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By Alec Kohut   

I love debating politics, and like all Daily Kos diarists, I feel I have something worthwhile to say. Sometimes people care, sometimes they don’t.

So next week I will starting a show at to further engage people in political and social discussions.

So I want your opinion on what I should call my upcoming show.

I like the name “Politics & A Beer” because throughout American history, political and social discussion has very often been accompanied by a pint or two….or more. And that remains true today.

Yet too often some idiot, completely unable to answer intelligently, will make a comment such as, “Oh, go have another beer.” Or make some similar comment that I am drunk or something.

So, should I change the name to something like “Alec’s Progressive Hour,” or just let the idiots be idiots and carry on with “Politics & A Beer?” I am leaning toward keeping the “Politics & A Beer” mantra, and letting the idiots weed themselves out.

But just wanted other opinions. And hope you’ll listen to the debut next Wednesday !!!!


by Alec Kohut

Get ready liberals and progressives. The crazy right-wing gun nuts are already churning out stories about how Canada’s strict gun laws did not prevent Wednesday's tragedy in Ottawa, and already are using it as evidence to the failure of gun regulations.

After all, if gun laws really worked, how did such a tragedy occur in a country with such strict gun regulations?

The answer is simple, the gun regulations did work, and saved human lives on Wedesday.

Let’s first look at the facts. At this point the shooting rampage has left one Canadian soldier dead, and a report of another injured. (Reported to be shot in the foot at this time.) Let me say that again, a shooting rampage in Canada left one person dead. One.

After shooting the soldier dead, the terrorist entered the Canadian Parliament Building with a double barrel shotgun, and killed nobody there. Nobody. Once security forces identified the threat, it wasn’t a contest. The gunman was shot dead and order was restored with the loss of only one innocent person dead.

Please do not think I am minimizing the loss of Canadian reservist Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, I am not. I am Would it not be a step in the right directions if massacres by James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Wade Page, Jared Loughner, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, would be limited to one or deaths as in the incident in Ottawa today?

Canada’s gun laws worked. The shooter did not have a semi-automatic rifle with 30-round magazines, or anything close. He had what is being reported as a double barrel shotgun. Why? Because it’s hard, really, really hard in Canada to amass an arsenal of guns and ammo to stage a mass killing.

He was completely outgunned by the good guys. Canada’s gun laws worked!

The terrorist was unable to acquire the weapons of mass murder that are far, far too easily is acquire here at home, where mass shootings here involving dozens dead is far, far too common.

So hat’s off to our friends in the Great White North, for the courage and common sense to enact gun safety laws which greatly limited the number of deaths that could have been witnessed on Wednesday.


by Alec Kohut

When did this happen? When did America, the “Home of the Brave,” become a country so afraid of everything?

As I write this the death toll for Americans who have contracted the Ebola virus in America stands at zero. Yet, also as I write this, the “Home of the Brave” is shitting itself with fear. Schools are closing, people are demanding “quarantine centers,” and politicians are ramping up the blame game. We are pathetic.

I am old enough now to remember when we weren’t this scared, or this stupid. I remember the Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak when I was a kid. It was tragic, but I don’t remember us all going bat-shit crazy if we knew a Legionnaire. And let’s not forget the more recent SARS “pandemic.” Remember when that was going to wipe out China and then kill most Americans? In the end it didn’t even kill enough Chinese for them to start having female babies again. But the fear was real, and stupid.

I remember hoof and mouth disease, H1N1 Flu, Swine Flu, Y2K, bird flu, 2012, Caddyshack 2, and sushi farts, and somehow survived them all. But somehow now, if Ebola doesn’t kill me, ISIS will come chop my head off.

Bitch Please.

If we rank Ebola by number of American deaths, it ranks behind only those things that actually killed one American. Think about that. Ebola ranks behind people being electrocuted with hotel room keys. Look it up.

But between 9/11, social-media, and the 24-hour news cycle, the culture of fear is not just prevalent in American society, it’s profitable. When cable news channels can get ratings from bullshit stories like the Ebola “pandemic,” and National Geographic can sell ad space for garbage like “Doomsday Preppers,” we in America will continue to get the scared, paranoid society we deserve.


by Alec Kohut

Allison Grimes released an ad showing her shooting a gun and proudly stating that she “is not Barack Obama.”

