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The shame of Clinton and Obama
I wonder, to what extent Sen. Clinton and Obama could have influenced the outcome of the FISA vote today, if they had given it the attention on the stump that this grave issue warrented. I would ...
Possible Worlds 02/12/2008 18 11 - 2
Note to Al Gore: Poll shows Americans getting more concerned about global warming
A recent CNN poll shows that American are becoming more concerned about global warming than they have been in the past, and ...
Possible Worlds 10/20/2007 25 37 2 33
Do CNN and Vanity Fair know something about Al Gore?
Okay, perhaps the title is a little overly suggestive, but lets take a look at what they are each doing as of late. Before we go any deeper, props to NYPopulist on his ...
Possible Worlds 10/03/2007 18 15 - -
March for Al Gore
I feel very strongly that Al Gore is THE BEST person to be our next president. To my knowledge, his experience in our system of government, comprehension of constitutional law, knowledge of foreign ...
Possible Worlds 09/15/2007 19 11 - 2
All but six candidates to SKIP Lance Armstrong cancer forums
Hi all. This is my first diary, however, I have been lurking around the site with great interest, almost daily (no pun intended), since early 2003. I recently came across a piece of news that ...
Possible Worlds 08/26/2007 94 22 1 11
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