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I can find no evidence of the Baltimore Sun's "Purge" Claim from Monday
The Baltimore Sun made the following claim about the riots on Monday: The incident stemmed from a flier that circulated widely among city school students via social media about a “purge” to ...
OllieGarkey 05/03/2015 102 161 - -
R.I.P. A Garden Grew in Oakland Today.
Oscar Grant Plaza filled Saturday afternoon with a couple hundred people come to the first #BlackSpring event in Oakland. The organizers came up with a great idea, an its already spread across the ...
jpmassar 05/02/2015 9 49 - -
From Oakland to Baltimore. Labor & Community Against Police Terror on May Day.
A simple tweetpic essay. from the 510 to the 410 — m4rg1n4L (@marg1nal) May 1, 2015 Putting the final touches on chalk art at Oscar Grant Plaza before the march ...
jpmassar 05/01/2015 6 18 1 -
Become Maladjusted to Injustice! MBOPRA, STDDs, Week 35
If there is one name that has been uttered more often than Freddie Gray's over the past week, it has been that of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. We know that the criminal, heartless Right Wing ...
JoanMar 05/01/2015 32 52 1 -
Baltimore police commish knew Freddie Gray's death was a crime--here's why
For all the kicking and screaming that the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police directed at Marilyn Mosby today after six of their brothers were indicted for their role in the death of Freddie Gray, ...
Christian Dem in NC 05/01/2015 12 27 - -
UPDATE x2: HOLY CRAP. Baltimore FOP channels their inner Frank Nitti
This may seem a bit self-centered since my other diary is already at the top of the Rec list, but a couple people suggested that my update deserves it's own diary as well to ensure maximum exposure, ...
Brainwrap 05/01/2015 64 74 - -
Had you ever even heard of police doing rough rides before Freddie Gray? They're everywhere.
Freddie Gray being loaded into a van by Baltimore Police On April 12th, six Baltimore police officers assaulted Freddie Gray and took him on something I'll admit I've never heard of ...
Shaun King 05/01/2015 234 334 1 -
Updated route of Baltimore Police van proves they were deliberately off course with Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray being loaded into the Baltimore Police Van. Again, because the Baltimore Police refuse to release any real statements from the officers involved in the April 12th arrest and April 19th ...
Shaun King 05/01/2015 69 177 1 -
Justice Department announces $20 million body camera pilot program
Attorney General Loretta Lynch capped her first, ...
Joan McCarter 05/01/2015 66 33 - -
Holy Crap. "Depraved Heart Murder"? UPDATE: FOP channels Frank Nitti
Thanks to reporters Mark Puente & Wesley Lowery for the screen shot: The official list of charges against the 6 officers (not 1, not 2, not 3...*six*) is out:
Brainwrap 05/01/2015 326 415 7 -
Baltimore Police Triggered the Riots
Mother Jones magazine reported that police actions triggered the riot.
CharlesII 04/30/2015 112 334 4 -
She's overseeing Freddie Gray case; both parents, grandfather, 2 aunts, 3 uncles are police officers
Marilyn Mosby 5/1 UPDATE: Marilyn Mosby just charged all six officers with crimes ranging from assault to murder in the death of Freddie Gray. I seriously doubted that someone with such deep ties ...
Shaun King 04/30/2015 397 208 5 -
A complete takedown of the lies spread by the Baltimore PD and Washington Post on Freddie Gray
It was only a two-minute drive between the police station and where Freddie Gray was arrested. Why, then, did it take 30 minutes? So many egregious ...
Shaun King 04/30/2015 226 256 8 -
It's about Ethics in Journalism - Washington Post Claims Freddie Gray Broke Own Spine.
The Washington Post has published a report based on a leaked document . We don't know who leaked it to them. In it, a prisoner who was placed in the police van some time after Freddie Gray was ...
