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Posting History for Postitive Intention and Lovingkindness

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Small Organic Business of Minority Owner Needs Your 2 Clicks
Flora's Organics is the tiny one-woman organic seedling/plant/flower/veg/fruit nursery of VERY LOW INCOME kosak Mona Twocats-Romero, a Native American in the running at the WellsFargo Works Project ...
mettle fatigue 06/01/2015 112 110 1 -
DK Quilt Guild: DK VA Hospital Service Project
DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, ...
Sara R 05/31/2015 53 34 - -
Asking for Thoughts for a Friend.
Hi, everyone. my life is relatively pain and drama free, but I just got word that someone amazing and dear to me has been in a bad accident.
CJB 05/31/2015 13 37 - -
CEDWYN’S MOM LINDA (IN AUSTIN TEXAS) THANK YOU I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of Cedwyn’s friends and KOS associates. I hope each of you celebrated Cedwyn in your ...
lindawehmann 05/31/2015 46 185 1 -
Remarkable People: Celtic Lassie; 1988-2015
Her name was Brandi Nicole Stanley. Please remember her. She lost her battle with cancer the evening of Memorial Day, last Monday. I was with her, holding her hand, as I had promised. Brandi,
Otteray Scribe 05/30/2015 193 517 5 -
NYC Kossacks Welcome peregrine kate and asterkitty - 5.16.15
The NYC Kossacks welcomed both peregrine kate and asterkitty to Spitzer's Corner on a gorgeous Spring day. As usual, it was a great group of Kossacks with fabulous food and terrific conversation.
joanbrooker 05/26/2015 119 55 - -
Community Quilt for Gordon20024, Round 2
Cedwyn's quilt at her memorial celebration this past Saturday, in Portland, OR Gordon20024 has a cancerous mass on his neck. It will be removed this Thursday --
Sara R 05/26/2015 78 51 - -
Update: Photos from Portland, OR Celebration! Today, we gather to Celebrate our Cedwyn
"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- -Lewis Carrol, The Walrus and The Carpenter The time has come to talk ...
Onomastic 05/23/2015 181 320 11 -
Action Diary: Help Needed in Nepal
Dear Kossacks, I am in Mexico, running one of the biggest archaeological field projects of my life, so I have not been around a lot lately. With that in mind, I have to make this diary short, but ...
ranger995 05/22/2015 7 13 - -
Community Quilt for Gordon20024
CelticLassie's quilt. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts... It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer. Gordon20024 recently learned that he does. He is a person who is ...
Sara R 05/19/2015 70 71 - -
This weekend we gather to celebrate our Cedwyn with her Mom and Portland friends!
Celebration of Cedwyn Saturday May 23 1:00pm At The ...
Onomastic 05/19/2015 63 105 1 -
Community Quilt Project Video Testimonial - peregrine kate
At NN13, a number of our quilt recipients were kind enough to give video interviews about their community quilts and what they meant to them. Among them was someone who has become a good friend, ...
Sara R 05/19/2015 10 29 - -
Brain Tumors and Black Birds Singing In The Dead Of Night
The mixing of tribes...... Mon May 18, 2015 at 1:43 AM PT : I posted this today on my community blog
crystal eyes 05/17/2015 99 237 3 -
DKos Asheville: Celtic Lassie's Quilt
DKos Ashevillians traveled to Tennesee Wednesday to present Sara and Ann's amazing community quilt to Celtic Lassie with Otteray Scribe. A worthy dose of love from Kossacks. Gordon20024 drove down ...
randallt 05/15/2015 22 65 1 -
Need Help Please
I know it's been awhile since I've been here. With working two jobs and school it's hard. Normally I am seeking help for animal rescues or for disaster recovery but this time it's very personal. My ...
Pam LaPier 05/12/2015 30 100 - -
The Quilt is done. Now we need to get it to Otteray and his Celtic Lassie by Tomorrow
The quilt is done. In spite of Sara and Ann both being hit with illness, they have bent time to make it so. The messages of love and support from all of you are there ...
Onomastic 05/11/2015 45 76 1 -
What Changed? A Caregiver's Story
I have written of the struggles my brother and I are having with his health and with a hostile management company. Last night when I was doing a couple domestic things like running the dishwasher ...
michelewln 05/07/2015 7 49 1 -
Community Quilt for Otteray Scribe's Daughter, CelticLassie URGENT
TrueBlueMajority's quilt It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently. UPDATE: The situation is dire. CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way. ...