I agree 100%.

President Barack Obama brought this country back from economic disaster, stood against the radial NRA and gun nuts, killed Bin Laden and defeated Al Queda, is now building a worldwide coalition to destroy ISIS, lowered the deficit, reformed out health care system, saved the American auto industry and was twice elected President of the United States.

No Allison, you are no Barack Obama.

You are a politician whose ambition far surpasses your integrity and intelligence. You are a poser, a two-bit politician that either doesn’t know, or is unwilling to actually stand for something. Instead of standing up to Mitch McConnell and right-wing extremism, you attack President Obama, and try to position yourself as “Republican-lite.”

Trust me you desperate pathetic young lady, when people are given the choice between the genuine article and a cheap worthless imitation, they always opt for the real thing. And when it comes to hating President Obama, Mitch McConnell is the real McCoy.

Even in a state where Obamacare is a smashing success, your cowardice won’t even allow you to fight for the working poor of your home Kentucky who now, finally have decent health coverage. Yes, Allison, you are a damn coward and a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

Of course blaming President Obama for your disastrous and incompetent Senate run is an easy out for you. And I am sure you have hired a team of white Washington consultants telling you day and night that it’s that damn black man in the White House that’s dragging you down. How convenient.

But did you really ever think that you could win over the gun nuts? Did you ever think that you could hate President Obama just enough? Did you really think that running away from the Democratic Party would motivate faithful Kentucky Democrats to get out the vote for you? Did you really think playing “dress-up” and shooting and a gun would fool anyone?

Just how fucking stupid are you?

If you didn’t think you could make a Democratic argument and win, why even run?

Now I’m sure there people reading this commentary that will tell me that in order to keep our “majority” in the Senate we must support the “conservative” Democrats in red states. That we must look at the “big picture,” and win seats wherever we can, anyway we can. I have no problem supporting Democrats that I disagree with if what they are doing represents a fundamental issue important to their constituency.

I can’t disown Alaska Democrat Mark Begich for his stand on oil, any more then the GOP should disown Iowa’s Terry Branstad for his support of wind power. However I can most certainly ask that Democratic candidates at least be Democrats, and not be openly hostile to our Democratic President, and Democratic principles.

So Allison, if you hate President Obama that much and love guns so much, and really want to distance yourself from him, go join the Republican Party. We really don’t need you, or any of your ilk who stand against our President, and against the over 400,000 Kentuckians that now have health care because him.

But please don’t blame my President for your spineless cowardice as your campaign falters and heads for sure defeat. You are the loser, not President Obama.


by Alec Kohut

So that means whether Saudi Arabia picks up the perceived disruption to come, or the Keystone Pipeline were up and running now, neither would make much of a difference now.
Exactly Neil. That’s what we’ve been saying for years, glad you agree.

Cavuto penned an article at Fox Business on June 17th that completely, and totally, destroys arguments made on his, and every show at Fox News, and Fox Business, that the Keystone XL Pipeline will lessen our dependence on middle eastern oil, and lower oil prices. Cavuto, in a rare display of honesty, had to admit that the Keystone Pipeline will do absolutely nothing to moderate oil prices here, or anywhere in the world.

Contradicting what he and his guests said just five days earlier on his show “Your World,” Cavuto demonstrates acute acumen in the reality of global oil prices:

Oil is a commodity, a global commodity, and like any stock in almost any market, it often trades on issues having little to do with basic fundamentals, and more to do with simple fear.

Let’s keep that in mind as this Iraq saga unfolds. The prevailing wisdom is that the better things look for the insurgents, the worse things look for oil and gas prices – again, whether or not supply is disrupted.

Cavuto explains how “fear, not facts” moves oil prices, and that actual supply demand do not move oil prices, but “perceived supply and demand” does. In other words, Neil Cavuto agrees 100% with Nancy Pelosi that is speculation, not supply and demand is creating higher oil prices.

But then the article gets really interesting, Cavuto claims this:

Fear will trump fact, which is why pushing Keystone in the middle of this, trumps fact as much as it trumps decency.

I’m all for making us more energy independent, and I’m all for being all in on all energy, including, wind and solar, as well as coal and oil. But using a civil war in Iraq to pitch a pipeline here is as crass as it is wrong.