Lollardfish 04/30/2015 78 93 1 -
AAAnd the Baltimore PD is OFF with the Latest Bullsomething
Ok, I admit to being a bit obsessive with the Freddie Gray case and subsequent protests and police riots but this latest posted on the not venerable WaPo is utter bullshite. Prisoner in Van Says . .
gchaucer2 04/30/2015 89 162 3 -
No, Freddie Gray did not have spinal surgery "a week before" his arrest
More excellent coverage from the Baltimore SUN, sticking a thumb in the eye of the F--- Rep----c website and its vicious rumors.
dadadata 04/30/2015 52 92 - -
Father of black Detroit youth shot by ICE agent: "They brought my son downstairs and executed him"
Originally posted at Eclectablog . On Monday of this week U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer Mitchell Quinn shot and killed 20-year old Detroiter Terrance Kellom. The killing took ...
Eclectablog 04/29/2015 42 160 3 -
Baltimore: Over 1,000 Youth March Now w/ Amnesty International Watching
Right now, there are over a thousand young people marching from Penn Station, down Charles and St. Paul Streets over Lexington towards City Hall. Continuing over the last two weeks, The Batimore ...
gchaucer2 04/29/2015 26 100 1 -
NYC Violent Crime Decreased under Community Policing
Violent crime declined dramatically in NYC under Mayor David Dinkins' community policing policy called Safe Streets, Safe Cities . We need better police policies, ones like this that have been ...
Catskill Julie 04/29/2015 8 11 - -
Orlando PD begins investigation into brutality of handcuffed victim—and it is getting messy
Mr. Liese is kneed by Officer Delio, rupturing his spleen The Orlando Police Department, like many other police departments, must now investigate one of their own because ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 51 85 2 -
Los Angeles settles civil rights case with DOJ and victims—agree to 'bias-free policing'
Things are broken and need fixing. Systematic fixing. Los Angeles County's Board of Supervisors voted to reach a settlement with the Department of Justice over their findings that the sheriff's ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 5 7 - -
Freddie Gray only the latest victim of Baltimore's 'rough rides' in police vans
Victim of a "rough ride"? The Baltimore Sun has a pretty illuminating piece on the Baltimore Police Department's criminal technique of "rough rides" in police vans. It turns out that Baltimore ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 25 55 - -
Black Baltimore Residents Shown Protecting Police With Human Shield
Note: This is a crosspost from my story on Reverb Press. Story in its entirety below. Anyone who has even passively looked at the television or their Facebook news feed over the past few days has ...
curtisfease 04/29/2015 14 11 - -
Missouri Legislature Moves to Limit Use of Deadly Force by Police Officers
The state of Missouri moved forward Tuesday with legislation aimed at making the use of lethal force by police officers less likely.
Chris Reeves 04/29/2015 16 23 - -
As with Mike Brown, conservatives feel the need to lie about the life and death of Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray in the hospital after surgeries attempting to save his life Exactly what is it about being conservative that makes one want to lie about young black men who have been killed by police?
Shaun King 04/29/2015 139 168 3 -
Hillary Clinton calls for 'real reforms' of policing and mass incarceration
Hillary Clinton is making criminal justice reform, mass ...
Laura Clawson 04/29/2015 365 67 - -
Lawless gangs of thugs
When I heard Governor Hogan say " lawless gangs of ...
RichardAG 04/29/2015 12 10 - -
Cops sell out their permanent enemy to rationalize their potential escalated violence
Police blaming gangs as if this were an actual opportunity to ...
annieli 04/29/2015 2 10 - -
A Tale of Two Cops: How police treat white kids vs. black kids (PHOTO)
Baltimore police in 2015, Washington DC cop in 1957 The photo on the left has been circulating on Facebook , was presumably taken in the last ...
Paul Hogarth 04/29/2015 7 17 1 -
Activist schools Blitzer: Broken spines are worse than broken windows
There are times when the media really does their best to sicken us all. This ...
Frank Vyan Walton 04/28/2015 142 340 7 -
Powerful video interview of Crips and Bloods disputing claims of the Baltimore police
Bloods and Crips uniting and disputing the claims of the Baltimore Police Yesterday, immediately after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department released an ...
Shaun King 04/28/2015 249 272 8 -
Cartoon: To protect and to sever
(Click to enlarge) Follow Jen on Twitter at @...
Jen Sorensen 04/28/2015 37 57 4 -
Baltimore. Tweetpics from the Streets.