Sara R 05/02/2015 148 167 2 -
CA Kossack aitchdee: Struggling to Make It to SSDI
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week ,
belinda ridgewood 04/30/2015 107 99 1 -
Update & Thank You from Youffraita
Hey all, if you were around last Wednesday, Youffraita got some bad news about being evicted from her apartment on very short notice. Thanks to belinda ridgewood's diary , Youffraita got some needed ...
not a lamb 04/26/2015 20 113 - -
Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'
For most of his life, Jimmy Carter has been an advocate for human rights. In 1982, one year after leaving the Oval Office, the former US President and his wife Rosalynn Carter, founded ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/26/2015 603 787 28 -
Please Help a Kossack Increase His Online Access: Fundraiser for a Laptop for Chitown Kev
Many of you know Chitown Kev , a Kossack who is (among other distinctions) an administrator of Black Kos and Milk Men and Women. He is an astute observer, an effective analyst, and a fine writer ...
peregrine kate 04/25/2015 130 87 1 -
ShelterBox Diary: Team getting ready for Nepal!
The diary on the earthquake is here by bevenroDEUX. ShelterBox is getting ready to go to India. Lots of ...
TexMex 04/25/2015 47 128 1 -
aitchdee Update: Progress Made, Help Still Needed in CA
I last wrote in January about the troubles of long-time kossack aitchdee -- you can see that diary here . Since ...
belinda ridgewood 04/24/2015 102 72 1 -
MininstryOfTruth Needs Help (NYC)
I just saw this tweet and received MinistryOfTruth's permission to post something: Been effectively homeless for over a month now. I have money to rent a room if only I could find a room I can ...
dirkster42 04/23/2015 99 331 3 -
Calling all kossacks - help needed - please rec this
$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/22/2015 194 342 2 -
Kossack Emergency: Youffraita needs transportation in PA!
Our long-time community member Youffraita just found out she is getting evicted TOMORROW (Wednesday 4/22) because her apartment has been condemned. I do not have details -- as you might guess, she's ...
belinda ridgewood 04/21/2015 191 167 - -
A message from Cedwyn's Mom. She would love to meet you.
She truly would. And I think you would enjoy meeting her. She's great, but then she is Cedwyn's Mom. Of course she is! I don't think most of us understand how much all of your loving support meant ...
Onomastic 04/17/2015 19 63 1 -
New information about Cedwyn's Memorial. The Date has been Changed and More.
created by GreyHawk I'm sorry to report that the date I had been given for the celebration of Cedwyn's life has been changed from May ...
Onomastic 04/15/2015 13 45 1 -
Community Quilt for Common Sense Mainer, Part Deux
Meteor Blades' quilt -- CSM's will be in a completely different color palette but the pattern and size of the star will be the same. We are making a star quilt for Common Sense Mainer, a major ...
Sara R 04/14/2015 62 68 1 -
Good morning!!!
A lesson from Madeline. We love our bread, we love our butter but most of all we love each other. (Madeline actually can't say it but she chatters something close when she see the little girls eat.)
TexMex 04/12/2015 18 11 - -
Update: A Message to You from Cedwyn's Mom - Thank You & an Invitation to Cedwyn's Memorial Service
[image by TheMarti] A close ...
Onomastic 04/12/2015 134 340 3 -
The Poor are Not the Problem. Hate & Greed Disguised as Religious Values & Corporate Welfare Are.
While claiming to be the Party of Christian Values , today's Neo-Confederate GOP have thrown Jesus' repeated admonitions to care for the poor and sick , to judge not lest ye be judged , and to love ...
Onomastic 04/09/2015 20 34 - -
Under Sara's Fingernail
Under Sara's Fingernail In a box from Portland across half a continent care of Sara and Ann, of hands and souls carrying hope, good, and true from strange friends, friendly strangers, opened with ...
ruleoflaw 04/08/2015 41 87 1 -
NYC Meetup May 16 - with Special Guest PEREGRINE KATE!!
Greetings All! It's SPRING at last here in the big city, and what better way to celebrate than to welcome our very own PEREGRINE KATE to a meetup?? Details below the orange hyacinth...
kathny 04/08/2015 39 18 - -
Community Quilt for Common Sense Mainer
Meteor Blades' quilt -- we would like to make something similar for CSM in a wild and bright color palette Everybody knows of Common Sense Mainer as Bill in Portland Maine's beloved life partner. ...
