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Senator Michael Bennet (CO) reverses course on TPP, DC office voicemail jammed
Give a centrist a second and less scrutinized chance to weasel and you will not be disappointed...
PoliticalBartender 05/15/2015 10 17 2 -
Colorado has been blanketed with Right/Republican mailers...
due to the Colorado Senate ...
PoliticalBartender 10/29/2014 10 9 - -
Congressman Polis, do you agree with Third Way's attack on Elizabeth Warren?
At this point, the op-ed piece by the Third Way think tank in the Wall Street Journal attacking Elizabeth Warren has been widely circulated and correctly interpreted as a wildly disingenuous and ...
PoliticalBartender 12/05/2013 3 11 - -
"Liberal" CO Congressman Jared Polis still a slave to faulty Economic Math
Unfortunately fellow Kossacks, we are now in an era where the moniker "Democratic Party" is a misleading label for what are actually group of corporate lackey apologist one percenters who pretend to ...
PoliticalBartender 04/25/2013 8 2 - -
Colorado Senators Udall and Bennet "squishy" on Chained CPI
In a mood of displeasure and disappointment out here in Colorado a few days back, I sent a comment to ahead of President Obama's Social Security (cave)proposal. Then I forwarded the ...
PoliticalBartender 04/11/2013 9 13 - -
The Battle Continues: Still receiving anti Obamacare robocalls
Just thought I'd pass along this little tidbit... It's 2 PM here on Black Friday in Colorado and I just received a robocall that asks for a donation and a signature to try and undermine the ...
PoliticalBartender 11/23/2012 20 27 - -
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