It's hard to know exactly what's going on. From the storyline the tweets tell, after Freddy Gray's funeral this morning things heated up considerably. Various police transports have been set on ...
jpmassar 04/27/2015 151 107 1 -
The Capturing of the Coyote
When the life of a coyote is deemed to be of more importance than the life of a black man. There have been many sightings of coyotes in Manhattan, New York. According to CBS , one female coyote ...
JoanMar 04/27/2015 17 33 - -
Police withheld video of officers laughing, mocking, re-enacting brutal beating of Floyd Dent
Beating an innocent is so hilarious! Police officers in Inkster, Michigan pulled Floyd Dent over for maybe, possibly not completely stopping at a stop sign and ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 125 256 3 -
Wisconsin Police Association puts up billboard featuring officer who shot two people in 10 days
Too soon? Officer Pablo Torres may yet face charges. Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer Pablo Torres was involved in two shootings in only 10 days. One involved a mentally distressed veteran who was ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 35 24 - -
Cash-strapped Chicago has paid half a billion dollars in police brutality settlements since 2004
Rekia Boyd, shot and killed by Chicago Officer Dante Servin With 49 elementary schools closing this summer , with pensions being slashed, and with public services being cut all over Chicago, the ...
Shaun King 04/27/2015 53 112 3 -
SC police officers to mentally ill woman: I'll let you go if you let me Taser you in the forehead
South Carolina officers Eric Walters and Franklin "Frankie" Brown After pleading guilty to federal charges of deprivation of rights, two Marion, South Carolina, police officers ...
Shaun King 04/27/2015 109 196 6 -
A Photo from Baltimore.
Photo : If ever a photo should exist to explain how we feel every day, from the moment we arise til we fall asleep. — The Real Segun Idowu (@RevrendDoctor) April 26, ...
jpmassar 04/26/2015 94 209 2 -
Stanley Glanz must resign for allowing two men who falsified Robert Bates' records to be promoted
Late yesterday, Tulsa County DA Stephen Kunzweiler revealed that he is so alarmed by the revelations contained in an internal investigation of how Robert Bates' training and behavior were handled ...
Christian Dem in NC 04/25/2015 18 27 - -
The Sun Paper: Wherein a Newspaper Does News: Freddie Gray
The Baltimore Sun has been bought and sold and bought since it was the newspaper I knew as a kid. My grandmother worked for The Sun when Mencken wrote for them. She believed he was the devil ...
gchaucer2 04/25/2015 59 138 1 -
Killed by Police, April 1-15, 2015
From April 1-15 , there were 45 people killed by police. The deaths happened in 20 different states, with California leading the way again (9), followed by Oklahoma (6), then Illinois & Texas (4 ...
revmcpherson 04/25/2015 11 13 - -
Baltimore Police Bill of Rights gives them 10 days after killing someone until they have to talk
Freddie Gray in the hospital before dying of his injuries Imagine your son or brother or husband having his spine 80 percent severed, his vertebrae broken, his brain swollen, and him slipping into ...
Shaun King 04/24/2015 74 108 2 -
Vacationing Swedish Police officers show us how to handle a violent confrontation
Just take it easy Four Swedish police officers, riding on New York City's 6 train, had to go back to work briefly, in order to subdue two ...
Walter Einenkel 04/24/2015 325 273 3 -
Beginning of the end: The details that will destroy the Tulsa Sheriff's Office
Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz Tulsa journalists Ziva Branstetter and Dylan Goforth just released a report that spells the beginning of the end for Sheriff Stanley Glanz and the Tulsa Sheriff's Office.
Shaun King 04/24/2015 114 158 3 -
Smoking gun: Prosecutor Anita Alvarez deliberately undercharged officer who killed Rekia Boyd
Rekia Boyd On Monday, Judge Dennis Porter made a decision that shocked lovers of justice across the nation. Presiding over the case against Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin, who shot and killed ...
Shaun King 04/24/2015 90 118 1 -
Video from 2013 shows biking man shot four times in the back by Florida police
Dontrell Stephens being shot in the back This is a national epidemic . In cities and states all ...
Shaun King 04/24/2015 255 342 6 -
Arrested for sagging pants, Ervin Edwards tasered to death in custody; police lie in report
Ervin Edwards, arrested for sagging pants, dead in his cell after being Tasered to death On November 26, 2013, 38-year-old Ervin Edwards, partially deaf and mentally ill,
Shaun King 04/24/2015 344 272 8 -
The Freddie Gray Diaries Continue
Today brings us new revelations. It seems that Kevin Moore, one of the two people who offered video evidence documenting police wrongdoings had a bit more to share. Per Mr. Moore in the Baltimore ...