Sara R 04/07/2015 274 169 3 -
Jesus, Tolkien, The Land of Oz, Nancy Drew, and Me.
It all started with my grand parents. Their books. How they saved my mother, younger sister and I. To all extents and purposes, at the age of six I "woke up" one day at their house and began a ...
Onomastic 04/07/2015 270 208 3 -
You guys are the best
We had a fundraiser for fineena a couple of days back and you guys kicked ass. I can't tell you how thankful I am for your kindness and generosity. These qualities are the finest the human race has ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 03/22/2015 63 153 1 -
Let's help llbear Stay Connected
llbear at a Koscadia meet up, foreground The computer of our friend, llbear, is about to give up the ghost. It is an eight year old PC tower. The "blue screen of death" is frequent now and ...
Sara R 03/19/2015 104 101 1 -
My request for help, a full response.
I wrote an earlier article asking for help which didn’t fully explain what’s going on. If your going to respond to this, I would appreciate it if you would read all of this article first. You ...
martianexpatriate 03/14/2015 10 20 1 -
GOAL MET! Community Fundraisers Emergency Request: Snoopydawg Needs Help NOW to Avoid Foreclosure
Help keep them together in their happy home. (Charlie and Abby, top to bottom) Please help our sister Kossack, snoopydawg, and her two beloved dogs, Abby and Charlie, stay in their home. She needs ...
peregrine kate 03/14/2015 84 160 2 -
I need some help -- ruleoflaw's quilt
Dusty inspects Yasuragi's quilt I need some help completing the subscription to ruleoflaw's quilt. I need to write out all the messages by end of day Wednesday because Thursday, I am having a ...
Sara R 03/08/2015 90 88 - -
Community Quilt for ruleoflaw
MrsBadger's butterfly quilt Our friend, ruleoflaw has entered into a treatment for his kidneys that is harsh, full of side effects, and not without risk. If you click ...
Sara R 03/05/2015 75 70 - -
Community Fundraisers: Snoopydawg Urgently Needs Our Help
In mid-February, FloridaSNMOM posted an appeal on behalf of our longtime sister Kossack, snoopydawg. That diary did have some success, raising $500 for which snoopydawg is extremely grateful. Her ...
peregrine kate 03/04/2015 53 59 - -
Hill Country Ride for AIDS - a community of kindness
Hi. If you look at my timeline, you'll see I do a lot of diaries about the Hill Country Ride for AIDS . I haven't done as many of these this year as I'd like, I've been a bit distracted. But I have ...
anotherdemocrat 03/04/2015 9 16 - -
Community Quilt for TrueBlueMajority - Last Call
MrsBadger's quilt, basted for quilting. The handstitching of the binding is about to begin. We should be shipping the finished quilt on Wednesday. TrueBlueMajority has been suffering for some ...
Sara R 02/23/2015 99 63 1 -
Over 1,000 Muslims form 'ring of peace' around Oslo synagogue, chanting "No to anti-Semitism."
Originally published in Tikkun Daily An anti-hate campaign launched by Norway's Muslim community last week, after a tragic attack on a Denmark synagogue, culminated tonight with over 1,000 Muslims ...
David Harris Gershon 02/21/2015 65 182 3 -
Emergency Fundraiser for Swampyankee
Our beloved Swampyankee is $1500 behind on her bills for heat and electric and is almost out of food. She is in CT, just got home a little bit ago(about two weeks) from her third angioplasty, and ...
triciawyse 02/21/2015 225 172 4 -
Kossak in need of help
Many of you know SnoopyDawg from her diaries about Charlie (the beagle) and her pups last year. SnoopyDawg has been with DKos since August of 2005 and comments frequently on many diaries. She has an ...
FloridaSNMOM 02/18/2015 70 65 1 -
NYC Kossacks Meet-up - 2.8.15 Remembering Cedwyn
Fifteen or so brave souls managed to overcome fairly nasty weather to meet at Spitzer's Corner and indulge in burgers,
joanbrooker 02/13/2015 77 84 1 -
Community Quilt for TrueBlueMajority
Detail from Yasuragi's quilt UPDATE: We are doing well on messages but are behind $261 for the number we currently have. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting TrueBlueMajority in person, ...