Does Neil Cavuto forget that just five days before this he and his guests did EXACTLY that? Here’s an article from News Hounds that includes the June 12th clip of Cavuto using the Iraqi civil war to push for the Keystone Pipeline.

So Cavuto admits that he is indeed, "crass, wrong, and lacks decency."

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone at Fox was so honest.


By Alec Kohut

Last week I wrote about a possible turning point in the media’s coverage of Obamacare as even the mainstream media exposed the GOP for lying about the CBO report and ACA’s effect on employment. We saw another turning point this week as the GOP leadership refused to even consider fighting over the debt ceiling or Obamacare.

Not only did the GOP not want to fight, they were in a hurry not to fight. As a winter storm moved towards the nation’s capital, both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell rushed votes to avoid any battle over raising the debt ceiling, or tying it to Obamacare. And in the process, made one of the strongest statements to the right-wing Tea Party and Ted Cruz yet.

The most important development of the week was that even the most strident Obamacare opponents were willing to fight. Cruz, Rand Paul, and even Tea party favorite Michelle Bachmann steered clear, very clear of any talk about linking Obamacare to a debt ceiling fight. Cruz never even took the floor to read “Green Eggs and Ham.”


You could say what a difference millions of newly insured people make.

Or maybe the GOP leadership is finally figuring out the being a party of “wackos and loons,” as Steve Schmidt calls them, isn’t a reasonable position. Maybe they figured out that an approval rating close to 10% isn’t good. Maybe their internal polls are seeing a shift in the popularity of Obamacare. Maybe they just realized that the Tea party is repugnant to the independent and swing voters of America.

Whatever the reason, it marks another divide between the “establishment” GOP and the Tea party radicals.

Perhaps the 2014 elections will not be about the GOP taking control of the Senate, but about the future of the GOP itself. Will they continue to embrace the radical, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigration, anti-minority, anti-right-to-vote, gun loving Tea Party nuts, or regain some level of respectability to average Americans?

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Tuesday should be considered one of the most important days yet in the battle over the ACA, or “Obamacare.” As progressives have watched in disgust as one lie after another is put forth by the GOP, only to be repeated by the lazy media without confirmation, or fact checking. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd even said that it was not his job to point out the GOP lies about Obamacare.

On Tuesday, as the GOP was unfurling its latest Obamacare lie, that the CBO estimates Obamacare will cost the economy 2.5 million jobs, some so-called journalists accepted their bogus story. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank was a prime example of a lazy reporter just buying in to GOP’s lie with this completely discredited column.

But then something changed. The Los Angeles Times Michael Hiltzik, who has been a leader in debunking Omabacare lies, quickly wrote a story exposing exactly what the CBO really said, and how the GOP was lying. And while the electronic ink was drying on Milbank’s story, and a lie-filled pile of crap penned by Jennifer Rubin, the Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler, had already debanked the GOP lie about CBO report. Remember, Kessler has in the past himself lied about Obamacare provisions.

Even CNN debunked the GOP lie by telling the truth about what the CBO report actually said. For once, at least some of the mainstream media did a bit of journalism and easily rebuked the GOP lie.

The two major points we can draw from Tuesday are these:

1.  It is easier now to identify which journalists actually do their job, search for the truth and report it honestly, versus those like Chuck Todd and Dana Milbank, who are either lazy, stupid, or biased against the President. Or all three. Not only did Todd and Milbank not refute the lie, they reported it as truth.

Retired NBC Nightly News producer Sandy Goodman, at the Huff Post said this of the unscrupulous Milbank:

The worst offender I saw in the press was the Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. I found him terribly hypocritical because he offered two almost completely contrasting takes on the CBO report on successive days, without ever admitting he'd done so.

Then later added:

I wish Milbank would make up his mind. He gets my vote as hypocrite of the month.

So now it’s easier to know which reporters tell the truth (Michael Hiltzik), and Which lie, (Milbank and Todd.)

2.  The GOP & conservatives are either stupid, or liars. There is no question about it now. Only one of two conclusions can be drawn, either they are too stupid to understand what the CBO report said, or they did understand it and choose to lie about it.


