Protest on the Federal Abortion Ban
It has already begun. Less than one week after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal abortion ban, North ...
Planned Parenthood 04/26/2007 4 9 1 -
Supreme Court Protest - 3pm in DC
Please join Planned Parenthood , the nations largest reproductive health care provider and advocacy organization today April 18th in front of ...
Planned Parenthood 04/18/2007 70 152 - 14
The Politics of an Ultrasound
Focus on the Family has done it again. The religious political extremist group, led by father-knows-best-for-every-American-woman talking head James ...
Planned Parenthood 04/10/2007 16 12 - 14
Wal-Mart changes corporate birth control policy: EC dispensed without discrimination or delay
Big news from the biggest retailer in the country. Wal-Mart has signed onto Planned Parenthood's pharmacy policy on emergency ...
Planned Parenthood 04/04/2007 27 22 - 8
Another Anti-Sex Education Bush Appointee Bites the Dust
Yesterday, Wade Horn, the HHS assistant secretary for children and families and widely known as the administration's abstinence-only cheerleader,
Planned Parenthood 04/03/2007 14 14 - 23
UPDATE: Evelyn Kappeler to Replace Keroack (for now)
We are hearing that Evelyn Kappeler, current Acting Deputy Director for Population Affairs will be replacing Eric Keroack, who resigned yesterday because of a Medicaid Action by the State of ...
Planned Parenthood 03/30/2007 9 5 - 15
BREAKING: Eric Keroack Resigns
Eric Keroack (previously posted here ,
Planned Parenthood 03/29/2007 183 269 2 60
Strickland says thanks but no thanks to abstinence only money for Ohio
Guess what's missing from Governor Ted Strickland's budget? The $500,000 a year that the ...
Planned Parenthood 03/23/2007 8 14 - 1
New Bush judicial nomination and more politics at play
The fury continues over Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ firing of a number of U.S. attorneys for what increasingly appears to be purely political reasons. (I smell a new “gate” ...
Planned Parenthood 03/21/2007 3 7 - -
Gov. Blunt Plays Politics Again, Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding in Missouri
This is the kind of story that makes me want to hop on the next plane to Missouri, bang on Governor Blunt's door, and give him a piece of my mind. Yesterday, MO Governor ...
Planned Parenthood 03/20/2007 16 18 - 22
Court upholds excluding birth control from health care plans
One small step backward for birth control giant LEAP backward for women’s health. Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth ...
Planned Parenthood 03/16/2007 364 171 5 36
New pro-choice majority kills dangerous parental notification law in New Hampshire
In January, a pro-choice majority took over in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. For the first time since the late 1800s, the New Hampshire House and Senate are controlled by Democrats ...
Planned Parenthood 03/08/2007 37 27 1 17
Wisconsin leaders reject abstinence-only funding, want EC in the ER.  
Wisconsin women may soon get better access to emergency contraception (EC) — the backup method of birth control that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex.
Planned Parenthood 03/07/2007 9 22 - 15
Bush slashes budget for the Office of Women's Health
This week, in an appalling move by the Bush administration, the Office of Women’s Health , a division within the FDA, had its budget slashed by 30 ...
Planned Parenthood 03/01/2007 11 14 - 7
So-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” Making Headlines
So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) that masquerade as reproductive health clinics in order to dissuade women from seeking abortion services have long been a tactic of anti-...
Planned Parenthood 02/27/2007 24 31 1 95
More Abortion Restrictions in Mississippi
Mississippi is already one of the worst states to live in if ...
Planned Parenthood 02/23/2007 28 10 - 4
KS Gov. Sebelius starts off on the right foot
Yesterday, newly re-elected pro-choice Kansas Gov. Kathy Sebelius refused to sign a certificate endorsing anti-abortion extremist Phill ...
Planned Parenthood 12/21/2006 17 11 - 5
Congress turns the heat up on anti-birth control Keroack
This afternoon, President Bush gave his final press conference before he heads off to his Crawford ranch for Christmas. ...
Planned Parenthood 12/20/2006 100 284 2 88
3 hours until the vote -- help us make these urgent calls
On Monday, we asked our activists to speak out on the deceptively titled "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act," a bill that misleads women and puts politics before science. The House is scheduled to ...
Planned Parenthood 12/06/2006 5 12 - 10
Anti-choice extremists lose by a landslide
Planned Parenthood 11/08/2006 11 7 - 4
The Other News Tomorrow
Planned Parenthood 11/07/2006 9 24 - 9
Gov. Rounds Gets the Facts Wrong
Planned Parenthood 10/26/2006 1 2 - 12
Vision = Action
Planned Parenthood 10/19/2006 2 3 1 -
Give Target a Piece of Your Mind
Planned Parenthood 12/07/2005 5 11 - -
UPDATE: Target Refuses to Shift Policy
Planned Parenthood 11/11/2005 16 19 - -
Target Says, "We Won't Serve You"
Planned Parenthood 10/26/2005 265 220 8 8
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