Sara R 02/04/2015 153 125 1 -
Nurturing and nourishing Cedwyn's family
Jotter shared the sad news on Saturday night that we lost our beloved Cedwyn to disseminated cancer. I just got this note from Jack Thompson, Cedwyn's father: "Cedwyn passed away tonight, ...
MsSpentyouth 02/04/2015 78 174 1 -
It's time for us to make some phone calls. Now. This is why.
Today the GOP house is, yet again, going to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act . In the middle of a measles outbreak, one the head of the CDC warned could grow much larger , the House GOP is ...
Onomastic 02/03/2015 8 17 - -
Flutterby, Faerie RIP
Note: Cedwyn has passed away . 'Thank you' to Gooserock, in comments , who provided the link to Jotter's diary of the news.
GreyHawk 01/31/2015 50 248 1 -
Thoughts on Cedwyn [UPDATED]
For those who haven't heard, MsSpent Youth got word this morning that Cedwyn 's gone downhill overnight. We haven't had any word since then (that I am aware of) and I think everyone's decided to ...
Jill Richardson 01/29/2015 226 624 2 -
Community Quilt for MrsBadger, round 2
Cedwyn's quilt -- it is a big one! MrsBadger is the widow of badger, a longtime kossack and member of the Monday Night Cancer Club . Cancer stole him from her side in July ...
Sara R 01/27/2015 51 48 - -
'In her dreams, she was diabetic': Please help me honor the memory of my wife, Mary Nir (1979-2014)
My beautiful wife, Mary Nir, was an extraordinary soul. She was the kindest person I ever knew. She had a wickedly off-beat sense of humor. There was no one she wouldn't stop to help. If you knew ...
David Nir 01/27/2015 174 716 7 -
Unprecedented Ocean Heat off East Coast is Fueling the Historic Hurricane Force Blizzard
This is not your father's blizzard. This is your father's blizzard on steroids. Weather records show that winter storms are stronger than they used to be. Winter storms have increased in frequency ...
FishOutofWater 01/27/2015 213 321 4 -
Have you ever noticed the familiar become extraordinary?
Have you ever glanced down as your hand floats to rest on the desk top and suddenly seen something beautiful? The fingers you always thought so average, if not stumpy, long and tapered? The worn ...
Onomastic 01/26/2015 48 106 4 -
Cedwyn Update
Hi folks, I am writing this at Dulles Airport, and I've just come from Cedwyn's parents house, which is where she's staying. Her parents are wonderful and they are giving her the best possible care ...
Jill Richardson 01/25/2015 165 529 6 -
Update: What you and Extreme Quilting are doing for Cedwyn
Normally, a queen sized quilt can take months to put together. Sara and Ann were hoping to do Cedwyn's quilt in two weeks. That was the initial time frame for getting the quilt made and to Cedwyn ...
Onomastic 01/12/2015 180 228 4 -
Weezilgirl's Extreme D.I.Y. Our Friend Weezilgirl Needs Help
Pat (weezilgirl) has been on The Great Orange Satan since 2007. I swear it has taken me that long to convince her to let me write this diary. She is one of the original independent, stubborn Tough ...
Most Awesome Nana 01/10/2015 631 284 4 -
She gives off light, joy, and makes magic happen. But Cedwyn is hurting. She needs you
On the first day of this new year, Sara R posted a diary informing us of some rotten, horrible, news. Our Cedwyn was very ill and the outlook was not looking promising. It still isn't. And I just ...
Onomastic 01/09/2015 282 357 2 -
$50 for my 51st birthday for the Hill Country Ride
My birthday is Sunday, and it is time to start training for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, which will be in April. And fundraising for it, too. So for my 50th birthday -- can I get the Kossack ...
anotherdemocrat 01/09/2015 11 11 - -
The little boy is doing well
I wish I could post a picture of him, but his parents don't want me to.
escapee 01/08/2015 14 54 - -
California Kossack in Trouble Needs Help and Advice
Long-time kossack aitchdee has been struggling for a while, asking for small amounts of help now and then. At last, I'm sorry to report, her problems have come to a head, and she really needs any ...
belinda ridgewood 01/06/2015 234 203 3 -
Community Quilt for Cedwyn
PerfectStormer's quilt I have some very sad news. Our friend, Cedwyn, has an illness with a poor prognosis. She's been through a couple rounds of treatment and is now resting with family. ...
