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On the herbal supplements,
call me naive but; 80% did not contain the listed ingredients? 80%? That would be fraud on a massive scale, involving thousands of people. I didn't believe it, I don't believe it now.
PowWowPollock 02/06/2015 21 - - -
They Will Never Admit They're Wrong
Here is a great article on the absolute and total failure of Reaganomics. I can't think of anything that failed so ignominiously and still was so heatedly defended. We really have to start saying ...
PowWowPollock 04/12/2014 6 10 - -
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Today
I love singing flash mobs! I'm just an old softy.
PowWowPollock 03/02/2014 9 7 - -
Water pipes-the ultimate test.
Last month when we had our first sustained below zero temps in 20 years, I did a diary about how I had read on a .gov site that one could just turn off the water and open all the faucets to prevent ...
PowWowPollock 02/09/2014 8 6 - -
Rednecks vs Weathermen Again
I was chuckling as I watched Al Roker, the weatherman, on the tube this morning. They were discussing the dire situation in the South after the storm. I wish I could find the clip, but to paraphrase;
PowWowPollock 01/29/2014 25 8 1 -
Keeping the pipes from freezing
This old house does not have enough insulation so I'm worried about the pipes freezing as this deep freeze comes in Tuesday. Usually I would let the water run, but being a parsimonious old fart, I ...
PowWowPollock 01/05/2014 54 11 - -
Gore Wins!
So let's say Gore won. It could have happened.
PowWowPollock 06/02/2013 23 11 - -
Mysteries of the Mind
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is doing a series on mental disorders. And they're starting out right in the midst of the controversy. As the father of a teenager with mental "problems", I try to look ...
PowWowPollock 01/29/2013 3 - - -
Sometimes I Really Get Sick of People
War, genocide, murder, rape, pillage, tyranny, thievery; hey, always has happened, I can get over it. But Google releases a new phone and I can't get over it. Here's why:
PowWowPollock 11/14/2012 6 - - -
Yay. More Women In Politics
Many of us men welcome the needed balance that women bring to politics. I would like to see an end to the two thousand year old patriarchy. And then there is this:
PowWowPollock 11/11/2012 3 3 - -
YouTube changes search.
Small but important, if you find a pro-Democratic video that you like.You have to watch the whole video. And hopefully, if you have a YouTube account, "like" the video.
PowWowPollock 10/13/2012 14 5 - -
Morning Maniac Music
Or why this aging boomer loves the Internet. I watch some TV and see a pretty good Heineken commercial. The ad features a hot retro all woman singing group. I think, who is that and look it up on ...
PowWowPollock 09/02/2012 4 1 - 29
Send these crazy kids a couple bucks.
I met some crazy kids at an Ohio Pow Wow over the weekend. There walking to DC to try to save wetlands and other sacred places. Instead of partying all summer. I told them if they made it to the ...
PowWowPollock 06/19/2012 5 15 1 70
Civilization still exists!
Leonard Cohen in a L. A. Courtroom. Not acting the fool.
PowWowPollock 04/21/2012 3 6 1 96
The Greedy Maiden, A Lenape Tale
This story was posted on our local Native American group's page. I can't seem to find out how old it is. It would be more interesting if it was old. I read it as "The perfect being the enemy of the ...
PowWowPollock 01/29/2012 6 - - 32
Native American Heritage Month
My small contribution to Native American Heritage Month on Halloween costumes.
PowWowPollock 11/09/2011 13 8 - 60
Meteorologist calls out Governor
Indiana fair tragedy was no 'fluke,' expert says.
PowWowPollock 08/16/2011 35 29 - 275
My Favorite Thing About DK
I love to read the inspiring diaries about people who have successfully stood up to bullies, liars and thugs.
PowWowPollock 05/20/2011 6 4 - 68
If I'm forced to to talk politics with Republicans, I try to remember, Keep It Simple Stupid.
PowWowPollock 05/12/2011 3 3 1 38
The Great 401K Scam
I was working as a bartender in a popular downtown watering hole back in the 80s when the 401K scam began. Many money management types frequented my bar and some of them got a rise out of my ...
PowWowPollock 02/20/2011 6 4 - 84
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