MDProgress 04/24/2015 7 12 - -
South Carolina Police and Reconstruction Redux
The following is an excerpt from a public letter written and posted by John C. Blackmon, the president of the Tri-County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3 in South Carolina. It was posted after ...
ATexican 04/23/2015 4 10 1 -
Brown family files 44-page lawsuit against Darren Wilson, the police chief, and the city of Ferguson
Mike Brown Nothing can bring Ferguson teenager Michael Brown back, but this new lawsuit filed by his family is one step toward justice for ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 64 77 2 -
Tulsa judge overseeing case of Deputy Bob Bates is a longtime deputy himself
Judge James Caputo The rabbit hole in Tulsa just goes deeper and deeper ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 79 54 1 -
Sick irony clearly lost on Baltimore Police Union as it calls peaceful protestors a 'lynch mob'
Shaun King 04/23/2015 91 179 4 -
Explosive 2009 report from Tulsa reveals deep corruption concerning Deputy Bob Bates
Tulsa Reserve Deputy Bob Bates on the left. Eric Harris less than an hour before dying on the right. This ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 123 194 3 -
The real possibility that Prosecutor Anita Alvarez deliberately tanked the Rekia Boyd murder case
Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez This is the type of blog post that really won't make much sense unless you watch the video below the fold. It's the most important video I've shared in months ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 109 188 1 -
NYPD extends courtesies to wild coyotes in Manhattan that it rarely extends to African Americans
Wild coyote spotted in Chelsea. NYPD chases it for an hour with Tasers before subduing it with a tranquilizing dart. This morning I saw a weird headline in the New York Times that really piqued my ...
Shaun King 04/22/2015 60 51 1 -
So apparently cops need to shoot MORE people...
New Richmond Police officer Jesse Kidder, in confronting a double murder suspect, used restraint when the suspect attempted "suicide by cop". Gun nuts are now PO'd that the officer didn't blow the ...
Witgren 04/22/2015 12 9 - -
The Unspoken American Experience: 1,500,000 Missing Black Men
Many of us knew this intuitively, but the numbers are still shocking: For every 100 black women not in jail, there are ...
Dartagnan 04/21/2015 95 167 4 -
Detroit police officer who shot 7-year-old girl in botched raid returns to duty
In 2010, Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley participated in a "no knock" raid on the home 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones shared with her grandmother. Police said they were looking for a ...
Jen Hayden 04/21/2015 16 40 - -
Man beaten by San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies gets huge settlement in a hurry
San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies were caught by a camera on a news helicopter severely beating Francis Jared Pusok after ...
Jen Hayden 04/21/2015 73 143 1 -
Charged in the death of Eric Harris, Deputy Bob Bates gets permission to go to the Bahamas
Deputy Bob Bates, left. Police kneeing Eric Harris in the head after being shot by Bob Bates. This is what white privilege looks like. Charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of Eric ...
Shaun King 04/21/2015 221 210 2 -
City of Baltimore suspends six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray being arrested by Baltimore Police Six officers involved in the arrest and injuries of a 25-year-old Baltimore man, Freddie Gray,
Shaun King 04/21/2015 114 116 3 -
Terrible verdict in Chicago proves that white imagination of a black threat easily sets cops free
Rekia Boyd On Monday afternoon, three years after he shot and killed Rekia Boyd, Chicago police officer Dante Servin had all charges dismissed against him by Judge Dennis ...
Shaun King 04/21/2015 174 215 4 -
Officer Bill Melendez charged with three felonies in brutal beating, planting evidence on Floyd Dent
It's official. After being fired from the Inkster Police Department, Bill "Robocop" ...
Shaun King 04/20/2015 104 181 3 -
Killer Cops by the Numbers: Rarely Charged, Rarely Convicted
Saw this story from April 12th from the Washington Post today, and the statistics it presents are startling. I know, Shaun King previously posted about this report last week, but I feel it deserves ...