Sara R 01/01/2015 286 232 3 -
Updated. Kossack bleeding heart has completed her journey
Long-time Kossack bleeding heart has entered hospice care. She has been a tireless fighter for good in Wisconsin, a member of the solidarity singers at the Capital, a thorn in the side of elected ...
1864 House 12/28/2014 158 536 2 -
This Is Why I Love Obama
Obama had a cardinal rule: “...You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president,” That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head." Chief White House ...
miracle11 12/25/2014 289 478 6 -
All I want for Christmas...
It has been a while since I have properly sat down behind a keyboard and penned a diary. I may have done it once or twice in the past year when I found the time or the mood struck me. I don't ...
Drewid 12/22/2014 25 39 - -
The little boy's first few weeks
The little boy is my great-nephew. He was due on Christmas, born early in the month, and born with serious problems.
escapee 12/22/2014 24 73 - -
How Gondolas and Hip Hop Transformed the Most Dangerous City in the World
Medellín went from being ground zero of Colombia's drug war to UN poster child for urban equality—and the people made it happen, by designing the city they wanted. Note: This article appears in ...
citisven 12/22/2014 23 77 1 -
BoiseBlue Needs You!
Hey, that rhymed! :) I wanted to reach out to this community on behalf of a good friend of mine. Dkos has been unfailingly kind to me when I was having trouble in the past, and it would be cool to ...
Colorado is the Shiznit 12/16/2014 179 180 1 -
Three in the morning and what matters
It's quiet. This time between always is. I'm up to take my eldest to the airport. We just celebrated his 38th birthday a few hours ago. And that is a miracle in and of itself. He came into this ...
Onomastic 12/16/2014 142 187 2 -
Community Quilt for MrsBadger
A "meteor blade", detail from Meteor Blades' quilt When you lose someone, the holidays are never the same. In fact, they can become intensely, excruciatingly painful. And that first Christmas......
Sara R 12/15/2014 36 53 - -
Another Prolific Kossack, BFSkinner, Needs Our Help (Update: GOAL MET!)
If you've been around Daily Kos for a while, especially reading late at night (for Eastern Time), you'll have come across diaries by BFSkinner . He's a bit of a night owl, and he is also at home a ...
peregrine kate 12/11/2014 115 174 4 -
That Call. The One in the Middle of the Night #BlackLivesMatter
A demonstrator stands in front of a truck and stops traffic during the evening rush hour on the streets of Washington, D.C., shutting down 14th & K streets in the heart of the city. (Photo: Paul J. ...
MsSpentyouth 12/10/2014 69 198 6 -
Wearing Your Eco! Wings' Silverwork Holiday Gifts $100-300+ - Activism Expressed in Artwork!
Wings is a lifelong activist on political and human rights issues, including honoring and protecting Mother Earth. Wings's silverwork ( NDN Silver by Wings here ) is an expression or extension of ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 12/09/2014 25 55 1 -
"This Congregation has come together to Express its Dissent of Police Matters"
...Lets discuss this... American Chokehold #Art #EricGarner #...
Onomastic 12/06/2014 88 156 3 -
Update: Goal Reached! Thank you so much
I did not plan on coming to the dailykos community, pockets out turned and hat in hand to ask for your help. With a little planning, I thought, I could easily navigate this situation with the right ...
rexymeteorite 12/05/2014 44 101 - -
It's okay to say, "I love you."
Of course I never realized this would be the last photo we would take as a family. Karen died yesterday after a sudden and unexpected illness.
Hobbitfoot 12/05/2014 91 320 1 -
Kos Katalogue: New Wings Silverwork Offerings & More
With the holidays rapidly approaching and Aji not technologically able to post on Daily Kos at the moment, I asked for and received her permission to bring you some of Wings newest creations. In ...
Avilyn 12/05/2014 15 23 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, 12/4: Holiday Shopping With Kos Katalogue
If you've been to a mall, get email spam, even go to the super market, you KNOW holiday shopping is in full swing. If you want to get into to spirit of gift giving but want to avoid ...
Sara R 12/04/2014 75 47 - -
Schedule Of Nationwide Eric Garner Protests You Can Attend
Nationwide protests have continued throughout the week after no criminal indictments were filed against the New York police officers who choked Eric Garner to death last summer. Garner, an ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/04/2014 17 36 2 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, 11/21 - Come to Portland, OR next year?
