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Christiegate update: Sandy aid funneled to construction of apartment complex
If you thought we might go a day without more details on Christie shenanigans, boy were you wrong. NBC New York and New Brunswick Today are reporting that more Sandy relief funds went to real ...
Pooter03 02/02/2014 50 126 - -
"Obamcare Lover" Leaves Fox News
Sally Kohn, the Fox News Obamacare guinea pig and token liberal has left Fox and moved on to MSNBC. Unfortunately, the article is vague on why she left, but since it was so close to the ACA article,
Pooter03 10/24/2013 17 8 - -
Another shot fired in the imminent GOP civil war.
Some say the war has already started , but I feel like we are still witnessing guerilla actions. The real fun is when either the establishment or Tea Party decides to split for good from the GOP.
Pooter03 10/17/2013 11 24 - -
What a waste.
Look at all the hundreds of millions of dollars the GOP shit away in this campaign. Look at all the effort they put into things like voter suppression, lies, distortion and attempted thievery. ...
Pooter03 11/06/2012 5 4 - -
Who here won't be talking to friends and/or family for weeks after the election?
Everyone in my immediate family believes that (and this no exaggeration) Obama will sell us all into slavery when he gets re-elected. I shan't be talking to them until after New Years. Anyone else ...
Pooter03 11/06/2012 33 3 - -
"The price of gasoline doubled under Obama"
(This diary is mostly about me becoming unhinged.) I don't think this is a new argument, but I first heard it from my family last week. Since then, I've seen this claim pop up in on different ...
Pooter03 10/18/2012 16 5 1 -
Mitten's heart aches for the lazy welfare moochers.
Presented without comment. Source WESTERVILLE, Ohio—Mitt Romney kicked off a day of campaigning in this battleground state by insisting his "heart aches" for struggling Americans and that he is ...
Pooter03 09/26/2012 4 1 - 66
The Fallacies of "Trickle-down Economics"
An op-ed on today's Washington Post does a good job skewering the "logic" supply-side economics, and specifically, Romney's tax plan. It is something that has been covered extensively, but I feel ...
Pooter03 09/26/2012 3 4 - 36
Some levity: my favorite poltical ad spoof.
Since we are witnessing one of the more ridiculous political campaigns featuring one of the more ridiculous politicians, I figured I'd recount my favorite ridiculous political ad. Feel free to list ...
Pooter03 09/25/2012 7 - - 86
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