Steven D 04/20/2015 12 11 - -
If He's Black, He's Dead: What Happens When a White Murder Suspect Attacks an Ohio Police Officer?
We should never forget that America is a house built on the bodies of black and brown people. They are also the kindling for the fire that fueled the American melting pot. The State has a ...
chaunceydevega 04/20/2015 36 30 - -
White Woman Steals Flag, Resists Arrest - Watch What Happens
The woman in the video is Michelle Manhart. A student informed her that a protest was occurring where the protestors were standing on an American flag. She went to the scene of that protest on ...
Steven D 04/20/2015 211 140 3 -
Family of Freddie Gray, fatally injured while in Baltimore police custody, demands answers
Freddie Gray alive and well, Freddie Gray under arrest, Freddie Gray in coma On April 12, Freddie Gray, healthy and whole, was arrested by the Baltimore Police. ...
Shaun King 04/20/2015 112 117 2 -
Missouri town elects first black mayor; 80% of the police, city attorney, water supervisor resign
Tyrus Byrd being sworn into office in Parma, Missouri What the hell were they afraid of ? Born and raised in tiny Parma, Missouri, Tyrus ...
Shaun King 04/20/2015 229 243 6 -
And another one: Cops kill black man in beating that broke his spine.
Black suspect dies after Baltimore cops break his spine in ‘brutal’ police beating Freddie Gray had to undergo a double surgery on three broken vertebrae and an injured voice box on Tuesday, ...
xxdr zombiexx 04/19/2015 102 236 3 -
Marana Policeman Rams Suspect with Police Car
I have not seen this discussed here. Earlier in the week, a video was released showing a Marana, AZ Policeman accelerating his car and slamming into a man carrying a rifle. This man had been on a ...
Desert Rose 04/19/2015 24 5 - -
Jennings MO, a knife, a bible, a death
My partner just walked into the room, "It happened again". Makes my heart sink, again. I just happened to be wearing a t shirt with names of unarmed black Americans killed by police lately...Stephon&...
old mule 04/19/2015 14 7 - -
Just reported: FBI admits hair evidence is false
WaPo Headline reads : "FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000" with this lead: The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner ...
arodb 04/18/2015 90 152 1 -
Police Privilege And Kendrec McDade
Kendrec McDade died three years ago, on March 24, 2012, in a crossfire of police bullets in Pasadena, California. He was 19 years old, a community college student with no criminal record or gang ...
Emmet 04/18/2015 9 20 - -
Killing Black People, or The Fatal Evil of Historical Ignorance - Part 1: Denial, Lies & Revisionism
This is the first in a series of diaries that will examine the underlying causes for the continuing police violence disproportionately employed against African Americans, causes I believe to be ...
Steven D 04/17/2015 30 18 1 -
Bob Bates' Gun
This is a freeze frame from the video (0.44 second mark) provided by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department of the shooting of Eric Harris by volunteer deputy Bob Bates.
glb3 04/17/2015 33 18 - -
Bob Bates Never had Active Shooter Training
It just keeps getting worse for the 73 year old Pay-to-Play Wanna Be Sheriff. It now appears the Active Shooter training he had said he had accomplished in Maricopa County, AZ was a complete ...
AtheistDadOf1 04/17/2015 20 14 - -
CNN: National Guard called Ferguson protestors 'enemy forces' and 'adversaries'
After analyzing thousands of pages of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, CNN's Barbara Starr and Wes ...
Shaun King 04/17/2015 169 218 5 -
Tulsa Deputy Bob Bates begins media offensive by lying on the Today Show
Bob Bates lying on The Today ...
Shaun King 04/17/2015 256 168 2 -
Unjust police killing of Tulsa man, Eric Harris, reveals a deep and dangerous scandal in Oklahoma
Eric Harris just moments before he was shot and killed by Bob ...
Shaun King 04/16/2015 158 301 3 -
Chicago is offering $5 million reparations package to victims tortured by police
Walter Einenkel 04/16/2015 7 12 - -
Allegations of falsified training of Tulsa reserve deputy
Reserve deputy Robert Bates The Tulsa World reports today that sources claim supervisors were ordered to ...
Krotor 04/16/2015 8 11 - -
Gov. Chris Christie on legalizing marijuana: 'If President, I will crack down on it'
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance on ...