For two years now, we have delivered quilts, handmade cards and teddy bears to a VA Hospital, concurrent with Netroots Nation. Last year, we added knitted or crocheted hats and scarves to the gift,
Sara R 11/21/2014 98 57 - -
The Brandon Rouse Memorial Scholarship: My Friend's Heart Was So Big That it Stopped
The local television news uttered a foreboding refrain. "When we return, some sad news about a local college football player." At 13, I hadn't experienced much loss. All of my heroes were ...
Grizzard 11/17/2014 7 54 1 -
Thank you.
You are the community of our hearts. ...
Sara R 11/16/2014 123 159 - -
Aji for TiaRachel: When There Aren't Enough Spoons In the World: Helping a Friend Dig Out
This diary is written by Aji. She can't post at Daily Kos anymore because it does not download for her, so I am cross-posting for her from her blog .
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 11/16/2014 51 108 1 -
There, but for the Grace.... An Appeal for Help, with a Match (UPDATED)
Holiday season is upon us, and, as seems always to be the case, beloved friends are in trouble. Our own TiaRachel has fallen on hard times: her electric service has been cut off, she has no ...
Dallasdoc 11/15/2014 139 214 2 -
What a lovely day! And it is all because of you. Look at what you've done for Sara R and Ann!
Several days ago, Peregrine Kate, llbear and JekyllnHyde began calling out to ...
Onomastic 11/14/2014 130 209 - -
So. Um. I need some help.
Various kinds, actually, but $$ is the big one (isn't it always?). Backdrop: I've got an assortment of health problems (fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, autism-related anxiety, depression, etc...). ...
TiaRachel 11/14/2014 36 105 1 -
Important Updates: For Sara R and Ann. For all of you and the magic you make.
The sound of thread being pulled through cloth whispers like a barely breathed prayer. Through the years, Sara R and her sister winglion (Ann) have made thousands of prayers manifest. Our ...
Onomastic 11/12/2014 279 310 3 -
Community Fundraisers: Wish Sara R Happy Birthday! And Help Keep the Quilt Sisters in Their Home
Sara R, one of our beloved quilt sisters, has a birthday today. She, her sister winglion (Ann), their five cats and four chickens have much to celebrate on a daily basis, as Sara herself ...
peregrine kate 11/09/2014 235 144 2 -
Heads up, friends of Sara R - Her Birthday is tomorrow
peregrine kate is hosting a virtual party and everybody is invited tomorrow Sunday afternoon - 5:00 PM Eastern time (so 4:00 Midwestern, 3:00 Mountain, and 2:00 Catnip Manor Time). Don't run out ...
llbear 11/08/2014 48 74 - -
Why I Am Here: Nothing Worthwhile Is Easy
One of the main reasons that I come to DKos day after day is to have my world expanded. Through this site, I have been privileged to learn firsthand about struggles that are not my own. And because ...
ExpatGirl 11/07/2014 13 53 1 -
Even more urgent! Out on street at midnight tomorrow night!
Thank you all so much! We raised $393.00 last nit. We still need $2200.00. The u-haul alone is $1400 plus taxes from Huron, SD to Lebanon, TN. The woman that is going to transport is actually ...
racheltracks 11/03/2014 17 23 1 -
Community Quilt for Yasuragi
Meteor Blades' quilt in the quilting hoop Our friend, Yasuragi, has had a hell of a year, and she is in chroni pain. Onomastic is in close touch with her and kindly provided the details of what ...
Sara R 10/28/2014 325 122 1 -
A Mother's Anguished Cry for Help: a Personal Appeal on Behalf of a Community Member (Update x 2)
Real life will often trip you up in unexpected ways and ones hard to fathom. If you've been on the receiving end of such a nasty curve ball, you know the feeling. Helplessness. Distress. ...
JekyllnHyde 10/26/2014 69 291 2 -
Community Quilts for edgery and Perfect Stormer
Meteor Blades' quilt, layered and pin basted for quilting. The star is now completely hand quilted. Next comes the red background. I was planning to wait until after the election to write this ...
Sara R 10/22/2014 79 61 2 -
Kos Katalogue: Progressive Values and Unique Gifts
Holiday season is fast approaching, and while I'm sure many of us would prefer not to think about them just yet, quality handmade gifts take time to make. The fact is that many of the artisans ...
Avilyn 10/15/2014 12 26 - -
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