So which is it GOP, are you just stupid, or just liars.

It is impossible to draw any other conclusion from Tuesday.


Did Tuesday Represent A Shift In Obamacare Coverage by the Media?

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by Alec Kohut

Earlier this week I did a diary post and video detailing six racist, sexist or just plain ugly incidents of the right-wing and the GOP, just in the past ten days. Little did I know that Cherrios was planning to again feature a bi-racial family in a commercial. We all remember the racist backlash against a similar commercial last year that caused the company to close the comments section on You Tube because of hateful racist remarks.

So when MSNBC reminded us that the same right-wing that hated the ad last year, would also hate this ad, RNC chief Reince Priebus had a fit. How dare we actually call the right-wing on their racism. So we all expected MSNBC President Phil Griffin to laugh off demands for an apology. Just as Roger Ailes would laugh off demands for an apology over the overtly racist comments on Fox News.

But no. Griffin tucked his tail between his legs, grovelled for forgiveness of the racist right-wing, and let everybody at MSNBC know: If you upset the RNC and Rience Priebus, your job is in danger.

Forget having a debate about the racist actions of the GOP and its supporters, which I talk about in latest video:


Griffin simply confirmed what many of us progressives have sensed for a while now, that MSNBC is just another corporate media outlet afraid to tell the truth if might offend someone. Maybe that's why Fox News so thoroughly destroys MSNBC in every ratings category possible.

Maybe MSNBC has forgotten what the Washington Post's Richard Cohen said about Bill de Blasio and his family last year:

People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America. To cultural conservatives, this doesn’t look like their country at all.
While the right-wing racists "gag" at the sight of a bi-racial family, we elect de Blasio as mayor of America's largest city.

So let Rachel, ED, both Chris's, Larry, Joy, and Al continue their sellout and masquerade as progressives as they collect their paychecks by not offending anyone on the right. Any mention of right-wing racism just might cause Priebus to call his bitch, Phil Griffin, and have any of you fired.

Yes MSNBC staff, watch out what you say, Rience Priebus is watching.

MSNBC doesn't deserve my support.

I will not apologize for pointing out the racist strand that runs through the right-wing GOP and Tea Party, and will continue to demonstrate just how deep and ugly racism in America remains.


by Alec Kohut

Alec Baldwin couldn't keep from making homophobic comments. See ya buddy.

Van Jones signed a petition supporting the idea that 9/11 was an "inside job" by Bush Cheney. President Obama quickly swept that cancer out of his White House.

Martin Brashir made disgusting and vulgar comments about Sarah Palin. Buh-bye.

These are three examples of why as progressives and liberals we are indeed better than conservatives and republicans.

Because we take out our trash.

The GOP and conservatives not only refuse to distance themselves from hateful, racist, sexist and anti-LBGT bigots, but they embrace them. Just over the span of about ten days, the GOP had at least six (maybe more) completely batshit crazy incidents.

I talk about those incidents in my video, and list them at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to add in the comments all of the crazy stuff I failed to mention.


So here's my six:

1)  Rep. Michael Grimm of New York threatens to throw reporter off balconey. Yeah, the GOP sure respects the Constitutional right of a free press;

2)  Rep. Randy Weber of Texas called President Obama "Kommandant" in tweet at State of the Union;

3)  Erick Erickson of Red State called Wendy David, "Abortion Barbie." At least Fox News' Greta Van Sustren had the human decency to stand up to Erickson;

4)  Ted Nugent called the President of the United States a "subhuman mongrel," and a "chimpanzee."

5)  GOP Rep. Vance McAllister of Louisiana invited a member of the Duck Dynasty Klan to the State of the Union, just shortly after the patriarch of the Klan made his now famous racist and homophobic comments;

6)  And finally we had Gov. Mike Huckabee's ridiculous comments about women and their libidos.

Boy, I just can't wait for the next two weeks!

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by Alec Kohut

Republicans believe health care choices should be yours, not the government’s. And that whether you’re a boy with Down syndrome or a woman with breast cancer … you can find coverage and a doctor who will treat you.
Is it me, or are Republicans just really stupid? The above quote is from last night’s GOP State of the Union response delivered by Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

I guess McMorris Rodgers lives in that wonderful conservative bubble where facts and truth do not matter. What world is she speaking of where sufferers of Down syndrome and women with breast cancer can find coverage? The only time in America when people with pre-existing conditions, such as Down syndrome and breast cancer, cannot be dropped from or denied health coverage is now, after the implementation of Obamacare.