Jen Hayden 04/16/2015 126 70 - -
Tulsa deputies ordered to falsify records of 'reserve deputy' who shot and killed Eric Harris
The investigation into the shooting death of Eric ...
Jen Hayden 04/16/2015 196 150 3 -
Copy of the heartbreaking civil rights lawsuit Eric Garner filed against the NYPD in 2007
Eric Garner with his family On September 1st, 2007, seven years before NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo would choke Eric Garner ...
Shaun King 04/15/2015 43 75 - -
Police Violence Protestors Shut Down LA Metro Blue Line
Yesterday protestors organized through filled the streets of downtown LA going from Police Headquarters to Broadway and Washington to protest police killings, the frequency of which a ...
Frank Vyan Walton 04/15/2015 4 17 - -
The police shooting video Chicago has paid $5 million for us not to see
Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by Chicago police On October 20, 2014, something so egregious, so awful, so unjust took place on the streets of Chicago that the city, already in a deep deficit,
Shaun King 04/15/2015 154 315 3 -
Cops run over suspect at 50MPH
Granted, the guy needed to be arrested. He had earlier robbed a 7-11 while dressed only in his underwear. He then set fire to a church. He had threatened suicide several times. Clearly he was ...
gjohnsit 04/15/2015 53 35 - -
F**k Your Breath: Tulsa Police Doing the Tulsa Shuffle
The following is commentary by witnesses for the defense in case where a San Francisco transit police officer pulled his pistol instead of his taser and shot an apprehended suspect in the back. http:
ATexican 04/15/2015 13 12 - -
It should be our Broken LEO System that should be on Trial
It is our broken Law Enforcement Officer System that should be on Trial -- Not its perennial victims , and far too often 'victims of color'. When murder and manslaughter and race motivated killings,
jamess 04/15/2015 26 23 - -
California Assembly panel approves legislation preventing police from viewing body camera footage
While states and cities ...
Shaun King 04/14/2015 126 303 4 -
Freddy Gray: Critical Condition and Induced Coma After Arrest by Baltimore Police
Add another one to the list: (Reuters) - A man was in critical condition in the hospital on Monday after being arrested by several Baltimore police officers in an incident that was at least partly ...
astral66 04/14/2015 16 6 - -
Officer Bill 'Robocop' Melendez fired for brutal roadside beating of Michigan grandfather
Floyd Dent after being brutally and illegally beaten by Officer Bill Melendez Few police officers in ...
Shaun King 04/14/2015 103 196 7 -
New study: For every 1,000 people killed by police, one officer is convicted of a crime
In what may ...
Shaun King 04/14/2015 41 50 1 -
Cop "Taunts" Unarmed Latino Man Shot Dead By Police, By Tickling His Feet
In the seemingly endless continuum of police misconduct, this has to win some sort of prize: A Bakersfield police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after he allegedly tickled the ...
Dartagnan 04/14/2015 12 11 - -
Rep. Hank Johnson blasts Congress for its silence and inaction on police shootings
Rep. Hank Johnson Via the video below the fold: It feels like open season on black men in America and I'm outraged. In fact, all Americans are ...
Shaun King 04/14/2015 60 89 3 -
New York Times op-ed gets to the heart of the Walter Scott case
Charles M. Blow has a really perfectly stated and straight to the point piece about ...
Walter Einenkel 04/14/2015 117 236 2 -
The Police Murder of Walter Scott: Enough Is Fucking Enough
They’ve done it again. And I’ve watched the video over and over and over again until my face is wet with tears and my head is pounding in anger. How the fuck do you wrap your head around this? I ...
MIchael Slate 04/13/2015 13 18 1 -
Deputy who shot and killed Eric Harris in Oklahoma charged with manslaughter
Reserve Deputy Robert "Bob" Bates On Monday afternoon, after an intense few days of public pressure, Deputy Bob Bates was charged with ...
Shaun King 04/13/2015 142 95 1 -
"Why Are We Discussing Recent Deaths?" William Martin
Why indeed? Vera Jenkins Booker was the night supervisor on duty at Good Samaritan Hospital in Selma, Ala., the night Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot by an Alabama state trooper who followed him into a ...
juliandomain 04/13/2015 4 12 - -
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