If the GOP had its way and repealed the ACA, McMorris Rodgers’ son with Down syndrome would be in danger of being denied coverage because his pre-existing condition, as would a woman would breast cancer.

The republican plan for people with pre-existing conditions is simply to say, “too bad,” not our concern. Insurance company refuses to cover your son with Down syndrome, “who cares.”

Rep. McMorris Rodgers is an idiot. The ACA protects her son, the same way it protects ALL Americans who suffer from pre-existing conditions. It also protects her son from being denied coverage due to hitting a lifetime cap on benefits. Yes, Rep McMorris Rodgers, you will never go bankrupt due to medical bills because your insurance company cut your son off benefits.

If any thing this complete idiot of a mother and Representative should be praising Obamacare.


by Alec Kohut,  The (Not So) Angry Atheist

Last week, during some mild insomnia, I found myself unable to sleep at 3 am. While scrolling the TV channels menu, I saw the listing “Darwin,” flash by. Even more surprising was that the listing was for the Trinity Broadcast Network, a network almost solely devoted to shaking down believers for donations by people like John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and Benny Hinn.

My curiosity got the best of me and I tuned in to see what kind program labeled “Darwin,” would be on a religious based network. It turns out that the pseudo-science “documentary,” Darwin’s Dilemma, produced by neo-creationists in 2009 was the program. The video aims to refute the theory of evolution, using what is known as the Cambrian Explosion, a period when many of today’s biological phyla first appear in fossil record.

The neo-creationist argument is called “intelligent design,” and is just a creative way of repackaging the age old argument that life is just too complex to not involve a supreme being. But I am not going to cite the numerous ways in which intelligent design is a hoax, nor will I argue about the fossil record.

The thing that struck me as I watched Darwin’s Dilemma, was just how much the creationist argument has changed, or evolved, in recent years.

No longer is the Biblical creation described in Genesis considered remotely true. The idea of a young Earth has been completely abandoned. And any idea of human beings created in their present form, in god’s image is long gone.

Not even the idea of humans living with, and riding dinosaurs with a saddle survives.

No, today’s neo-creationist such as those at the Discovery Institute, dismiss any Biblical idea of creation, and instead argue that creation occurred around 540 million years ago, when the Cambrian Explosion occurred over a period of tens of millions years. It is this period they argue, when the basic “body types,” of today’s life on Earth were initially created.

In fact, today’s neo-creationists no longer even dispute that evolution does occur on a very grand scale. A look at the life that existed in their Cambrian creation moment, compared to now, is proof that even they accept the enormous evolution of life that has occurred in the past 500 million years.

But they still desperately cling to the idea that somehow, somewhere, in someway, god had to be involved. The intelligent design argument just shows how far real science has pushed pseudo-science.  


by Alec Kohut

I really don't care if Chris Christie is a "bully."

All successful politicians hold some Machiavellian spirit when dealing with adversaries. What I find alarming about the New jersey Governor, is just how blatantly stupid the guy is. Think about, Christie was this hard nosed Federal Investigator and Prosecutor, and yet he can so easily have the wool pulled over his eyes by people like Bridget Ann Kelly and David Wildsetein?

In my latest video, (below) which I edited late last night, I predicted the weaselly little Wildstein would likely be the one to flip and ask for immunity. Already today the story is out that he is indeed hinting at an immunity deal through his lawyer. This has to be causing some level of panic for someone to looking for immunity so quickly into an investigation.

But Christie is truly stupid in the way he has handled this whole ordeal. It's fair to say he is the embodiment of the "Peter Principle," which states that a person will be promoted to their level of incompetence. Well, Christie is there. Once the national spotlight hit him, and he was considered the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination, he proved to be a rank amateur.

It's actually an insult to Machiavelli to use his name in a story about the buffoon Christie.

Christie has thus far played the scandal game like a complete clown and amateur: Deny and Dismiss, Distance Yourself, then Lawyer Up.

Here's the video, I hope I hope you enjoy:


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